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*** BS/MD Results For Class Of 2015 ***

texaspgtexaspg Forum Champion Pre-Med & Medical Posts: 16,695 Forum Champion
Please post your results here so future applicants may benefit from your experiences

Replies to: *** BS/MD Results For Class Of 2015 ***

  • sylthecollegekidsylthecollegekid Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    i got NJIT/SGU and NJIT/AUA. im torn between the two. at SGU i do 2 years in the carribean and 2 years in the US, but i can also choose to do that with AUA (however AUA is mainly 4 years in the carribean)....any advice??
  • MrInformedMrInformed Registered User Posts: 288 Junior Member
    don't do carribean. with new medical schools opening up, your residency chances will be slim coming out of a carribean medical school.
  • ramasevakramasevak Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    My D is accepted to UT-PACT.
    She is also accepted to few other programs including BU, U Miami HPME, FAME, U Houston HBS, Texas Tech UMSI. Did not get interview invite at NU HPME. No response yet from Rice/Baylor.

    Here is what I think are top and important priorities for anyone looking for admission in to BA/BS/MD programs (for future students):
    1. Start very early ON (9th grade)- Browse through this forum; can't help do all the items if you start late
    2. Good SAT/ACT scores; Good GPA & Class Rank
    3. Meaningful and Consistent Volunteer work, preferably in a hospital setting
    4. Undergraduate level Research (one or two projects during summer is fine)
    5. Shadowing local physicians / doctors
    6. Good and Clean on-line profile (facebook; twitter; I would say even forums like college confidential)
    7. Filling up the Applications very diligently
    8. Nice and passionate essays (Start very early on -- have them reviewed two three times before submitting)
    9. Your essays should complement you as a person with out repeating contents in your Application and resume.
    10. Recommendation letters - teachers, counselor and / or outside - make sure they would write a full page about you.
    11. Show interest, be courteous; explain all the things you did that relates to the medical field in the interview.
    12. Follow ALL the instructions from the school websites and Emails you get from the staff - you would think that this is the easiest, but, they have specific instructions on where to mail; when to email; have the teacher do this and that; etc); to scan and email etc.

    It is important that student; parent; teachers; counselor all are aware of the importance of the 12 points above.
    If you think you will be able to accomplish these, you could get in to these programs!
  • want2bedocwant2bedoc Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Is it possible to post the score/GPA/ECs?
  • hamster96hamster96 Registered User Posts: 15 New Member
    I was accepted to UCF's 8 year BMS program, and currently waitlisted at FAU's 7 year Wilkes Medical Scholars program. I am also considering the University of Miami (Lots of merit scholarships). Any advice or suggestions on which school to pick?
  • kpdmomkpdmom Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    Please post results only in this thread.
  • kpdmomkpdmom Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    Format: Please copy this fill it.

    Class Rank
    Unweighted GPA
    Weighted GPA
    Total -
    M -
    CR -
    W -
    ACT: Cumilitive: , M:, E:, R:, W:

    SAT II:
    Math 2:
    AP classes:

    Major Extracurriculars:

    Community Service:

    Research Experience:

    Applied to the following BS/MD programs:

    1. Brown PLME →
    2. Northwestern HPME →
    3. PSU/Jefferson →

    Other schools:


  • doc2022doc2022 Registered User Posts: 19 Junior Member
    SAT I (breakdown): 2330: 760 (CR), 770 (M), 800 (W)
    ACT (breakdown): N/A
    SAT II: 800: Math II; 780: Chemistry; 780: World History
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): My school doesn’t send unweighted GPA. Weighted: 109, UW: Prob. 98
    Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): 2/180ish
    AP (place score in parentheses): World History (5), AP Calculus AB (5), U.S. History (5)
    IB (place score in parentheses): IB Chemistry (6); IB Diploma Candidate; all IB courses.
    Senior Year Course Load: IB English HL, AP Calculus BC, IB Biology HL, Honors Physics, IB Philosophy SL, IB Economics SL, IB French SL, TOK
    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): National Merit Finalist, National French Exam 10th place and Honorable Mention, Co-authored three published abstracts; presented one abstract (first-author) at a 2014 national cardiology conference and another (first-author) at a 2015 international cardiology conference; Gold Presidential Service Award (X 2); Girl Scout Bronze and Silver Awards (Gold Award in June); AP Scholar;

    Extracurriculars (place leadership in parentheses): Business and Economics Club (Founder—9th grade & President); School Newspaper (Editor-in-Chief); School Leadership Group (Co-President); Mathletes (Member), Science Olympiad (Grades 10, 11; won a medal)
    Job/Work Experience: N/A
    Volunteer/Community service:
    Volunteer at Religious Place of Worship since elementary school—volunteer coordinator, student leader in religious community (maintaining flow of operating at large-scale events and training peers in public service rituals); Girl Scouts since Kindergarten; Started and implemented district-wide tutoring program aiding 100+ students. Started an outreach program connecting 100+ students at my high school with students in Kenya.
    Summer Activities: 2012: Religious Camp for 2 weeks; 2013, 2014: Cardiac Research
    Essays: CA was about my emotional journey moving from one school to another—Went through like 20 drafts lol. My guidance counselor said it was beautiful. My later supplements were definitely better than the first ones I wrote.
    Teacher Recommendation: Research Teacher/Coordinator—AMAZING! I am close with my Philosophy teacher, School Principal, and my other teachers who wrote me recs, so they were probably very good.
    Counselor Rec: Probably pretty good. She definitely talked about my growth from 9th grade to 12th.
    Additional Rec: Research Mentor: This one, according to my guidance counselor, was very nice. My research mentor and I are pretty close as well.
    Interviews: These went well. I stumbled in a few places at my HPME interview and one place in particular at my Siena/AMC interview, but it still worked out! I heard from one my friends after I heard I was accepted that the interviewers thought I was very well-spoken.
    Supplementary Material: Sent a sheet with info about a student leader award I won--selected from students across two counties and spoke at an event with 600+ attendees. I also sent my abstracts.

    Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes
    School Type: Public

    Income Bracket(mention if FA candidate): >200K
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): N/A

    Strengths: ECs, GPA, SATs, SAT IIs, Letters, Common App
    Weaknesses: Some of my essays could have been a bit stronger, Asian; I wish I started the global outreach program earlier…I feel like that could have been a greater talking point in my essays and interviews; Lack of Shadowing
    Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: I think my ECs were somewhat unique; strong research basis, strong service focus
    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    Boston University SMED -->Rejected Pre-Interview
    Brown PLME --> Applied ED; was deferred and then rejected RD
    Brooklyn BA/MD-->Interview-->Waitlisted
    Case Western PPSP-->Rejected Pre-Interview
    GW/GWSecond-Stage Applicant (Had to write an essay)-->Rejected Pre-Interview
    Northwestern HPME-->Interview-->Accepted
    Rice/Baylor-->Rejected Pre-Interview
    UPitt GAP-->Interview-->Rejected
    WashU University Scholars Program in MedicineRejected Pre-Interview

    Where were you accepted/waitlisted/rejected: Accepted to UPenn (Benjamin Franklin Scholar), Vanderbilt, Rice; Rejected From: Harvard, Stanford

    General Comments:
    For each interview (undergrad and BS/MD), I did A LOT of research on the school. If you are in science research, definitely look at the medical school faculty, see what research interests you, and bring that up in your interviews and essays. For example, I am involved in cardiac research, so for every school, I spent some time looking through the cardiac research that was done at the medical school that I would be going to and then mentioned the name of the professor, what research he did, and most importantly, WHY I was interested in that research. If you're really up to it, you can contact the specific professor you want to work with (one alumni gave me that suggestion at an interview). I didn't do that but it probably wouldn't hurt.

    On Demonstrated Interest:

    These schools want to see DEMONSTRATED INTEREST. I was rejected from GW/GW after the second stage (writing an essay), but the main advice that I was given was, show why GW is the only place where you will be able to accomplish your goals. This kind of goes for any school. For the NU HPME interview, they really expect you to know a lot about the medical school. Know why you want an accelerated program rather than a regular 4 year undergraduate school.
    Also--many programs have their own focus. HPME is big on flexibility--academic, extra-curricular, pursue your own interests before medical school, etc. The Albany Med Programs are geared towards leadership, service, and research. If you show a good understanding of why you are a good fit for the program you are applying to, they will be more likely to call you for an interview.

    I guess the best advice I can give is that you should make sure your passion for medicine, service, extra-curriculars, etc. comes through. Definitely have people look your essays over, but not too many. You want your voice to come through. For every med program, there is the generic "Why Doctor" essay. You can re-use this essay (usually around 500 words for most programs) but make sure that you include school-specific info too. In your "Why Doctor," you can definitely put in/tie in observations about the medical field. Everyone has their unique story. Make sure that the essays you write are only the ones YOU can write, no one else.

    1. It's important to recognize and be able to speak about the good AND the "bad"/challenges in the medical field. Have a plan for what you are going to pursue, what you are interested in, and how you will contribute to campus life.
    2. Do not discount undergrad interviews! They are AMAZING opportunities to "practice" for your BS/MD interviews. I did 10+ undergrad interviews before my BS/MD interview; it definitely makes your life easier. You are significantly more comfortable in an interview environment.

    DECISION: Northwestern HPME
    The college application process is unpredictable, an emotional roller-coaster, and arguably a microcosm of real life. Ultimately however, it is most important to go in with an open mind, not seeking validation from admissions officers and realizing the value in the journey of writing and reflecting, rather than in the outcome. Despite a lot of rejections, I’m really happy with how it all worked out! Definitely apply widely! Good luck to all the future applicants and congratulations to all those who were accepted!!
  • dblazerdblazer Registered User Posts: 2,203 Senior Member
    Pretty poor turnout...If you found the results threads from previous years helpful, you owe it to future applicants to post here. Even just scores/brief list of activities can help others.
  • aus123aus123 Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    Class Rank: N/A school doesn't rank - top 10%
    Unweighted GPA: 3.79/ 4
    Weighted GPA: 4.24/ 4.5
    SAT: 2350
    M - 800
    CR - 750
    W - 800

    SAT II:
    Math 2: 800
    Chemistry: 780
    Biology: 760

    AP classes:
    AP Chemistry
    AP US History
    AP Literature
    AP Biology
    AP Computer Science
    AP Language
    AP Calc BC

    Major Extracurriculars:
    Indian Classical Dance: 12 years
    Piano: 8 years
    Soccer: 12 years
    Model UN
    Women of Science
    National Honors Society
    Legislative Council

    Community Service:
    100+ hours hospital volunteering
    Shadowing experience
    Bank of America Student Leaders - Community Program
    Volunteer with various other Organizations regularly

    Research Experience:
    Studied miRNAs and impact in various cancers at Harvard Medical School

    Applied to the following BS/MD programs:

    1. Brown PLME →rejected
    2. Northwestern HPME →rejected pre-interview
    3. Case Western PPSP →rejected pre-interview
    4. Boston Unviersity SMED → rejected pre-interview
    5. UConn SMIP → accepted

    Other schools:

    Carnegie Mellon
    University of Virginia
    Boston College

    Decision: University of Connecticut SPiM

    Reflection: I would say that along with the importance of stats in getting acceptance into these programs, a huge factor is demonstrating the passion for the medical field and being service oriented. It is so important to show that you have a love for this field through your volunteering, summer work, and other research opportunities. Best of luck to all future applicants! Can't wait to start my next year as a husky!
  • anxiousdadbsmdanxiousdadbsmd Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Class rank: school does not rank but so far top of the class
    SAT R 770, W 800, M 780
    ACT 36

    SATII Maths, Chemistry, Biology 780 to 800
    AP Physics , Chemistry, Biology, French, Art and History 4 to 5

    Major extracurriculars:
    Teaching underprivileged kids, hospital volunteering 200 hours, Dr. shadowing.

    At NJ governor school.

    Applied to following programs

    Boston : no interview
    Northwestern: no interview
    Brown: not selected.
    Rice / Baylor : not selected.
    Penn : Rejected post interview. Interview did no go well with a lot of arguments and even yelling from interviewer over why 7 years.
    Drexel: Selected
    RPI / AMC : Selected. Interview went really good , questions on bio ethics answered really well.
    TCNJ/NJMS : Selected. Interview went really well. Interviewer also happened to have attended NJ governor School.

    Other schools
    Cornell BME
    John Hopkins BME
    Boston BME
    Harvard, Princeton, Brown wait listed

    Decision TCNJ / NJMS

    Reflection. Apply to a lot of programs. Stats and Interview both are important. There is a lot of luck factor on who your interviewer is and many times good candidates are rejected. The process is not always fair so be prepared for rejections. It no way reflects on you.

  • kpdmomkpdmom Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    These are my son's stats:
    Class Rank: School doesn't rank. Must be in top 10% out of 65 students.
    GPA: 95.2%
    Total -2340
    M - 800
    CR - 760
    W - 780

    SAT II:
    Math 2: 800
    Chemistry: 770
    Biology: 780
    AP classes: Biology - 4; Chemistry - 5; English - 5
    Sr.year: APUSH, AP Spanish, BC Calculus, College level Physics, AP Environmental Science, English Honors.

    Major Extracurricular: Research and other activities.

    Community Service: Lots of hours of teaching and hospital work

    Applied to the following BS/MD programs:

    1. Brown PLME → Applied ED, differed and then rejected later.
    2. Northwestern HPME → Rejected pre interview
    3. Case Western → Rejected pre interview (Got admission in UG with good scholarship)
    4. U of Rochester --> Rejected pre interview(Got admission in UG with good scholarship)
    5. UMiami --> Rejected pre interview(Got admission in UG with good scholarship)
    6. RPI/AMC --> Rejected after the interview
    7. GRU/MCG --> Got accepted. But, he didn't take it.

    Other schools: Got accepted into WashU and other good undergrad programs.
    Decision: WashU
    Reflection: It's better not to try for these combined programs. He wrote so many essays. We spent lot of money. Its not a fair game. Lot of stress and it's not worth it.
  • bearchichibearchichi Registered User Posts: 150 Junior Member
    Dear kpd mom
    I do not think it is fair to say it is not worth it.
    I am a graduate of a bs md program as well as my two sisters.
    I am not saying it is easy and everyone should understand the odds are low and will be and should be.....
    If you truly know you want medicine it is a great straight path

    Sorry but I disagree with your assessment about the bsmd programs.
    I don't recognize gRU/MCG but this is my lack of knowledge
  • kpdmomkpdmom Registered User Posts: 30 Junior Member
    ^ You are correct! I meant to say that "it is not worth it for our situation". Not for everyone. GRU/MCG is a Georgia Regents University and Medical College of Georgia 7 year medical scholars program. And it started last year only.
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