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How is college life at Mount Holyoke?

GorgeousDisasterGorgeousDisaster 30 replies16 threads Junior Member
Any insight, opinions, stories, etc. would be greatly appreciated! Please share everything you know or have experienced at this school!
3 replies
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Replies to: How is college life at Mount Holyoke?

  • staceyneilstaceyneil 1193 replies41 threads Senior Member
    Well, my daughter is a first year and she absolutely loves it so far. Some anecdotes:

    1) She says it is a very welcoming and supportive place. For instance, she got sick the first week, and several of her brand-new friends brought her soups, juices, etc.
    2) During the summer, she had been reading about the professors and was really excited about one particular Bio professor who seemed to have a very similar passion for bio -from a naturalist/evolutionary/field observation viewpoint- as herself (not that the bio department in general is like that - it is also very strong for pre-med). She hoped to one day be able to take a class with him. She was thrilled when she got into his Bio 101 class. Then she found out he was also her freshman academic advisor. The first day of class, they hung out for a while after class discussing the evolution of Trilliums and her passion and theories about specific insects. They have already been talking about internships for the summer in her field. He gave her the keys to the locked biology lab rooms where the upperclassmen do their entomology research. She spends a lot of her free time in there, looking at slides of insects prepared by students in the 1800's. She has a whole research area of her own in there now, just a few weeks into freshman year, and frequently meets outside of class with the professor. Looking back on my own college experience, this just seems so wonderful and lucky. She has immediately connected with a professor who shares her passion, is more than willing to spend time with her, and is already helping her pursue her career path. WOW.
    3) Her dorm room is incredible.... huge, two walk-in closets, and a window seat overlooking the lake. I posted some photos on the Mount Holyoke page of this site: http://collegeconfidential.com/vibe/mount-holyoke-college

    Feel free to ask any specific questions you might have and I'll try to answer.
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  • momneeds2nomomneeds2no 779 replies4 threads Member
    MHC has a you tube channel.
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  • Darcy137Darcy137 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi, I'm a current first year international student in MHC. My experience with the school is great so far.

    The school has beautiful campus. I arrived in late August (for fall semester) so it took a while for fall to arrive but when it does, the campus is gorgeous! You can search the pictures on the internet, but trust me, no picture could do justice to the school.

    The dorm rooms are quite decents, though some are older than others and there might be certain issues with your door or furniture. Don't worry though - you can contact the school's facmen and they will try to fix it asap for you (though I have never need to enlist them so I'm not so sure). Dorms further from the classes (like Buckland) tends to compensate by having bigger room and cozy atmosphere.

    People here are so friendly and open-minded. I feel really welcomed here, and there are many opportunities for you to make friends. I have lunch and dinner with my classmates, and even joined one of them and her friend when our school organize a trip to NYC. And the school is really friendly - you can always request help whenever you need, from someone to talk to when you're upset to silly things like "Can I pet the dog?" (yes, we do dogs on campus, though they don't belong to students. Students are only allowed aquatic creatures and there's a detailed guideline on the school website).

    Classes are great. They can be stressful sometimes, what with all the midterms and papers and stuffs. The teachers, in general, have high expectation of you - but they are very understanding and are willing to discuss with you if you have any difficulty. Most, if not all of them, have office hours when you can make appointments to see them for academic issues. The courses can be challenging sometimes but you always have help along the way so it's great. Btw, Moho language courses usually have their linguistic table - a session per week where everyone from the department - students, teaching assistants, professors - all have dinner together and try to practice the language. It's great fun :)
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