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Is it important to have taken a lot of AP classes?

nhtigerdadnhtigerdad 38 replies8 threads Junior Member
My daughter (American student) just got her ACT score and, yay, it's good enough for McGill. 33. She wants faculty of arts. Her unweighted gpa for sophomore and junior year is 3.725 and she has never had a grade below an "A" in an english class. However, she has only taken one AP class (lit. and comp., A+ and 5 on test). She's enrolled in 3 AP classes this semester.

Looking at the old threads for students posting if they got in or not, I see everyone listing their AP classes. I see a few students with stats very similar to my daughter's saying they were wait-listed, which doesn't seem right given that they were well above the posted minimums.

Is her lack of AP classes going to hurt her chances? Does McGill take this into consideration, or am I being paranoid?

Her average public school doesn't offer many AP's and they make it very difficult to fit them in because of block scheduling and a bunch of required classes, including gym as a junior. She has taken the highest level possible for every class except one science class that could have been AP, but she just took honors.
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  • TomSrOfBostonTomSrOfBoston 14832 replies1000 threads Senior Member
    Her stats are significantly above the minimum for Arts. If borderline they may look at the "rigor" of her high school courses. As for the waitlisted applicants you mentioned perhaps they were applying to other faculties (Desautels, Science, Engineering) where the cutoff is 3.7. In that case a 3.725 would be borderline.
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  • nhtigerdadnhtigerdad 38 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Thanks for the reply, tomsr. I hope you're right. I'm thinking she's got a great chance to get in, but seeing all the people complaining about being waitlisted is troubling.
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