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Pros and Cons Michigan State University

CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Registered User Posts: 5,403 Senior Member
Just came from a thread with pros and cons about a university, I found many interesting opinions. So, I wonder what interesting opinions/ facts I would read about Michigan State University. Also to keep Michigan State University forum going/ more active.... can anyone list pros and cons?

Currently a junior in high school, Michigan State University is my top school....
A FEW pros and cons I think are
Large Campus
Good Atmosphere/ Clean campus
Friendly students ( or don't come across arrogant, at least what I've heard )
Located near many resoucres such as downtown East Lansing, Lansing, Frandor ( also known as Frandor mall ) Meridian mall, and other major stores
Rank decent according to USNEWS
School spirit
-Cons ( High in some of the following areas)
Peoples opinion of university such as " Anyone can get accepted into Michigan State."
( Hear it often)
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Replies to: Pros and Cons Michigan State University

  • puppylover6464puppylover6464 Registered User Posts: 361 Member
    i really don't think that the assualt/harassment/robbery rate at MSU is higher than any other university of similar size. there've been a few well-publicized incidents this year, but all of them that i've heard of have been found to be fabricated/untrue. including the girl who claimed she was robbed in her dorm last week.

    my friends go to UofM, and were just telling me last week that they weren't going to go anywhere that night because 3 girls had reported attempted abductions while walking alone outside after dark.

    so again, i don't think that it's more of a problem here at state than any other large university.
  • shyanneshyanne Registered User Posts: 875 Member
    Coolbrezze, you are so blowing the bad things about MSU out of porportion. One person may have had a older student irritate them and you think that is what the whole place is like?
  • shyanneshyanne Registered User Posts: 875 Member
    Why don't you ask people to tell you about the museums, planetarium, gardens, cyclatron and all at MSU if you want to keep MSU discussions going?
  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Registered User Posts: 5,403 Senior Member
    Wow, geez... I was listing cons, and if Michigan State University harassment, robbery, and assualt is no higher than any other typical university... is that's suppose to yield me from listing it? Not at all.
    Also to the post above, about why don't ask people about Michigan State University musuems, gardens etc... Well I was hoping someone would list it as a pro and elaborate on it, not get on here and literally attack me for cons I listed. Again, I listed negative things and that was under cons ( and cons are usually negative), did anyone overlook the pros?
  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Registered User Posts: 5,403 Senior Member
    I didn't read about the Univeristy of Michigan- Ann Arbor case, probably more of a student thing going around... or just can't find an article. Since I try to keep up with many schools news. Same with Michigan State University, never read anything to inform about the update of the story. Although assuming your a student, it would be easier to find out such information.

    I know alot about Michigan State University museums, gardens etc... Been to the gardens in elemantary ( I'm not sure if MSU also have the butterfly house, or was that somewhere else.) I've been to a few museums, one I think was a mainly focus on outerspace... even would sit in a room, look above, and sorta watch a 3D thing or something.

    There is probably other museums, and gardens I haven't been inform of. Wouldn't mind someone telling me about it, I'm sure it's interesting.
  • puppylover6464puppylover6464 Registered User Posts: 361 Member
    my friends that go to UofM got emails from the university describing the attempted abductions. just like we at MSU get emails whenever there's an incident.
  • shyanneshyanne Registered User Posts: 875 Member
    I have been to the butterfly place and the 3-D type thing you are describing sounds like the Planetarium.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 32,796 Senior Member
    In all honesty Coolbreeze, it sounds like you are LOOKING for reasons not to attend MSU. That's what all of your posts have been skewed towards. If you don't want to attend, don't attend. Nobody's going to tell you anything you don't already know about MSU.
  • puppylover6464puppylover6464 Registered User Posts: 361 Member
    i agree with romanigypsyeyes
  • BearsBeetsBSGBearsBeetsBSG Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    I'll second the agreement. It seems like you've been pushing the "State is bad" thing lately. But moving on...

    I've got some pros.
    Research- there are more opportunities for undergrads to get involved in research than at say UofM, or other comparable schools.
    Study Abroad- one of the best in the country for study abroad
    Honors College- it allows you far more flexibility than you'd usually have for gen eds, as well as the option to wave prereqs and take grad classes.
    Spartan Basketball- need I say more?
  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Registered User Posts: 5,403 Senior Member
    Apparently I'm misunderstood by many on this forum, yet I'm not surprise since all of you are cluesless about me. Though a close one could easily disagree with statements you've all have made. Well yes, it may have come across that many of my post are a bit negative towards Michigan State University... and yes it may have come across that they are positive. Did anyone over look the pros I've stated? I would assume, yet due to me adding additional cons, many question.... as if I'm only suppose to list pros? It would be very informative for me to know cons and pros about a university, which many have. Wouldn't want to go in blind sited, and think almost as if it's fantasy land. So... if no one on this forum would like to help in such a way informing me about pros and cons ( wasn't what I was expecting, I'm sure many would like to know cons about a school eventhough pros may outweight it ) okay then. To a post above stating that no one will inform me information I don't know, well they may... and if no one doesnt I'm at least glad they made a effort to help me, or at least answer my question.
    Although, there is no need for me to give such a long explanation.
  • puppylover6464puppylover6464 Registered User Posts: 361 Member
    spartan football! mark dantonio is going to lead us to the rose bowl...if not this year, definitely the next :)
  • BearsBeetsBSGBearsBeetsBSG Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    Coolbrezze- might I ask what your potential major is? I can give some cons if you're looking at Biology or Chemistry regarding some classes, professors, etc. But it's not really relevant to someone not going into science.
    But since you sound pretty intent on finding out what other people dislike about State, I'll take a stab at it. It's hard though, since I chose MSU over UofM and Purdue, and I've only attended MSU, so there's not a lot to compare to.
    Large campus- I like it most of the time, but walking in the snow or wind or rain can be a real pain. Or waiting for the bus in any of that. Or just walking across campus when I'm lazy and don't want to walk. The buses can be more hassle than it's worth sometimes.
    Weather- as you already know, it gets cold here. And for some reason Shaw Rd is like a wind tunnel. I enjoy the snow, but overall I'm not a huge fan of Michigan weather
    Scheduling- not sure if it's just as bad everywhere else, but if you get a late orientation date the summer before you start at State, you can get screwed out of taking some classes that fill up fast. If you're in the honors college, that issue doesn't extend to subsequent years since you sign up before everyone else, but if not I know it can still be stressful.
    Large class size- there are some small ones, especially in Briggs or James Madison, but most of the science lecture classes are really big. Some people don't care, for example people that don't go to class, but it's a lot easier to interact in a smaller class.

    These cons might be issues common to all big state universities, but it's about all I could think of that I don't like about State (other than science specific things that don't apply for most people), although they're not really that big of a deal to me.
  • CoolbrezzeCoolbrezze Registered User Posts: 5,403 Senior Member
    Thanks, the post was very informative. I would like to know cons and pros going into the Biology major. I plan to major in biology myself, while taking pre-med courses.
  • fa-la-la-lenafa-la-la-lena Registered User Posts: 2,844 Senior Member
    When I was first applying to MSU, I made a list of all the pros/cons for me.

    Div. I sports teams
    Good social scene
    College Town
    James madison college
    honors college
    residential campus
    lots of school spirit
    I love the midwest/friendly people
    nearby chicago/relatives
    gorgeous campus
    great study abroad programs

    Really huge
    too many in-state students
    not that high-ranked
    MI economy is in the dumps
    won't know anyone at all
    mediocre dorms
    not warm (weather-wise)
    not very diverse (compared to home)

    Now, I'd say my cons have changed slightly:
    Cons of Michigan State: not very diverse, parking sucks, people (from home) confusing State for UofM, tuition hikes. And that's about it. I don't consider safety a pressing issue at MSU...it's the same mostly anywhere else
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