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sushi_errorsushi_error 144 replies47 threads Junior Member
edited August 2008 in Mount Holyoke College
Hi everyone,

I am sushi_error and I'm 16 years old. I definitely won't be applying to MHC this coming fall, but in the fall of 2009 (I will be a junior this fall). Can anyone give me an answer on MHC's selectivity? I live about 10-15 minutes away from t he school as a matter of fact and 15-20 minutes away from Smith, so I do have a good idea about both schools. I really want to apply to MHC, but I am worried my grades are not that good. If anything, I am a B-B+ student who has a balance of both honors and regular classes. My school does not offer many AP choices, but instead, gives you a wide-range of course selections and we have great honors classes for sure. How difficult is it to get into MHC? I am not looking for a definite answer, but I guess an overall consensus. If I do apply and somehow get in, I do hope to major in IR. Would MHC be a good fit for a student B-B+ student, possibly an A-?
edited August 2008
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Replies to: Selectivity....

  • LaMariposaAzulLaMariposaAzul 354 replies25 threads Member
    I'm not entirely sure of the specific GPA myself, since I'm a prospective student for this year, but my impression is that MHC is selective, but not impossibly so. A- is definitely a good bet, I think that's approximately within their range; with a B+, it would probably come down to other parts of your application, like ECs/essays/teacher recs. They also look hard at the rigor of your high school classes, not just your grades, so the fact that you have a B+ average in mostly honors classes would be favorable, I'm guessing. Keep up/ raise your grades junior year! Oh, and no worries about not having AP classes, my school only has a few--when you send in the Common App, your H.S. sends in a school summary-thingy so that the colleges can see you in the context of your H.S. You'll be measured on how well you took advantage of the opportunities at your school.

    Also, while your transcript is the most important part of your application (as you've probably heard countless times), MHC really emphasized that they're concerned with looking at the whole application to figure out what kind of person/student you really are--the "holistic approach." If you think your grades aren't strong enough, make sure everything else in the application is solid. I bet they'd like your interest in IR, given that they're very proud of being an "international" campus. Think of your application as your case to the MHC admissions board of why you would fit in well with the rest of the college, and how you'd add to it.

    Sorry that was kind of long-winded, and I'm guessing that I've basically parroted what everyone else will tell you about applying. Have fun and do well in your junior year (upward trends and all that), and good luck!
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  • mythmommythmom 8292 replies13 threads Senior Member
    I would think being that local would be an advantage in this case. The school probably wants to make itself available to local women.

    You have time to involve yourself in something that really distinguishes you. The liberal arts colleges really look for that, so it will help you at MHC and any other LAC you apply to.
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  • eeohesdeeeohesde 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I was just accepted to mount holyoke and i plan to attend. Even though the average gpa at mount holyoke is relatively high, I think that they will let you in no matter your grades if they think you are s good fit for the school. I had a b average in high school and I still got in with a really good scholarship. I think my interview and essay helped them look past my grades. My advice is to use all the other application materials to tell them who you really are. In the end grades are just abstract letters on a piece of paper. I think they say very little about you as a person.
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  • sushi_errorsushi_error 144 replies47 threads Junior Member
    Aw, thanks for the responses, guys! I appreciate it. :)

    My worry is my EC's right now. I am worried grade-wise, but I think I can handle my course load this year, even though it is a bit difficult. I am worried about my EC's mainly because of how long I have been doing a lot of them. I'll be joining a few clubs this year, but I worry that MHC will see that I was only in these clubs for 2 years and so they might question my commitment. However, I think I will definitely be very passionate about these clubs and my other activities. I am just worried about being in a club for only 2 yrs when I prob. should have joined in freshmen or sophomore year. I do have personal reasons as to why I did not tho, but I know I'll be passionate regardless.
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  • LaMariposaAzulLaMariposaAzul 354 replies25 threads Member
    If you have valid reasons for not joining that you wouldn't mind sharing with them, you could always add an addendum onto your application, stating why it is that you couldn't join them earlier.
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  • sushi_errorsushi_error 144 replies47 threads Junior Member
    Do you think the timespan makes a huge difference, especially if I show my passion for each and whatnot?
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  • LaMariposaAzulLaMariposaAzul 354 replies25 threads Member
    If you've really managed to do a lot in a short amount of time--like become the leader of a group, organize some major project... I would think your longevity as a part of the group would be less important to them. If, however, you just join something as a member and don't do a whole lot, I would be more concerned.

    It really sounds like it comes down to each individual case, especially with you. If you're really nervous about this, you could bring it up in an interview or you could call up the admissions office and ask. I'm sure they'd love to hear that you like MHC enough to be a bit concerned! :)
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  • sushi_errorsushi_error 144 replies47 threads Junior Member
    Once again, thank you for the responses! I really appreciate it. :)

    I have e-mailed the admissions office, so hopefully they will be able to resolve some of my concerns/questions. I do plan to visit MHC sooner or later, possibly do an overnight if I am really interesting.

    I have to say anyone who is interested in MHC, you should totally go! I've driven past the campus and it is beautiful! South Hadley is a really small town and there is not much to do, however, if you go to neighboring towns such as Hadley, Amherst, Northampton, there is loads to do! Western Mass. is an excellent place to live and it is extremely diverse, very liberal too. Good luck to all of you who are applying this year! Hopefully, I will be in a similar position a year from now.
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