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TI-83+ for AP Calculus AB?

G0DZILLAG0DZILLA 208 replies22 threads Junior Member

I'm taking AP Calculus AB next year and wanted to know if a TI-83+ is sufficient for the class.

I'm sure it is possible to get past the course and exam with a TI-83+ but time will be something I won't have. Would it be worth getting a TI-89 for AP Calc and college? And are there any upgrade programs so that I don't have to spend another $150?
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Replies to: TI-83+ for AP Calculus AB?

  • abbygirl130abbygirl130 34 replies1 threads New Member
    I'm in BC this year and i've been fine with TI-83+. there are many parts of the exam where you won't be able to use your calculator, and I honestly remember using it for maybe 5 sections of what's on both AB and BC
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  • G0DZILLAG0DZILLA 208 replies22 threads Junior Member
    Do you think you could've saved time on the calculator sections if you had used a TI-89? If so, how much time do you think you could've saved?

    also, do you know if college math courses are calculator intensive?

    i'm happy to stick to my ti-83+, i just don't want to be at a huge disadvantage because I'm using an older calculator.
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  • SeekingUniSeekingUni 2059 replies129 threads Senior Member
    I use an 83 and have made it just fine throughout the year and the 2003 AP exam that we took in class last week.

    Granted, I wish I had the 89 because it seems simpler and can do more... but it wasn't necessary, and I couldn't afford to buy a whole new calculator.
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  • TheMathProfTheMathProf 810 replies0 threads Member
    If you've been using a TI-83/84 calculator all this time, you'd be better off spending time reviewing more calculus than spending that time learning the TI-89. The interface is significantly different, and you don't want to spend time on the exam figuring out how the syntax of certain commands is different.
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