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Honors Program/Harrison Scholarship chances

nathanTX07nathanTX07 632 replies31 threads Member
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Thanks to everyone in advance!

Hispanic Male
Public High School in Texas
UWGPA: 3.8/4; Weight 5.22/5, Rank: 6 out of 250.

Test Scores:
ACT: 35
SAT IIs: US History (760), Math I (730)
APs: US History (5), World History (5), English Language (5), and Calculus BC (2/3 subscore...yeah I know, not too great).
Curriculum: I am taking the toughest classes my school offers, including APs where offered. I'm subbing an extra history (AP Euro) for a science this year, though, so I don't know how that will look. I will also graduate with 3 years of Spanish language in honors classes.

Extracurriculars & Other Activities: I'm Vice President of my city's Youth Advisory board (which engages in all kinds of community service), in addition to the following school-related activities:
Speech & Debate Team - 2006 Texas Forensic Association State Qualifier, 2004 & 2006 University Interscholastic League (UIL) Region Four Finalist
UIL Academics - 2006 Region Four Qualifier in Current Issues and Events
JV Tennis - Fall 2003-Winter 2004
National Honor Society - President
School Newspaper - Editor-in-chief
Interact Club - President

Work experience: I have worked the past two summers as an intern in the office of the CEO of a local corporation that has operations worldwide.

Other Awards:
Named the top Math student in the Class of 2007.
Expect to be awarded National Hispanic Scholar (PSAT: 210).
National Merit Commended Scholar
AP Scholar
Was awarded Grand Recognition by Duke University's TIP in 7th grade.
Am in the running for local newspaper's Distinguished Scholar award (very prestigious, only given to about 75 students per year in metro area with a population of about 500,000).

Letters of Recommendation: I've already got letters from a few of my teachers, and they do an excellent job of portraying my finer attributes.

Family Background: Six figure income, parents both graduates of University of Texas at Austin.

Miscellaneous Information: My sophomore year was a wreck as I was found allergic to the materials used to construct the building I was going to school in, and I missed 97 days of school (but still managed to keep a mostly A average). I transferred schools, but the medicine I had to take to return me to good health gave me pancreatitis, and I missed approximately two weeks of each semester with hospital visits for that illness this year. Again, my grades dipped a little bit when I was in the hospital, but when well, my grades are exclusively high A's.

Intended Major: Finance, Pre-Law
edited October 2006
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Replies to: Honors Program/Harrison Scholarship chances

  • irish200irish200 251 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I think you have a VERY good shot, is that ACT score higher than it was before?

    Go for it.

    although, nothing is ever guaranteed

    you are business honors for sure
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  • nathanTX07nathanTX07 632 replies31 threads Member
    Yes, the ACT is higher.

    Thanks, irish. I submitted my Common App and Supplement; next is the Harrison app.
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  • georgemclellan45georgemclellan45 202 replies10 threads Junior Member
    I would hope that you have a chance, otherwise I probably don't either. Don't worry about the GPA, given your extenuating circumstance (missing 97 days) that can all be explained away. Test score wise, the two of us are more or less in the same boat (35 ACT, 760 U.S. History SATII, 5 APUSH, 5 APLAC (only noticeable difference is PSAT score)). Extracurriculars you edge me by a bit. Yes, I think you have a good shot.
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