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Ap Calc AB self study: Yes or NO

MrluggsMrluggs 547 replies14 threads Member
Hey guys,

I need help. I'm thinking about self studying Calc AB next year so I can take BC senior year..
Is this advisable? For those of you who have, what sources did you use? Also, what are the prerequisites for studying calculus?
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Replies to: Ap Calc AB self study: Yes or NO

  • bluewindbluewind 295 replies89 threads Member
    It's doable, but you should consider taking a summer class. There are fundamental topics that you will learn in Calc AB that will set you up for future calculus classes, topics that can be most easily reinforced with a teacher. If you have any trouble with basic topics like derivatives or integration, then it'll be hard to just teach it by yourself and you could be screwed for future topics. Granted, Calc AB was probably my easiest AP out of the 5 I took this year, but I think it would've been much harder without the class.
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  • MrluggsMrluggs 547 replies14 threads Member
    Would Khan Academy suffice as a "teacher"?
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  • diriris1diriris1 60 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Khans academy is amazing I trusted that dude with my AP Chemistry Exam, and AP bio, and now I got a 4 with the calc because of home and a 5 on the bio!
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  • Godot17Godot17 236 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I self studied with Khan Academy + My first uni calculus book :) + A few guides.

    I do treasure my calculus book because it's my first calculus book. Jelly?
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  • MrluggsMrluggs 547 replies14 threads Member
    Okay, so yes for Khan Academy?
    How long did you guys study for?
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  • warlands719warlands719 484 replies15 threads Member
    I'm planning on doing this too!

    I'm going to pre/cal during junior, I hope it will help...

    and that it's not too hard...
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  • zMatrixzMatrix 115 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I agree with everyone above about Khan Academy. I used him to self study a semester of AP Calc. He along with a textbook should be suffice for a 5. Do plenty of FRQs and you should have no problem; the FRQs are always somewhat similar in format from year to year.
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  • Bioboy12Bioboy12 513 replies12 threads Member
    Believe it or not, but I self studied all of Calc AB literally the week before the AP exam. And I was taking 3 other AP's. This goes to show how doable this is. I think I may have pulled off a 5, possibly a 4.

    My method: I signed up for the Calc AB course through CTY, but I didn't start it until the week before the exam. I used the class to learn the difficult topics and then used Princeton Review for the rest. Trust me and use PR. You WILL fail if you don't. Good luck!
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  • dboy1993dboy1993 7 replies0 threads New Member
    I studied for calc Bc after taking calc ab my junior year and i got a five...just use a textbook(i recommend foerster) and then barrons for review..its doable in 1-2 weeks to get a five
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