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Horrible Suite Mates

zigirl67zigirl67 2 replies7 threads New Member
I'm currently a freshman living in the dorms and recently my roommate and I have been having some serious problems with our suite mates. They are two obnoxious loud sorority girls who complain about the most insignificant things we do that bothers them even though we've been tolerating them for months. They play music late at night and there's constant yelling from their room, I always used to assume they were drunk but they rarely are. One of them comes into our room without permission to put her bottles in our recycling bin or to take my roommate's candy. The worst thing that we have to deal with is the fact that they smoke weed in their room almost every night and sometimes the smell even gets into my room.
Typically weed wouldn't really even bother me although I can't risk their smoke getting me or my roommate into trouble. I would love for them to move out although I don't know how that's possible. At the beginning of the year I had a different suite mate who was really sweet but didn't get along with my other suite mate and what ended up happening is she was forced to move out because of kleptomania (although I have always suspected that she was framed in order to get kicked out). As for the weed, of course I have already considered telling an RA or even calling the police myself but they vape so the smell is usually faint and if a cop were to knock on their door, I'm assuming my suite mates just wouldn't open the door or would at least hide their weed before and would be able to avoid trouble.

They recently have cut off all communication with us out of nowhere and just leave sticky notes on the bathroom mirror when they want us to clean the bathroom. It's so immature and rude... So talking to them directly about my issues is not the answer. I'm looking for any possible solutions that don't include me moving out.
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