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Is Data Science and Finance a bad major?

Sammie0427Sammie0427 0 replies2 postsRegistered User New Member
To be clear this is a dual major so it includes data classes, comp sci classes, math and also finance (business, economics, etc) . I am currently a comp sci major and only have taken intro classes but i dont see myself going into programming. I like applied math and business so I know i would enjoy this major but i dont know if its a good major, job wise. They also offer data science and statistics but i really want to include business in my major. I've been told just to study comp sci but my school has a lengthy comp sci degree with alot of unnecessary classes that it would take me an extra year to graduate and it wouldnt give extra room for any electives in other majors. I can also make my own dual major so if you have an idea that includes classes from other majors please feel free to share.
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