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MSU Electrical Engineering?

bassplayer2019bassplayer2019 3 replies2 threads New Member

I am trying to decide where to go for my undergrad and I’m running out of time. I am majoring in electrical engineering and I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the engineering program at Michigan State University. Or more specifically, electrical engineering at MSU. I am currently considering one other school, but I don’t know very much about MSU. I’m interested in learning more about MSU’s internship/research opportunities and what the engineering professors are like (including professors for the engineering prereqs, like Calc and Chem). Any insight is appreciated!
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Replies to: MSU Electrical Engineering?

  • airway1airway1 929 replies13 threads Member
    My son is in the engineering school at MSU as a freshman.. you live in the core engineering housing, you have advisors walk-in at the dorms and some classes are connected to the dorms.. he has enjoyed his first year but it’s been challenging.. he is a chemical engineer as a major..he talks about internships but his scholarship needs to approve so not pushing yet..

    Great campus and housing located next to all the sports facilities.. lots of school spirit (like all sports colleges).. staying for the summer as housing is free (all you pay for is food)
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  • caroldanverscaroldanvers 162 replies0 threads Junior Member
    My son is just finishing his sophomore year at MSU and he loves the school. In terms of classes he hasn't had bad professors. Some are better than others, but no one sticks out as bad. Someone on the MSU reddit page put together a database of all the classes along with grade distributions for the past idk how many years. So he checks that along with rate my professor and avoids problematic ones. He also is in honors so he gets early registration which is a huge benefit. He has found the professors approachable and friendly even in the really, really big classes. He does research for one professor and works as a grader for another. In terms of internships there are multiple career fairs and help with resumes, linked in and all that. But it is tough to get an internship before junior year which I think you will find is true everywhere. The engineering dorm was great for making friends and finding study groups, definitely sign up for that.
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