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ABET accreditation for Computer Science to get patent license

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Hey everyone. I am deciding between two online colleges’ computer science programs. The first is Auburn University and the second is Regis University. The curriculums seems similar and both would be paid for. The main difference is that Regis’s online CS is ABET accredited and Auburn’s online CS is not. I understand to sit for the patent bar under category A, the CS program must be ABET accredited. Otherwise, you must try to sit under category B. Is that difficult to do? Also, generally speaking, which college has a stronger reputation? If Auburn was ABET accredited, the decision would be a no brainer. A little background: I attended college for two years on campus at Auburn then went into the military. My core classes are completed. I have Sec+. I work a pretty good full time IT job. I’m only considering school again because it’s paid for and I’d like to keep the option of patent law open.
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