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What EXACTLY does McGill require?

ZooZooBZooZooB 2 replies7 threads New Member
edited November 2013 in McGill University
Parent here. My son and I have been on the McGill Website, but no matter how many times we click on the how to apply and admission requirement links, etc. we cant figure out if a) there is an essay and if so, what is the prompt? b) whether there is a teacher letter required and if so how many and c) whether a guidance counselor letter is required. we need to give teachers time and specific instructions re recommendations, partic when a school is not on the common app, so if anyone can help out, that would be great. He can probably just log in and start it, but I think he should spend his time on the early action/non common app things right now.

Also, in McGill, he is applying to Schulich and doing an audition. Can he apply to McGill Arts and Sciences AND music in one app (one fee). I know we should ask the admissions people there, but if anyone knows, much appreciated.
Zoo Zoo
edited November 2013
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Replies to: What EXACTLY does McGill require?

  • NamelesStatisticNamelesStatistic 558 replies0 threads Member
    Here is a link to McGill's admission standards:
    Admission standards (US) | Applying to Undergraduate Studies - McGill University

    For arts and science, no essay, letters, ECs or anything. McGill just looks at your grades and test scores for determining admission. I don't know about music, but if it doesn't ask you for essays or letters on their application page I would think not. It is probably best to confirm this with somone in the Schlich music department though.

    Not sure if you can do a two for one on the app though. Your best bet is to ask the undergraduate admissions department.
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  • ttparentttparent 1907 replies6 threads Senior Member
    > Can he apply to McGill Arts and Sciences AND music in one app (one fee).

    Yes, you can apply to any two programs with one paid application. Just log in and apply when you are ready. It will take you through all the necessary information. For us, a few years ago, there was no essays, no ECs or other letters needed. Not knowing anything about music but McGill application process is the easiest and the most painless application you will ever do compared to the rest of the selective colleges and universities in the US. The key is you need to take a look at the admission standards in the link above, your kid stats must be above those standards. If yours is then McGill can be considered a safety school. Again, I don't know anything about music, that might be a special case that I don't know about with audition etc...
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  • CatriaCatria 11199 replies150 threads Senior Member
    If you want McGill to be as painless a choice as possible, that is, a safety school with no essay, no recs (for A&S), no ECs to list, please, list the credentials of your S (GPA for grades 10-12, SAT/ACT scores)... but the single most important credential for music will be the audition. Your son may submit a portfolio if he's interested in composition.

    However, music does require a rec, to be filled out by a music teacher that taught your son: Music Evaluation Form | Music - McGill University

    If I am not mistaken what academic credentials can get one into A&S will get one into Schulich if the audition is good enough.
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  • VMTVMT 1203 replies16 threads Senior Member
    I think this might be helpful to you.

    Apply Online | Music - McGill University
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