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University Scholars Award notification

StevedivotStevedivot 10 replies1 threads New Member
My son (OOS) was accepted a couple weeks and am hoping he gets the University Scholars Award (1100 SAT plus 3.5 UWGPA) since the price for OOS is approximately $8K higher than other BIG10 schools. Has anyone received a scholarship notification yet and if yes, how long did it take after being accepted.
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Replies to: University Scholars Award notification

  • momofsmartdancermomofsmartdancer 321 replies11 threads Member
    My d received Honors College admit + Tuition Grant & Professorial Assistanceship + Presidential Study Abroad Scholarship + invite to Distinguished Alumni Scholaship competition. Approximate dates: applied 10/22, accepted 10/30, scholarship letter received 11/19.

    So, it took about 4 weeks for the scholarship notification. There is a recent thread about honors college that indicates usual timeframe is 6 - 8 weeks for honors college decision. Perhaps the University Scholars program follows the same time line. For my d, I think her stats, ECs, interests, etc were a particularly good fit for MSU. MSU is in d's top 3. She is looking forward to further info on possible scholarship for NMF and Distinguished Alumni scholarships.

    It sound like MSU is a good fit for ur son as well. Perhaps you/ your son could follow-up with email inquiry about the scholarship, expressing continued interest in MSU?
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  • StevedivotStevedivot 10 replies1 threads New Member
    Thanks for the info. My son won't qualify for the honors college but the rest of your info was very helpful. My son applied on 10/31 and accepted 10 days later which was a good sign. I emailed the admissions office but their response was very general, I will have him follow up as you suggested.
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  • ITMom56ITMom56 20 replies5 threads New Member
    My D got admitted into Lyman Briggs, but not received any scholarship info. Should she have applied to honors college instead? Pre med track.
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  • StevedivotStevedivot 10 replies1 threads New Member
    My son finally did receive the $8K OOS scholarship award on 12/26 which is approximately 8 weeks after the initial application submittal and 6-7 weeks after being accepted. Now its the waiting game to see where else he gets accepted and schedule a road trip.
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