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How do I go back to school for Computer Science

EighthNoteEighthNote 0 replies5 threads New Member
I was major in Computer Science as an undergraduate student 10 years ago. I only took two years' classes of the program and never finish the degree. I switched my major to Piano Performance later, I have attained a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance and a Master's Degree in Music Performance. I've been taking online courses related to computer science at my spare time for the last couple of years. I'm much more into it then 10 year ago.

I'm considering pursue a second Master's Degree in Computer Science. I did some research on my own and realized that I don't need a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in order to apply the master program. Although most of the school expecting the applicant have a STEM background and have taken some of the core courses in Computer Science during their undergraduate studies.

My issue is I did took most of the prerequisites when I studied Computer Science 10 years ago, but my grades and GPA wasn't pretty at that time since I was preparing all the auditions I was facing for the music school.

My question is, if I want to boost my competitiveness as a Computer Science Master Program candidate, what should I do? I'm even considering to go to a community college and take some of the core courses and actually get a descent grade this time. But not sure if the credit earned from a community college will be well respected. Admissions officers have been of little help. Please help me out here. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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