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u0 vs u1

bastet12bastet12 3 replies1 threads New Member
Hello! I'm a US high school senior interested in McGill.

If I take (and pass) the corresponding AP tests for my 3 AP classes this year, I will have 24 AP credits and one semester-long class at my local community college. From my understanding, this is enough to begin directly in U1.

I have a fairly certain idea of what I want to study (Poli Sci), but this is of course susceptible to change.

Should I take these AP tests and begin in U1 or is it better to spend a year (in my case only a semester because of my other AP credits) in U0? If I do decide to start in U1, should I space out my studies so I would still spend 4 years at McGill and allow myself to take either a slightly lighter load of classes or take more classes outside my major, or do a normal 3-year degree?
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Replies to: u0 vs u1

  • SwimmingDadSwimmingDad 938 replies11 threads Member
    My U0 (Faculty of Arts) entered with 15 AP credits. He would suggest to you to take the lighter load across all four years. The McGill rigor is real So is the McGill experience and fun. :-)
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  • bastet12bastet12 3 replies1 threads New Member
    Thank you!

    Any other perspectives on this are much appreciated as well.
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  • Happy4uHappy4u 309 replies2 threads Member
    My daughter entered McGill as a U1 Poli Sci major. The pluses are that she could take classes in her areas of interest immediately, and potentially could save a year's worth of tuition. But, you need to fully consider what it will be like to walk into second year classes and be expected to perform as though you have had a year of university caliber work behind you. She is happy with her choice and is looking forward to either double majoring or taking more classes based on interest vs major requirements. It's nice to have the flexibility to take a lighter load too! Good luck with your admittance and decision.
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  • 57special57special 700 replies16 threads Member
    Keep in mind that you will not be the only first year student taking second year classes. Most CEGEP(a mandatory Quebec JC system) students will be in the same position.

    S1 was in the same position as you. He has started in U1 at Desautels, but has taken one less course to start off the fall semester.
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  • ShrimpBurritoShrimpBurrito 1714 replies27 threads Senior Member
    My D18 went into McGill with 30 AP credits, so she started as U1 in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. She is very excited about the flexibility she will have in her (planned) four years at McGill. She will do a semester abroad, take a lighter courseload when she has an exceptionally tough class, and take some fun classes just because she can. She also intends to take a couple of (not required but very interesting and ambitious) upper-level courses with lots of pre-reqs that would not otherwise fit into her standard degree plan. She’s really able to make the most of her McGill experience.

    But, keep in mind that as noted above, the rigor is real. Many top students are caught off-guard at how difficult these courses can be.
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