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I'm not asking you to chance me, but advice would be much appreciated...

letoile1995letoile1995 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited July 2010 in McGill University
Hello all,

I've done a dismal-ish job in high school for the past two years (10th grade was better than 9th, but hey, 9th was so bad, 10th doesn't look so hot.) I'm a Canadian citizen of Indian origin who lives in the United States, and McGill is one of the schools I'm really looking into.

From what I've heard and read, they do not look into subjective things such as essays, recs, and ECs. It's a hardcore numbers game. Also, on the site, it says you need B+/A- average for most fields.

My unweighted gpa is an 85 and my weighted is a 90. I skipped a grade, so I'm 15 and a rising junior, and freshman year I took alg 2 a-level (79), sophomore bio a-level (91), french 2 a (92), english 9A (87), and in terms of social studies electives which are 1 sem, American Government A (93), and Asian Studies (90), Visual Basic, a full year course was an 80. I forgot my gym grade:/

Because you need an 88 average in the respective subject areanor permission from the department (and positive teacher recs in both situations) to take honors classes (which are offered in math, science, and english at the 10th grade level, and back then you needed a minimum math grade of 85 to take honors/AP sciences), I didn't qualify and stayed in a-level. (C is lower than average, B is basic and A is accelerated.)

Sophomore year I had:
Junior Chemistry A: 85
Geometry A: 87
English A: 88
French 3A: 92
And for 1 semester courses:
Economics A: 86
Journalism: 94
Gym: 82
Law: 83
Health A: 79

For whatever reason, I was granted an appeal for AP English, and my 11th grade courseload, after all my applications were submitted and accepted and whatnot is:

AP Junior English (there is no honors junior english, it goes AP, a, b, c)
AP Physics (there is no honors option here either, if there's AP then no honors, if honors, then no AP)
AP Biology
Pre-Calc A
French 4 honors

AP sciences are double periods so I only had room for 5 courses:/
I'm sorry for making such a long, obnoxious post, but if anyone could offer any advice to help me I'd really appreciate it. If I really get my act together for 11th and 12th grades, is there a chance I may get in? If I maintain my grades, my courseload for 12th grade would be:

AP chemistry
AP senior english
AP french
AP European History
AP US history
AP calculus (AB or BC)

Uhhh, yeah, well again, sorry for the long-ass obnoxious post but any advice would be truly appreciated!
edited July 2010
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