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Merit Aid and ED?

hswriterhswriter 9 replies2 threads New Member
edited December 2013 in Mount Holyoke College
I'm a high school senior considering applying early to MHC, and while I know that I won't qualify for a lot of financial aid, I would like the best chance possible to receive merit aid from MHC. I'm wondering if MHC doesn't generally give merit aid to ED applicants because admissions already knows that the student will be enrolling at MHC if accepted. Does anyone know if they generally give merit aid only to regular decision applicants that they really want, or if they give ED applicants merit aid as well? Thank you in advance!
edited December 2013
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Replies to: Merit Aid and ED?

  • bn12ggbn12gg 498 replies21 threads Member
    hswriter-- The middle and upper middle class are getting pretty squeezed by private tuition, room and board. My daughter understood this, plus she had two older brothers attending state institutions when she applied to school.

    Daughter applied Regular Decision to Smith, Wellesley, Bryn Mawr, and Mt. Holyoke. I recommend only applying regular decision if you really want merit aid. We filled out the need based paperwork as well. She was accepted at the four Sisters Schools regular decision -- merit aid was provided by Smith, Bryn Mawr, and Mt. Holyoke with a "crumb" of need based aid for a year at Wellesley (W does not provide merit aid).

    D accepted the STRIDE merit aid at Smith -- and, is happy with her choice.

    If I were you, I'd be patient and apply RD to several schools. Of course, it depends upon your qualifications.

    My .02


    ps -- Mt. Holyoke is a fine LAC. D was very impressed.
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  • photodadphotodad 456 replies1 threads Member
    MHC, Smith, and BMC all say they consider all applicants for merit aid, but it seems reasonable to assume that you're more likely to get it as an RD applicant. Plus you can apply to multiple schools, so that further increases your chances.

    Have you tried the MHC net price calculator? It's unusual in that it will give you an estimate of merit aid in addition to need-based aid.
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  • momneeds2nomomneeds2no 779 replies4 threads Member
    That's a great question! You could always call the school and ask. But, I have the feeling that most LACs use merit as a tactic to increase yield.
    If $$$ are an issue, the common wisdom is do not apply ED. If you are really set on MHC and apply RD, show a ton of interest and try to show-case any special talent or achievement. Interview. Visit campus. Attend seven sisters events. Make them want you. It's a pricey school, but they do seem to be very generous with the $$$.
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  • holmesx3holmesx3 22 replies2 threads New Member
    Has anyone applied ED to Mount Holyoke?
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  • CandleWaxCandleWax 22 replies4 threads New Member
    My daughter did! I'm glad to see some activity on this thread. When do you think ED decisions will be available?
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  • holmesx3holmesx3 22 replies2 threads New Member
    Some time next week or the week after from previous posts i've seen
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