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smallest dorm room at Miami?

dad_of_twodad_of_two Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
edited February 2010 in Miami University - Ohio
sharing a 7'7" x 12'5" room (Emerson)....other contenders?
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Replies to: smallest dorm room at Miami?

  • binxbinx Registered User Posts: 4,318 Senior Member
    That's pretty small! My D is also in Emerson, but her room seems to be in the mid-range for the rooms there. Hers is 11'9 by 9'8. If it's any consolation, hers is much bigger than the rooms my S's were dealt at their colleges. S1 had the smallest shared room on campus his first year. S2's room was incredibly tiny - both beds were lofted, with the desk and dresser beneath, and a very narrow aisle between them. But his was a suite, and had a separate living room (with five other bedrooms, including two singles and 3 doubles.)

    Dad_of_2, do you have a D or an S? I think a tiny room will be much more difficult with a D - they seem to have more stuff! If they decide against bunking, then I hope they get some bed risers so they can at least have some under-bed storage space!
  • girls4momgirls4mom Registered User Posts: 102 Junior Member
    Are students allowed to bunk the beds? I didn't think that was possible? D is in Clawson and I think she has a decent size room? The resident hall carpet flyer that came showed the size carpet needed for each of the of the dorms. Clawson shows a 9x12. Emerson does show an 8x10. BTW is a full size carpet good or an area rug and then say a small rug just inside the door?
  • dad_of_twodad_of_two Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    It will be my son who will be sharing the smallish room in Emerson. I agree it would be much worse for 2 girls, lol.

    I doubt they'll leave the beds bunked, as it turns out neither boy wants to be in the top bunk!

    It appears that at Emerson, girls are on the ground floor, 1st floor, and 3rd floor, with the boys all on the 2nd floor. Must be a lot more Scholar girls than boys.

    Both my son and his new roommate share the same first name and first initial of their last names :)
  • believersmombelieversmom Registered User Posts: 1,109 Senior Member
    Regarding lofting beds in Emerson:
    Unless things have changed, the beds are kind of built-in daybeds that had a storage cubical that formed a couch in the day time by folding the bed under it(kind of hard to explain). I lived in four very different residence halls during my time at Miami (including Tappan, Emerson's "twin"). This set-up was the most comfortable and had the best furniture of all my rooms. Also, Emerson is air conditioned (HUGE plus in August and the beginning of September in Oxford). At one time those two dorms were exclusively female and were considered too nice for young men.

    Fun fact: My freshman year, one young woman's parents hired an interior decorator to do her room in Tappan(no I am not kidding, but please don't let this re-enforce some of those stupid stereo-types, this was ONE student). Her parents seemed to have enough clout to have her moved had the room not been to their liking. Point being, Emerson and Tappan are terrific residence halls. I think your son will like it very much. The location is great too for all the "good stuff" (Rec Center, Hamilton dinning hall, Shriver Ctr., Western Campus...)

    Hope this helps.
  • girls4momgirls4mom Registered User Posts: 102 Junior Member
    So are you thinking that bunking is the same as lofting which is not allowed to my knowledge? Clawson is the international living learning community this year and it is on Western Campus from what I understand...

    Believersmom do you have any opinions on an area rug and a small inside door mat/rug and a full size room rug? The countdown is on its way and we have most things except carpet and curtains. I figure we will play it by ear the first few weeks and see what D really cannot live without in her room She says a lounge/kitchen area is 2 doors down from her so she won't need a microwave? We will see? What about a telephone/answering machine for the dorm room. She will have her cell, but for friends at school to call her at her room? Thanks for your help believersmom.
  • aussiek517aussiek517 Registered User Posts: 325 Member
    Bunking is not the same as lofting. Bunking is allowed, lofting is not unless Miami does it for you (this option is only available in a few dorms). I only have a 5' x 8' rug, which has worked out fine the past two years. I don't spend a lot of time in my room, and the 5' x 8' covers almost all of the floor that isn't taken up by beds, desks, and dressers (and my room is something like 10'6" x 14'10"). A phone and answering machine are not necessary; the room comes with a phone, but everyone uses cell phones. I think all of my friends would definitely recommend bringing a microwave. I'm not sure if all dorms have microwaves in the kitchenettes, and it's just more convenient to have one in your room. I don't know anyone living in a dorm who doesn't have a microwave.
  • binxbinx Registered User Posts: 4,318 Senior Member
    Wow, Aussie - you must have one of the biggest dorms on campus! Is it a double? After freshmen year, do you get to pick your rooms? Is there some sort of lottery?

    How do you hang curtains in the rooms? I took a photo of the room (Morris) that I had at orientation, and wonder if it's the same for Emerson - but there is no obvious way to hang curtains without using nails. The roller blind uses up the space where you could use a tension rod. I'd like to bring all the right hardware and such with me, because I'm afraid stores in the area will be sold out when we get there.

    Also, this might be a stupid question, but how do you use the tack strip that goes around the room -- nails and string? I'm trying to figure out how we will hand my D's mirror. It is an over-the-door mirror, and roommie doesn't want it on the entrance door. I'm guessing the closet doors are sliding, which won't work.

    Aussie, is Believersmom right about the kind of bed? This is not the kind of bed we had at orientation in Morris. (It is the kind of bed we had way back when at the Univ of Pittsburgh, where I went, though!) I bought bed risers for D, along with some plastic storage containers for under the bed. But if she has the kind of bed Believersmom writes about, then these won't work.
  • aussiek517aussiek517 Registered User Posts: 325 Member
    My room is a double, and it's pretty big, but it's certainly not the largest on campus. I've seen rooms over 200 sq. ft. I think there is a lottery for your sophomore year if you want to live in an LLC; however, I did not have to do the lottery for my third year.

    To be honest, I've never had curtains or a full-length mirror in my room. Curtains can be hung somehow; I feel like there is a rod somewhere, because one of my friends had rolled her curtain around it. LOL, I am really not the best person to ask about dorm stuff. I've also never used the tack strip, but my friends used push pins. There are S-hooks on the walls, and some people hang things on those.

    I have no idea about the beds in Emerson. When I was a freshman, Emerson was not an Honors dorm, so I didn't have swipe access to it. I've heard of the daybeds, but I don't know if every room has them, or if they're still in Emerson. I've had a bunkable bed every year.
  • believersmombelieversmom Registered User Posts: 1,109 Senior Member
    Girls4mom-as long as you asked and because I LOVE giving an opinion - LOL. I say go with the biggest rug that will fit, it cuts down on dust bunnies. A small rug by the door I think would get kicked around and tripped over. One year my roomie and I went barebones and never had a rug of any kind on the floor, we just never got around to getting one and by Christmas decided to spend our money on other things(both our prior roomies had owned the communal rug the preceding year).

    Back in my day there were curtain rods on all the windows but after freshman year I bagged curtains altogether as the roller shade did the trick and when it was up made the room feel bigger/more open.

    Regarding the mirror. My recollection was that standing back from the mirrors in the bathroom gave a full view and depending upon when I was getting dressed I did make-up in the room mirror or the bathroom mirror.

    Not sure about the tack strip; we had a groove with s-hooks to hang things from and we were allowed to use stick-tak for posters and such.

    Hope this clarifies things. But I defer to Aussie as hers(I think you are female correct?) is the information of a knowledgable current student.
  • binxbinx Registered User Posts: 4,318 Senior Member
    I answered my own question. I found a description of Emerson on the MU website that says it has daybeds and built in dressers. I wish there were pictures somewhere!
  • believersmombelieversmom Registered User Posts: 1,109 Senior Member
    Here, I'll try to give you a mental picture[seriously]:
    First, the room is completely symetrical and longer than it is wider (a rectangle that runs from the door to the window, so that when you enter you are looking straight at the window and each half is a mirror-image). As you come in the door there is a rather decent closet(for a dorm)on each side; next to that on each side is a dresser with a light and a mirror built above it; next, about 1/3 up from the floor is mounted a long hollow square box (about 1' x 1' inside) with a padded hinged opening that faces the center of the room, this is the same length as the bed which during the day can be tucked under the long box to form a daybed and the top serves as more shelf space; next is a built-in desk with bookshelves to the ceiling and a study lamp. Each corridor shares a large common bathroom and in Emerson for sure (but possibly Tappan - I just can't remember) there are quads where two of these rooms (as described above) also have a shared private living area.

    Again, I would consider Tappan or Emerson a GREAT assignment.
  • binxbinx Registered User Posts: 4,318 Senior Member
    Thanks, Believersmom - that really helps. The room you describe sounds similar to the one in Morris that I stayed in during orientation, except for the daybed / built in dress part. The main difference is that my D has a room that is actually wider than it is long, according to the map and dimensions on the website, so I wondered if that meant a different placement of closets or something - otherwise it seems they'd be pretty big closets! But the storage bolster and the high desk shelves are encouraging - I think my D has a better chance of staying organized if she has a place to put things!

    She is thrilled to have gotten into the Honors/Scholars LLC.
  • girls4momgirls4mom Registered User Posts: 102 Junior Member
    Thanks for all of the help. D and her roomie have decided on 2 small area rugs and a swifer for dust bunnies. D loves to swifer =) go figure. She has bought and over the door mirror and is thinking that since the closet doors are sliding doors she can hang it over the outside sliding door? Will this work? Good idea about the microwave. She is just doors from the kitchenette but if they don't all have microwaves, that will be a problem. We will scrap the idea of curtains for now. Thanks again for all of the great help. D is very anxious at this point and I am very excited for her, but if she continues I am going to need a valium =) BTW, and alternative to sticky tak is ez up clips that are sold are teacher stores. They are great with a wax back that leaves no marks. I use them to hang my posters in my classroom.
  • believersmombelieversmom Registered User Posts: 1,109 Senior Member
    Am wondering if maybe your D got one of the quads given the wider than longer thing. (It's all coming back to me more now...LOL) I think I was wrong on the quads, for the quads the beds and closets are in the bedrooms(maybe the dressers too) and the desks are in the shared common room, the whole suite is entered in the middle of the common room. I'll be anxious to hear how it all goes.

    When do the students move-in?
  • binxbinx Registered User Posts: 4,318 Senior Member
    No, she doesn't have a quad. I have the map of the floor - the quads seem to be at the ends of the two short halls on the wings (two total, one on each wing). My D is in the last room of the long cross-hall. The last two rooms on each side of the cross-hall, at each end of the hall (4 rooms) are rectangular the other way. The six center rooms on each side (12 total) are as you describe them.

    We are driving up on the 15th - move-in is on the 16th for Freshmen.
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