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Interesting classes?

TranscendentRootTranscendentRoot 5 replies2 threads New Member
edited June 2012 in Michigan State University
Hey guys,

New to the forum, but I'll be a junior at MSU in the fall, so certainly not new to the university. I'm just curious, though - has anyone taken any really interesting classes here? I'm not talking about easy courses, really, just courses that you took that sort of changed your perspective or ones that you just found to be a lot of fun.

Between math and CS I haven't had a lot of room for electives (although my math courses constantly blow my mind), but one pretty awesome class I took was a neurobiology class with Heather Eisthen in spring 2011. Great teacher, very interesting subject.
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  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes 34216 replies770 threads Senior Member
    You liked the neurobio class? I'm technically registered for it next spring, but I'm nervous. I haven't taken a bio class since AP Bio in soph year of high school.
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  • TranscendentRootTranscendentRoot 5 replies2 threads New Member
    Yeah, it was a great class, although the workload was fairly intense. And getting a 4.0 is extremely difficult in the class - iirc you needed a 95%. If you have a serious interest in neurobiology or if you're a bio major of some kind (I know we have like a billion versions of the bio major here) then I'd definitely recommend the class. If you're taking it to clear a natsci elective like me, I'd still do it, but be wary that your GPA might take a slight hit.

    Also, if you haven't taken bio in a while, I'd brush up on the basics - genetics isn't that prominent, but you do need some foundation in cell structure, chemistry, function, signaling, and division. You can probably pick up most of it along the way, though.
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  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes 34216 replies770 threads Senior Member
    Well, it'll be my final semester. In that case, I think I'll just stick to the Geo class I'm enrolled in. Yes, it's a nat sci credit for my BS.

    One interesting class I'm taking right now is Soc 451: Dynamics of Population. Online, it's quite awesome. In class, I'd imagine it would be a bit more dry. I have found it absolutely fascinating though and it introduced me to so many things that affect my daily life that I never would have considered before.

    Any RCAH class will force you to look at things in a way you never would have before.

    Psy/Zol 310 (?) Psychology and Biology of human sexuality was also a lot of fun. Just an interesting topic with a very funny prof.

    I'm an anthro major so I'm biased by ANP 433 (Contemporary Native American Communities) and ANP 432 (Native American Women) were both really eye-opening. They're taught by Dr. Norder, a very awkward but very nice professor who grew up on a rez, or his wife, Dr. Howard-Bobiwash. Both are very nice and amazing professors IMO. The struggles faced by Native Americans today are quite daunting and it kind of goes through the history of why that is. It does a lot to correct misinterpretations of things (such as the myth that Native Americans go to school for free and things like that). But they're also brutally honest about what rez life is like (alcoholism, abuse, abandonment, etc).

    CSS 222 New Horizons in Biotech was interesting but definitely not bind-blowing. If you're interested in the agriculture and biotech though it's DEFINITELY one to take. The prof is hard but very nice.

    I'm taking GEO 435 next year, Geography of Health and Disease. I've heard nothing but great things about the class and prof.

    PRR 302, Environmental Attitudes and Concepts, was also one I liked a lot. It had to do with environmental theory and how we've viewed the environment as a country since its inception. A lot of people hated the class but I really, really enjoyed it.

    Sorry, that was longer than I meant, but there's been quite a few classes here that I've really, really enjoyed.
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  • TranscendentRootTranscendentRoot 5 replies2 threads New Member
    Oh, so you'll be a senior next year? Or extra semester? Either way, congrats on the upcoming graduation!

    That's a great list. I actually just took PSY 310 last semester, did you have it with Breedlove? He was great, very funny, also very knowledgeable within his field.

    I wanted to take an Anthro class next year, but unfortunately I haven't taken any of the 200-level ANP classes. Would I be able to get an override if there was a spot open and I talked to an advisor or is the anthro dept against that?

    As for me, I've taken mostly math and CS courses, but some other cool ones I took were:

    HST 368 - history of modern China, taught by Aminda Smith. Awesome class, amazing professor. Fairly tough, but definitely a great look into how modern China came about.

    HST 392 - history of the Holocaust, taught by Karrin Hanshew. This might be the best non-math class I've ever taken, and frankly it was better than any of my CS courses as well. Hanshew and Smith are probably some of the best profs at MSU, and the stuff I learned in this class was so enlightening. Anyone who is even remotely interested in WWII or the holocaust should take this class, it's fantastic. However, it's also difficult - you need upwards of 93% (I think?) to get a 4.0.

    I did Kendo for a semester which was also really cool. You learn a style of swordplay, using wooden blades. It's pretty culturally charged as well. It's a nice change of environment if nothing else.

    I'd also recommend CJ 110 (intro to criminal justice) and CSE 231 (intro to programming in Python - take it with Enbody or Punch). The former isn't a thrilling course, but you learn how the justice system works and you get to watch movies. The latter probably sounds repulsive to some but a lot of different majors and people take the class. Learning to program is useful and the aforementioned profs are fantastic and very laid-back.

    And if anyone here is a math geek like me (or even possibly a math major?!), you should take MTH 327H. The way math is presented in that class is like some of the deepest philosophy I've ever digested. It's pretty great. It's also insanely difficult, but really great nonetheless.

    Anyone else should feel free to give their own input. Not just about classes, about anything really cool you've done here at MSU. I hang out with a specific subset of people within MSU (the math-y kind) maybe too often, so it's cool to hear how the other side lives.
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  • HumanoidHumanoid 161 replies2 threads Junior Member
    ZOL 355 online with Thomas is cool. No big exams, just weekly quizzes, discussion, and capstone stuff (which is really fun). Plus it's ecology so it is really easy and interesting.

    ZOL 313, Animal Behavior, was also cool. You cover a lot but it's just really interesting. Granted I'm an animal nerd.

    I've heard good things about Biology of mammals but I haven't taken yet. You do get to go to the zoo, it might be because of a paper you need to write though. I have also heard good things about the Human Bio and Sexuality class and one of the professors came in and gave a talk that was very cool.

    Also, please, for the love all everything good do not take zoology courses (save maybe ZOL 310) unless you are a Zoology major or need them. It's very hard for all of us to get into the courses we need because there are never enough slots. I've had to change my schedule plan three times because the classes I need keep filling up.
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  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes 34216 replies770 threads Senior Member
    My boyfriend said that the zombie class has turned out to be really cool. SW 290 I think.

    Yes, 310 was with Breedlove. I regret taking it online because he was so funny. I wish I would have taken it in class now... ah well.

    I always recommend that people take a philosophy class. Depending on your strengths either a logic or theory class. Not sure of any specific classes I could recommend in that department as I take them through RCAH (same profs, more freedom with classes though haha).
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