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2018 Minima for U.S. Students Posted

SwimmingDadSwimmingDad 949 replies11 threads Member
McGill has just posted their updated (2018) minima for U.S. high school students.

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Replies to: 2018 Minima for U.S. Students Posted

  • VaParent19VaParent19 39 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Can someone help me with this? My son is interested in applying for a major in International Relations, This is under "Arts" in the faculties and Schools. The above link says minimum 700 Math SAT for "Arts and Science (B.A.& Sc.)". Would IR fall under that?

    Further down the page, it says minimums are "Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 670 Math 580 (620 for Engineering & Architecture)". thus my confusion.

    He's got a 690 in Math and 780 in RW, plus 780's in two SAT II tests, so I'm hoping he's not disqualified by not having a 700 in Math.
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  • SwimmingDadSwimmingDad 949 replies11 threads Member
    If it is in the Faculty of the Arts then you should use "Arts" minima and not "Arts an Science". Good luck!
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  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 16029 replies1076 threads Senior Member
    edited October 2018
    @VaParent19 The minima at the bottom of that page only affect the faculties of Education and Agriculture. "Arts and Science" is a special dual major option. A student has one major in humanities and social sciences and a second major in science.

    For IR the minima are:
    Arts (B.A.) B+ average in grades 10, 11 and 12; B+ in each English; SATI EB Read & Writ 700, Math 640 and SATII 650 in each subject or ACT 28 (English & Reading ≥ 26, others ≥ 24)
    Courses: English [/quote}
    edited October 2018
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  • SwimmingDadSwimmingDad 949 replies11 threads Member
    @VaParent19 Feel free to PM me with questions. I have a son who is a U1 in the Faculty of Arts studying Economics with a Poli Sci minor and another son who is a HS senior applying to the Faculty of Arts as well. Happy to share any info I know.
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  • taliecharleytaliecharley 70 replies3 threads Junior Member
    how do honors and APs work for minimums. Can my 35 act kid really not apply for engineering if he received a B+ n one semester of honors math? Thanks for advice!
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  • SwimmingDadSwimmingDad 949 replies11 threads Member
    @taliecharley McGill does not weight honors and APs (at least that is what I have been told). I'm not sure if they look at semester grades or just full year grades. Our HS only reports full year grades.

    I'd call Admissions and ask the questions. They are pretty good about answering quickly. Good luck.
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  • Le ProfessionnelLe Professionnel 37 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @SwimmingDad - thanks for posting. @taliecharley - the document says "average A-", so your kid should be OK? Bear in mind, Canadian universities accept a lot of kids (McGill is considered very selective with about 45% acceptance, last time I checked), but they weed out a lot during the first two years. I worked as a TA at a Canadian university (although a while ago), and can attest to this and to how it's done...
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