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Mount Holyoke college dorms

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I wondered if you have some pictures of Ham Hall and buckland as well as other halls. Also can you tell us about your experience in your dorm/hall or any useful information about MHC halls and dorms.
Thank youuu in advance
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Replies to: Mount Holyoke college dorms

  • dc20016dc20016 95 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Each dorm at Mount Holyoke has a different personality. One of the best features of enrolling at MHC is the chance to sample different dorms during your four years there because you are not stuck in one place as you are at some other colleges. I attended many years ago. I lived in 1837 Hall for my freshman year and loved it but I hear it has fallen in the rankings of dorm desirability. I then moved to South Rocky (South Rockefeller Hall) for my sophomore year which was an older, more traditional setting had great oriental rugs and many small lounge type rooms to play bridge in before dinner. Then I moved to MacGregor Hall for both my junior and senior years. While MacGregor is on the fringe of the campus, it is very close to the stables for riders and has a wonderful view of Upper Lake from the windows of the double rooms that over look the lake. It also has a great roof on which it was possible to type your papers and sunbathe at the same time (back in the day we had typewriters not laptops). Friends of mine loved Safford, Brigham, Porter, Pearsons, Mead and Wilder Halls -- all older dorms with real personality. Creighton is the newest dorm on campus and has suites. In short, you'll never be bored by being stuck in a cinder block building with no personality if you choose Mount Holyoke. Also worthy of note, all of the dorms have been wired for the new technology so you wont find yourself moving into a temp double with two electrical outlets for the whole room (a bad nightmare of a story I heard from a Wellesley alumna the other night about a dorm situation her daughter encountered at Wellesley).
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