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AP Credits and U0/U1

ThatRedDevilThatRedDevil 6 replies4 threads New Member
Hey guys. So I got into McGill (Arts) and I'm probably heading to Montreal. I'm pretty stoked. One concern I have is that I have a ton of AP credit (AP US, World, Human Geo, Bio, Chem, and I'm still to take Physics B, Macro/Micro, and French.) I already have accumulated something like 20 credits because of these APs. I know they take no more than 30. But my concern is that I don't particularly want to start as a U1. I know what I want to do (History/Econ double major) but with both of those subjects, I'd love to have at least a more introductory class under my belt to learn more about what exactly is demanded from profs/TAs in terms of writing style etc. I also would love a year/semester to transition.

Yes, it'd be great to graduate in 3 years, but I don't mind spending a semester, or year, extra in Montreal. Especially after a pretty relaxed 4th quarter of senior year, I don't want to feel like I'm just thrown into the fire, if that makes sense.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch.
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Replies to: AP Credits and U0/U1

  • upapilotupapilot 173 replies5 threads Junior Member
    As far as I know, whether you start as U0 or U1 is completely out of your hands. The admission officers decide that on the basis of the credits and courses you have taken in your high school. However I think it is possible to take an extra year if you want one.

    Also if you have already done an AP course, you are not allowed to take up the equivalent university course. For example if you have done the AP Calculus AB/BC you wouldn't be allowed to take Math 139/140 in your freshman years. So if you're planning to take on McGill's introductory courses which overlap your AP curriculum, that's not possible (at least not for credit).
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  • vinsimvinsim 55 replies10 threads Junior Member
    From yesterdays webinar:

    1) You can spend the extra year at McGill.
    2) There is a table available on McGill website:

    What I also learnt:

    a) Even if McGill is in the process of receiving AP scores, one should register for courses based on AP scores (4/5) and make selections as if the credits will be granted. McGill doesn't want you to repeat courses.

    b) U0/U1 is pretty much in the hands of the student. If the credits based on the table are (I think 24+) it is U1.

    c) The AP credits may translate in electives and not in core subjects, but these will help you to avoid taking these electives.

    Hope it helps. Please correct me if you find this to be inaccurate.
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  • ThatRedDevilThatRedDevil 6 replies4 threads New Member
    It's not really "in my hands." I'm basically forced to go U1. For somebody that's not only moving to a new environment, but a new country, adjusting takes a bit of time. It'd be nice to have a chill first semester instead of being thrown into the thick of it all. Alas, c'est la vie.
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