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Sophie Davis Pgm.

PSedrishMDPSedrishMD 601 replies111 threads Member
edited January 2014 in Multiple Degree Programs
This is a note I've copied from the archives, written last year by "SAR".

Sophie Davis (SD) is a BS/MD program hosted at City College of the City University of New York. You take all your liberal arts and science courses during the first few years at City College. During the last 2 years at the college, you take all the biomedical courses that you would normally take in medical school. I'm not too sure about the following, but you might actually start taking the med school courses earlier, and take some college courses during the last two years if you're really motivated.

For the 5 years you spend at City College, you pay the CUNY tuition rate (which is very low... it's currently $4,000 per YEAR). After you graduate from there, you have something like half a MD and most of your BS. You transfer to a participating med school (there are currently 6--all in NY state--and you apply to them at the end of your third year), where you rotate through clinical classes (patient interaction and stuff) for 2 years. You may apply for any residencies you want--SD has no control over you.

Each graduating class is 60-70 students. The curriculum is a bit rigid because of all the classes you have to take in 5 years instead of the standard 6, but you do have room for electives, and you don't have to declare a major or a minor (so you can take pretty much any electives you want to, as long as you have the prerequisites). I would suggest to anyone who wants to attend SD that they load up on AP courses if they can do so without harming their GPA.
You don't have to take the MCATS, but you do have to pass the first step of the USMLE (US Medical Licensing Exam). You take the last 2 steps in the med school you transfer to.

When you decide to attend SD, you sign a legal contract that gives you two choices of what to do after graduation and licensing: serve two years as a primary care physician in an area of physician-shortage (it's actually usually an overcrowded urban area), or pay $75,000 to the city. It's a good bargain either way; you get oodles of experience in the physician shortage areas, and you would pay something around $75,000 for the first two years of med school anyway. At SD, you pay only the CUNY tuition for those two years.

From what I have heard, the education you receive at SD is comparable to what you would receive at regular med schools. From very early on, you are exposed to community medicine. You are already called "doctor" by some professors (which feels kinda weird, but I guess I can't complain). You are given ample opportunity to succeed, there are plenty of academic and support services, and moral integrity is highly promoted.

We have, I think, the most advanced anatomy lab in the state, if not in the nation. And it's being upkept pretty well, too. We also have a patient simulator that I hear is very fun to play with... I'm sure there's more that I'm not yet aware of. Our curriculum is currently undergoing some changes.

About City College: it's quite a change from the atmosphere at Stuyvesant HS (especially the students' attitudes and backgrounds). It's cool. ^_^

The professors I've had so far are all very accessible, and are always willing to listen to and address students' concerns. Almost all of them are willing to answer e-mail, and professors who teach the biomed courses might remember your name forever (creepy). All the advisors have a database of names and pictures of everybody, and they actually study it.

um... yeah. I should be writing my psychology paper, so I'll just shush now...
edited January 2014
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Replies to: Sophie Davis Pgm.

  • PSedrishMDPSedrishMD 601 replies111 threads Member
  • boomer01boomer01 737 replies154 threads Member
    hey you are from stuyvesant? I went to Bronx science. Great rivarly among them.
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  • mail4nrsmail4nrs 121 replies30 threads Junior Member
    Is this program for NY residents only?
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  • IrresistiblySwtIrresistiblySwt 8 replies0 threads New Member
    i think so..
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  • sarsar 132 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Thanks PSedrishMD. ^_^

    btw, I'm still open to e-mails.

    But I hope most of you are already well into your applications for Sophie if you want to apply. lol

    boomer01: yes, I went to stuy. I didn't notice or care much about school rivalries. lol

    mail4nrs: yes, Sophie is for NY state residents only.
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  • sarsar 132 replies4 threads Junior Member

    Not all of the med schools are in NYS anymore.

    Dartmouth (in NH) has just joined SD. I think one school left, so the number of participating med schools is still 6. I'm not sure about the history of this stuff, but anyway, here's the current list:

    1 Albany Medical College
    2 Dartmouth Medical School
    3 New York Medical College
    4 New York University School of Medicine
    5 The State University of New York (SUNY) Health Science Center at Brooklyn
    6 SUNY at Stony Brook School of Medicine

    AND there's a new curriculum that's supposed to be a lot more streamlined, and all that. You can find the new one at SD's official website (as PSedrishMD posted, http://med.cuny.edu).
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  • jksbond007jksbond007 226 replies22 threads Junior Member
    how can dartmouth have a medical school when it is called "dartmouth college"? "college" implies its just one school (undergrad), if they had graduate programs/additional colleges it would be dartmouth university.
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  • sarsar 132 replies4 threads Junior Member
    lol Beats me why they named it "Dartmouth College." Its political history might have something to do with it: http://www.dartmouth.edu/home/about/history.html

    But they do have a med school http://dms.dartmouth.edu/
    --as well as a Graduate School of Arts & Sci, an Engineering School, and a Business School.
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  • Scorpiodiva241Scorpiodiva241 142 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Im like in love with the SD program and im gonna apply next year
    sar: do u have ne advise to applicants
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  • sarsar 132 replies4 threads Junior Member
    glad to hear you're interested.
    can you be more specific please?
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  • Scorpiodiva241Scorpiodiva241 142 replies5 threads Junior Member
    any suggestion on what to do and not to do on applications
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  • sarsar 132 replies4 threads Junior Member
    hmm. tough one...
    besides the general advice, i guess, you should really, *really* pay attention to what you write in your essays--do your research and believe what you write. i'm not sure how the SD students interview HS students, but when i had my interview i had 2 professors and they pretty much memorized what i had written, and asked me many questions about my essays.

    don't have unrealistic goals...

    don't make excuses for past failures/mistakes; only talk about what you would do to improve...

    anything more specific? feel free to e-mail me, btw.
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  • razarhero12razarhero12 8 replies0 threads New Member
    If you dropped a college now class, and it got put on your transcript as a withdraw. How bad do you think this is and how much impact will it have on my application?
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  • slipper1234slipper1234 9044 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Dartmouth is a hybrid: it has a couple grad schools but so do some LACs (Middlebury for example). Overall the focus is on undergraduate education.
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  • neha89neha89 132 replies36 threads Junior Member
    can u become a pediatrician by going to sophie davis?
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  • sarsar 132 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Yes, you can. There are many aspiring pediatricians here. :)
    You can ultimately become any kind of MD you want, really. You just have to pay back the city's investment in you if you decide not to enter primary care medicine, if you practice in an area that does not have a shortage of primary care physicians, or if you practice in a state other than NY.
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  • SAN920SAN920 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Hi. First post. I am very interested in Sophie Davis. I have a
    93.23 GPA
    1770 on the SAT
    27 on the ACT
    4 on AP Bio Test
    3 on AP US History Test
    580 on Bio SAT II
    660 on Math SAT II
    680 on US History SAT II
    In INTEL
    Taking AP Physics
    Taking AP Govt/Economics
    Pretty good writer
    From Pakistan

    Is it possible to get in?
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  • Aspen DAspen D 1444 replies41 threads Senior Member
    Do you live in the US currently or are you still in Pakistan? If in the US, how long ago did you move here. Are you aresident of NY?

    What's your CR and Math scores alone.. do not add writing to this :]

    Do you have any extracurricular involvements or a job?
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  • SAN920SAN920 4 replies3 threads New Member
    First of all, Thank you very much for replying. I live in NYC and attend Midwood High School. I have been living here for about 16 years; we moved here when I was 10 months old. My CR score was a 590 and Math was a 560 so that comes out to an 1150 but I plan to retake the SAT next Saturday and I hope to get higher. I do not have a job but I have an internship at Polytechnic University which I have been doing since Nov. 1, 2005. Other extracirricular activities include the Islamic Society, Creative Writing, Bio-Med Club and a few other clubs at school. Thanks again fro replying. I really appreciate it.
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  • Aspen DAspen D 1444 replies41 threads Senior Member
    No prob dude. Paki pride :P

    Mmkay, do you hold any offices or leadership positions in any of these clubs?

    What do you think your new SAT will look like? (score-wise)

    ...and you have become a citizen, right?
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