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Guidance For BA/MD Programs

FalconN10FalconN10 Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
edited January 2014 in Multiple Degree Programs
Hi, im currently a high school sophomore and im really interested in the BA/MD combined program, not nescessarily the accelerated ones, but that would be nice to.
I was wondering if you could guide me on bettering my stats and what i need to improve on to become a good candidate for these programs.
My school: Magnet program for Science Math and Comp Sci, in which there was a about a 9% acceptance rate for my county. My school doesnt offer ranking. My GPA is slightly lower right now because im just getting accustomed into the rigorous program that I have.
currently 3.65 cumulative GPA
AP Comp Sci, AP US Gov

Will do before graduating:
AP Calc, AP World Hist, AP Statistics, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English Lang, AP Englis Lit, AP Economics
PSAT score high so looking forward to a high SAT score
Applying for NHS, may get in
Varsity Swimming
Varsity Cross Country
Debate Team
Invent Team
Internship at a science program (Required my my SMCS Prog with a research paper. Most likely NIH or NCI)
SSL Hours to pass 500
Doctor shadowing
Volunteering at a hospital

What else do I need to do and what do I need to work on?
Thank you so much in advance!
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Replies to: Guidance For BA/MD Programs

  • bsmd11bsmd11 Registered User Posts: 879 Member
    Well, you really need to work on that GPA. A 3.65 is almost unacceptable for bs/md programs (though that doesn't mean you won't get into one). You need to bump that up to close to a 4.0 by the time you apply.
  • FalconN10FalconN10 Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    what do you think is the minimum that is expected to stand a fair chance (for the GPA)?
  • Just SmileJust Smile Registered User Posts: 302 Member
    Your ECs (especially the research and doctor shadowing!) are great for BS/MD programs. As for GPA, I think you should really try to get it up to at least a 3.8. Ideally, you'd get As for the rest of your high school career. Just get that GPA as high as you can. The higher the better!
  • FalconN10FalconN10 Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    Note: I havent done the research yet, its a Junior requirement for my program, though the school works with NIH to get us internships there.
    What do you think would be the best subject or topic to do a research paper/internship on?
    Anything in science, or something specific?
    PS: What are the SAT subject tests that I may need to take?
  • Just SmileJust Smile Registered User Posts: 302 Member
    Well, right now what medical field are you looking to go into? Are you interested in neuroscience? Bacteriology? Do your research/internship on what you're interested in right now. It can either spike your interest or lead you in a different direction. I'm doing an internship on microbiology and immunology. As for SAT Subject tests, most BS/MD programs require Math II and Chemistry. You can do more, of course. If you are, I recommend Biology and maybe something that isn't related to math/science to show that you're well rounded. I'm taking the Spanish test in June because I'm most interested in Global Health. :)
  • IrishdoctorIrishdoctor Registered User Posts: 168 Junior Member
    I am a retired pediatrician who had a previous career as a college lecturer (PhD in history and literature). I would recommend that you not be in such a hurry to get to medical school. Use a four-year liberal arts/science emphasis program to broaden your background. You'll never have the opportunity again. Medical school is a grind and it is followed by a minimum of three years of residency. When you finish you will have a huge load of debt to pay off. Don't miss the opportunity that a full undergraduate program can give you.
  • FalconN10FalconN10 Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    Im content with a gauranteed 8 year program, which would be the same time as the traditional path. As per the interest in the medical feild, I prefer anatomy or orthopedics, but honestly, I would just love to get through the medical program and pass the residency tests, being a physician would satisfy me. Can someone who as been accepted into a guaranteed med program or something similar please give me a brief overview of what their ECs looked like? Also what are the easiest colleges with such programs to get in to with my current ECs, Brown, VCU, etc? Thank you all so much for your replies!
  • awesomesaucenessawesomesauceness - Posts: 196 Junior Member
    "honestly, I would just love to get through the medical program and pass the residency tests, being a physician would satisfy me"

    Make sure this is 100% what YOU want. No, not what your parents want. What you want. IDK how anyone knows they would want to be a doctor with the limited exp that you have (unless you have >300 hours shadowing 3 different doctors or something, i did). I feel like this is so narrowminded that everyone just wants to go into med these days for gosh knows what reason.

    Anyways, assuming that your choice was a rationally made decision, i'd say that theres no harm in trying. That GPA is going to kill you, but um that sucks for you? Sorry dude, I was honestly in the same boat, and it slaughtered me. Try your best to bring it up; bs/md's dont care if you're from the toughest magnet school out there or the middle of kansas (at least from my impression). idk, i go to a public school ranked top 50 in the nation, though its comparable to magnet schools average sat/ap test wise (the average upperclassman at my school takes 4 ap tests. A year.)

    That being said, i had a 3.5 unweighted and i was still a competitive applicant at some places. Apply smart. Im going to a bs/md program in the fall, but i had good stats other than my GPA. Like, seriously, my GPA was the ONLY part of my application that was even close to bad. Sucks for me i guess.
  • FalconN10FalconN10 Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    So basically im screwed, but can someone answer the question about the acceptance chances in the different colleges, I want to get an idea for which one to early decide for. Thanks.
  • texaspgtexaspg Super Moderator Posts: 16,598 Super Moderator
    There is definitely no way you can get into Brown with the current GPA, let alone PLME.

    With your current level of accomplishments, it is very hard to predict an admission into BS/MD programs. Basically, you need to start backwards and ask - can I get into a specific undergrad school with my current progress. The answer is who knows.

    Shadowing doctors, volunteering at hospitals are all mundane tasks with little value for an application other than to show your interest in medicine. Volunteering hours may matter if you can get a presidential award or congressional gold medal or something like that.

    You should come back and ask the question when you have improved your GPA, have SAT I and II scores, APs completed and ask the same question.
  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP Registered User Posts: 16,184 Senior Member
    3.65 is very low. If you know kids in your HS who are planning to apply to Ivy's, try to be better than them. Sorry, I do not know other way.
  • webasswebass - Posts: 666 Member
    Why is this thread Featured?
  • FalconN10FalconN10 Registered User Posts: 85 Junior Member
    Well im still a sophomore, so I guess I can probably work my butt off and get it in the neighborhood of 3.8 or 3.85, but assuming I can do this, again what are the easiest to get into, i.e. can you rank the difficulty of getting accepted for each of the programs that offer BA/MD?
  • annamlannaml Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    I am considering Western Governor's University for MA Secondary Education in Biology. Is there anyone who is currently in the program and can advice me on their experience? Thank you much.
  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP Registered User Posts: 16,184 Senior Member
    The easier ones are at state schools in your own state (not easy at all, easiER, you still need to be somewhere in line with those who are planning to apply to Ivy's). None of them are easy and number of spots are diminishing. D's program used to have 50 spots at 5 UG's, down to 14.
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