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Best Schools For Me

I'd really like some advice as far as some really good schools to apply to for a Computer Science Major that I could apply to and have a solid chance of being accepted.
I live in the Northeast so I'd be looking for a school somewhere in the northeast, preferably within 500 miles of NYC.

I got a 1420 on SAT. GPA around 3.8. Only 1 AP class though.

I'd like to find a school that has good professors and academically challenging classes (who doesn't lol) but also has a well rounded CS program and preferably some options like Software Engineering or Data Science or Cybersecurity or something like that which I could switch my major to if I wanted to study more specifically for one of these careers.

I've looked into Penn State (seems a little too research based), Northeastern (I doubt I would have much of a chance of being accepted), RPI (seems like I could have a decent chance of getting in but all its applications are binding so I'm a little nervous to commit). What schools have really good CS programs but someone with a solid but far from stellar SAT/GPA could realistically be accepted into in the northeast area?
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