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BS/Md Program

thalappalathalappala 1 replies1 threads New Member
I am planning to apply to a bs/md program next year. I go to a math and science school. We do not have class ranks or gpa. Does that affect my application compared to public high schools? What can I do to make my application stronger? I am already volunteering and researching. Tips on getting a higher ACT score? Has anyone been accepted with a low score? Thanks!
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  • GoldenRockGoldenRock 1630 replies5 threads Senior Member
    @thalappala Take time and review all the posts in
    Official thread for 2016 BSMD Applicants and
    UMKC 6-year BSMD thread and you get answer to all your questions and also lot more, especially in UMKC by few dedicated resources like Roeentgn, blugrn6 etc.

    Class rank is not needed since lot of schools do not provide. But not heard that there is no GPA.
    You will get quicker response if you use existing threads than opening a new thread. GL.
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  • neophiteneophite 304 replies42 threads Member
    Standard for those who make a BS/MD Program (Average Tier Acceptance)
    SAT Score: 1530ish (CR+M)
    ACT Score: 35 Composite (Usually all 36's with a 34, but this can vary)
    GPA: 3.91 or higher- You Need To Figure This Out! Talk to Guidance Councelor
    Research: Varies, but most applicants have it
    Volunteering: Hospital, Hospice, Nursing Home, etc. Something medical related
    Shadowing: Shadow any physician for 50+ Hours
    Clubs: Have multiple leadership positions

    These are the basic expecations, not saying you can't apply if you're missing any. GL
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  • RoentgenRoentgen 1561 replies31 threads Senior Member
    edited January 2016
    @neophite, what exactly do you consider to be an average tier med school? And with a 1530 SAT or 35 ACT and 3.91 GPA? Those stats are probably way too high.

    Thanks @GoldenRock! Hopefully our advice is good for people who are applying who are considering all types of BS/MD programs not just UMKC's.
    edited January 2016
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  • neophiteneophite 304 replies42 threads Member
    Nope @Roentgen ! Those are the actual stats of students accepted to bs/md programs! By average tier, I'm talking about the lesser known but still known, like University of Alabama, NJIT BSMD, Stonybrook, and George Washington University. I'm sure you could get in with slightly lower stats, but considering that these programs require a 1400+ SAT and 3.8 GPA just for consideration (and that the BSMD Results Threads all have 2200+ SATs and close to 4.0s), those are solid stats for BS/MD programs even though they are incredible anywhere else.
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