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How'd your CFA Test go??

NJNetsFan34NJNetsFan34 Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
Alright guys.. well the much anticipated CFA for USMA (and all the other academy's) has finally come around. After a longggg time of training etc here are my stats...

BBall throw: 67 feet
Pull-ups: 17
Shuttle Run: 8.7 sec
Sit Ups: 95
Pushups: 75
1 Mile Run: 5:49 min/sec

I am fairly happy with these scores, as I have improved quite a bit since I first started practicing. Does anyone know how these scores will look to USMA? I assume since I got the maximum on 2 (almost 3) that will look pretty good.. right?? Any comments about that would help give me insight!! Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!! -Andrew-
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Replies to: How'd your CFA Test go??

  • VoxistVoxist Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member
    Good Idea- a CFA result list

    Here's mine:

    BB Throw- 74 ft
    Shuttle Run-8.7 sec
    one-mile run-6:30

    Some advice: if you're going to run the mile outside on the test, practice OUTSIDE. I think I screwed up my throat because I ran outside after practicing in an air-conditioned gym the whole summer, time wasn't that great either. This was the last hurdle at least. Now I just gotta wait for the paperwork to get in and I'm good to go.
  • AFAboundAFAbound Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    I've been training since about the 10th grade and thats what my scores look like. I have yet to take the CPFT and i wont for another 7 months. Right now im at:

    80 Pushups in 2 mins or pass out
    115 situps in 2 minutes
    15 Pullups
    shuttlerun in 8.5 sec
    BBall throw around 70 feet
    Mile: 5:38-5:45

    Is there really anything I can do metter?
  • SLS2P7SSLS2P7S Registered User Posts: 21 New Member
    What height/weight are you guys?

    I've been training for 3 months and can still only manage 5 pull ups...I'm 6'3, 140 lbs, and I have the damnedest time gaining weight.
  • AFAboundAFAbound Registered User Posts: 156 Junior Member
    im 5'5 all muscle about 122 pounds. My biceps are really big for my size, but I do alot of pushups and pull ups.
  • NJNetsFan34NJNetsFan34 Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    I'm almost 6'3"... 195 pounds... I weight lift everyday and am almost all muslce. Body fat is way below 10%. idk if that helps?
  • br2011br2011 Registered User Posts: 234 Junior Member
    im pretty skinny, not as skinny as you though. 6' 150 pounds. i can do 9 pullups
  • rty456rty456 Registered User Posts: 431 Member
    On the old PAE 8 pull-ups was sort of the average/minimum so SLS , you are close.

    Also I would so doing in excess of 10 pullups is great . There are seeral excellent programs.

    But generally do pull-ups to get better at pull-ups.. I will look up the regimine my son did --he started at 3 ..ended up doing 8 on the old PAE, was offered civil prpe to NMMI and is a happy plebe in class of 2010
  • chillax88chillax88 Registered User Posts: 413 Member
    i know wp doesnt usually relesase test results, but how many candidates annually max the test?

    im pretty sure i will.
  • waiterockwaiterock Registered User Posts: 20 New Member
    Well, Im 5'4, 110 lbs, and can do
    Pushups 30
    Pull-ups 2
    Mile run 8:30min.
    Bbthrow 62ft.
    Shuttle run 9.3sec.
    Sit-ups all 95!

    But this is really good considering I'm a woman. When I went on my interview, the guy said my 2 pull-ups is better than any guy's 20. Sorry guys, I guess its affirmative action at work.
  • momoftwinsmomoftwins Registered User Posts: 2,668 Senior Member

    The female cadets are at service academies because they are highly qualified in many ways - just as the male cadets are. It's not affirmative action to expect fewer pullups from females, just a reality. The really good thing about this is that you can look at increasing your number of pullups over time. There is absolutely no reason why females can't do 20 pullups - with practice. There are female cadets who are excelling on the APFT. As a matter of fact, the cadet with the highest score last year was a female.

    There is no shortage of qualified female cadets, so nobody should rely on affirmative action in order to receive an appointment.

    Best of luck to you!!
  • waiterockwaiterock Registered User Posts: 20 New Member
    Momoftwins. Thank you for the support. I'm fully qualified academically and mentally as well. I'm not under the impression at all that being a female is going to get me in. I know I am going to improve greatly in the next month before my CFT; however I doubt I will ever be capable of doing twenty pull-ups. I'm just not built like a man, and the admissions person I spoke with was just assuring me that I am not expected to perform like one on the CFT.
  • chillax88chillax88 Registered User Posts: 413 Member
    fyi- "my two are better than any guy's 20" thats just straight up not true. a lot higher percentage of women can do two pull ups than can men do 20...

    so like, no.
  • shogunshogun Registered User Posts: 1,895 Senior Member
    A couple of reality checks:

    1. Taking any physical fitness test will be a bit different at the academy vs having your coach or other approved person administer it to you at school. One of the first things you will find out is that your technique will be monitered very carefully at the academy. Many new cadets find out it is not unusual for 10 or 15 situps or pushups or some number of pull-ups to be "disqualified" because they were not done in the proper manner. Some Summer Seminar attendees found this out as well. Make sure you work on "style" as much as speed of repetition on your pushups, situps, and pullups, or you may find yourself working pretty hard for naught.

    2. The next thing you will find out is that there are some pretty fit females at the academies. I remember hearing that the highest scoring new cadet on the APFT at 2009's Beast was a woman. There are a good number of female cadets that max out on the APFT, and even when you put their numbers into the calculations as if they were men they outperform the majority of the male cadets as well.

    3. Remember that while the pullup is part of the test to get in, it is not part of the APFT which you will need to pass several times a year at the academy to stay enrolled, and at Beast both the women AND men discover the wonders of the flex arm hang.

    4. No matter what kind of stud or stud-ette you may think you are now, run, run, run, run, run, run. Beast ain't high school track or cross country.

    5. The chances of a female being accepted are statistically the same as for a male. The ratio of accepted/applied is the same for both groups. No affirmative action at play at WP.

    The talents and abilities of the young men and women at West Point complement each other very well.

    Good Luck!!
  • waiterockwaiterock Registered User Posts: 20 New Member
    Just FYI. I didn't make this up, an admissions person straight told it to me. I realize it's not completely true and he was probably exaggerating to make his point. However, there is a slight edge for a woman applying over a man if they are of equal talent and ability. And because a woman, by law of nature, is not as physically strong as a man, a woman can be less athletic but still equal her mail counterpart.
  • shogunshogun Registered User Posts: 1,895 Senior Member
    Here are the numbers for the class of 2009


    number of women found qualified academically/physically w/nomination 328
    number of women offered appointments 189
    % of women offered appointments out of total found qualified 57.62%

    number of men found qualified academically/physically w/nomination 1852
    number of men offered appointments 1062
    % of men offered appointments out of total found qualified 57.34%

    For the class of 2010:


    57.82% of the women who were found qualified with a nomination were offered appointments and 60.87% of the men who were found qualified with a nomination received appointments.

    As you can see, what you heard from the admissions person doesn't square up to what actually has taken place (for at least the last two years). In fact, when you put the last two entering classes together, qualified males actually had a slightly better chance of garnering an appointment than qualified females. Frankly the difference is so slight that I don't consider it too significant.

    Good Luck!!!
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