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*** BS/MD Results For Class Of 2016***


Replies to: *** BS/MD Results For Class Of 2016***

  • Undecided3494Undecided3494 Registered User Posts: 139 Junior Member
    GPA: 3.8 (UW), 4.1 (W)

    Class Rank: 39/345

    ACT: 35 (34R, 34E, 34M, 36S)

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Math 2: 780
    Chemistry: 730

    AP's at time of application:
    World History: 4
    Chemistry: 4
    Physics 1: 3
    English Language: 5
    US History: 5

    Senior AP's: Physics C Mechanics & E+M, English Literature, Calc AB, Biology, US Government & Politics

    State: NY
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Asian American

    Hooks: None

    Major EC's:
    -Varsity Golf, 5 year starter and 2 year captain, state qualifier for 3 years
    -Varsity Basketball, 3 year starter and 2 year captain
    -Varsity Tennis, 4 year starter and 2 year captain, state qualifier for 2 years
    -Science Olympiad, President and won numerous regional and state competition medals

    Community Service:
    Hospital for 72 hours
    Local Youth Bureau for 56 hours

    Medical Activities:
    Shadowing Endocrinologist for 32 hours
    Working at local university for 6 weeks on a research internship

    Applied to following BS/MD Programs:

    Pitt GAP- Rejected Pre-interview

    St. Bonaventure/GW- Rejected Pre-interview

    Case PPSP- Interviewed and Accepted,

    Stony Brook Scholars in Medicine- Interviewed and accepted with full tuition,

    Union/AMC Leadership in Medicine- Interviewed and accepted with Presidential Scholarship

    Accepted at: SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Binghamton, Cornell, UNC-Chapel Hill, UVA

    Rejected: Johns Hopkins University

  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    If people don't feel comfortable posting in the BS/MD results page linked thru their CC username, I'm more than happy to post it under my username in this thread (if you PM it to me), to make it more anonymous. I can alter the CV (i.e. remove specific institution names/hospitals, for example). I can then send it back to you thru PM for final approval, BEFORE I post it into the thread. Please follow the format posted by @texaspg: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/discussion/comment/19511182/#Comment_19511182.

    College Confidential is only as good and as helpful as its members are, so the more information we have, the more it can help future applicants when it comes to gauging how competitive they are for specific combined programs and for getting ideas on building their CVs if they're just starting out. If you benefited from this forum in anyway, please take the time now to give back to those who are coming up behind you, and will also be applying in the fall, who will have the very same questions, concerns, doubts, anxieties you had while going thru this process, by posting in this thread.
  • srk2017srk2017 Registered User Posts: 1,750 Senior Member
    @Roentgen - Thanks for your lead on asking this year applicants to share their experience on results thread. As a parent of next year's applicant, I am disappointed that not many shared their stats and reflections.
  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    @srk2017, yeah, I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed as well, especially since we've had a lot of great applicant participation this year (more than prior years, even in my school's thread). People don't have to necessarily list every nitty gritty thing that might identify themselves, but in the past, the results threads w/advice have been invaluable to future applicants who are starting up their CVs and need good ideas of where to even start. Students want to hear from those who have gone thru the gauntlet and their hindsight and perspective. It's how this forum gets better w/more participation. So I thought I would at least paste it on people's behalf so that their result isn't tracked with their previous postings.
  • GoHuskies2020GoHuskies2020 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    GPA: 3.97 (Unwtd), 4.10 wtd

    Class Rank: N/A; Estimated top 5% out of 350.

    SAT: 2390 (800M 800 CR, 790 W) - one sitting
    ACT: None

    SAT Subject Tests Submitted:
    Bio-E: 800
    Math 2: 800

    AP's (at time of application)
    U.S. History - 5
    World History- 5
    Language & Composition - 5
    Physics 1 - 4

    Senior AP's: Biology, Chinese, Calc AB, Literature & Composition, Psychology, Macroeconomics

    Teacher Recs: AP US History teacher (likely excellent). Spanish teacher (likely excellent), Physics teacher (good, but not great), one from Youth Pastor (very good- but only required for 1-2 applications). Counselor rec was probably “very good."

    Essays: Call them 7.5 on 1-10 scale. By the end, got tired of customizing them all.

    State: NY
    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Income: >100K.
    Hooks: Not much. Studied two foreign languages in HS.

    Major ECs:
    - Asian American Culture Club: 4 years, Officer/Co-President 2 years.
    - Women’s Choir 2 years
    - Piano (10 years, no major awards), Violin 9 years (no major awards)
    - Church Youth Group Committee Member and Praise team leader (2.5 years)
    - Tri M (3 years)
    - Nursing Home Visitations : monthly visits over 10+ years.

    Community Service:
    - Orphanage volunteer (Peru) 1 week
    - Church day camp staff: 3 years (80 years / year)
    - Volunteer Camp Counselor: Twice over 2 summers (100 hours each summer)
    - Hospital Volunteer: approx 500 hours over 2.5 years.

    Medically related activities:
    Research: NONE.
    Physician Shadowing - Approx. one week.
    Health and Medical Academy: 60 hours , one summer

    National Honors / Awards: National Merit Finalist.

    Applied to the following BA/MD Programs:
    1) Stony Brook - rejected pre-interview
    2) Brooklyn College - wait-listed
    3) U Miami: rejected pre-interview
    4) Siena College / Albany Medical: Rejected pre-interview
    5) Drexel / Drexel: ACCEPTED
    6) Villanova /Drexel: Rejected pre-interview
    7) Lehigh / Drexel: Rejected pre-interview
    8) Drew / NJMS: got NJMS Interview, rejected.
    9) Hofstra: rejected pre-interview

    Applied to the following undergraduate:
    1) Fordham: accepted with full tuition scholarship
    2) Johns Hopkins: wait-listed
    3) Cornell: wait-listed
    4) Columbia: rejected
    5) Boston University: accepted w/20K scholarship

    7 of the 8 BA/MD rejections accepted me to regular undergrad program.


    Reflection: It was a long and difficult process that sometimes wore on me, but the end result was very satisfying- thank the LORD it all worked out! Parents imposed a hard cap of 15 applications, and a soft geography cap of “5-6 hours driving distance from NYC.” (Hence only one, U Miami, was outside that band).

    Not having any research experience was my personal choice which I don’t regret- but it definitely limited some BA/MD options. REMS and RPI/Albany for instance, were crossed off my list from the outset. If you want to maximize your chances, some research probably opens additional doors. Strongly suggest looking at the CC prior years results sections- this helped to shape my applications, including the decision to apply to UCONN.

    Decisions definitely have some luck involved, but I wouldn’t call them random. Prior candidates mentioned that NJMS interviews asked about the history of the Med School so I prepped for that, but got no such questions. At Drexel, on the other hand, interviewer was an internal medicine MD- and that happens to be my preferred specialty so that interview seemed to go smoothly. Also- while some say that you don’t want interview too early in the process- try not to be really late as well. NJMS interview was in late March, just a couple of days before decisions went out- I think I’d have had a better shot if I had moved up my interview date a couple of weeks.

    I prepared for the interviews but not obsessively to the point of memorizing answers. So most of my responses probably sounded natural- though that also meant, answer qualities varied and some went better than others. The Brooklyn wait-listing after my interviewer said some nice things to me was a small letdown, though they had a larger interview pool this year for the same 15 spots.

    YOU DON'T NEED RESEARCH TO GET IN!!! (although it definitely helps lol) Start looking into shadowing and volunteering at hospitals early! It takes a while for people to respond a lot of times, and you don't want to be stressing out the summer before senior year because you need some hospital experience badly.

    The traditional route was always on the table- hence the 5 non- BA/MD apps - but still preferred 8 year BA/MD programs and was also considering 7 year ones. Towards the end of this process, many advised me not to cut short my undergraduate time if possible (including the NJMS interviewer, which was interesting since that is a 7 year program). Drexel no longer gives full tuition scholarships for National Merit Finalists, which made it less attractive. UConn being 8 years, (and partial scholarship making it “almost" the same as CT in-state cost) PLUS having the ability to apply out without losing the Med school spot made this decision a no-brainer for me.

  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    Wow, what a great post @tenderp!!! I hope people see your post and realized that even with the best of offers, doing a BS/MD program isn't necessarily always the correct route, especially with a genuine interest in business in medicine (which will be even more important in the future as Obamacare starts getting implemented in full and hospitals and third party-payers have to look more and more at cost when it comes to care). If you have the ability to get into programs like Northwestern HPME, Brown PLME, and Wash U's University Scholars in Medicine program, you should have no problem with getting into an allopathic medical school in the the traditional route.
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 915 Member
    edited May 2016
    @tenderp Congratulations and it is evident that you will accomplish what ever you plan to pursue as demonstrated by your focus and efforts at this age. But still just curious (more to understand the thought process) to understand the rationale. Understood you want to combine business and medicine. So at some point you plan to do MD and also gain knowledge in business (either at UG focusing on business or MBA after UG). Not surprised you opted out from NW or Brown, but still trying to understand for not opting WashU with full tuition when WashU is not a slouch. Also, it is an incredible achievement to get Moog scholarship. During MD, can do MBA or after also can do at the very same Wharton school. Moot point at this time, but trying to learn how each of us think and look and have different points of view. GL.
  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    @GoldenRock, not speaking for @tenderp, but I believe with the Wash U University Scholars in Medicine program you also have to score a 36 on the old MCAT (516 on the new MCAT) and a 3.8 cumulative GPA at Wash U, in order to be able to continue on to Wash U's medical school, which is a top 10 med school. So while the undergrad may be fully paid for, the entrance into the med school is no way assured like it is for other programs, although I'm sure those who are able to get into this program would have no problems in terms of getting that MCAT and GPA.

    Also, Wash U does not currently have an MD/MBA program, so you'd be at the mercy of the medical school to allow you a leave of absence from med school to pursue the MBA, which they could easily say no, for a variety of reasons (some of which are quite legitimate). Med schools with a combined MD/MBA program are usually your best bet if you wish to do MBA work during your MD education.
  • tenderptenderp Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    edited May 2016
    @GoldenRock What @Roentgen mentioned in the first paragraph (whether or not the school offered MD/MBA wasn't as big of a concern to me... at least at the time) plus, beyond the stipulations of the guaranteed med admission, I also looked at how feasible it would be for me to focus on areas outside of premed, since I am interested in an interdisciplinary education--at finalist's week, I got the notion that USP was only concerned with pre-med education/activities, unlike HPME and PLME, which encourage outside exploration in fields outside of pre-med. For some, that sharp focus of USP is extremely desirable, which is why I guess they'll commit to USP (but even then, the retention rate for the program is ~50%, as one of the finalists was told by the director).

    Additionally, even with the full tuition scholarship, I'd still be paying more than what I'd pay for Penn/NU/Columbia/Brown. In fact, I appealed my FA offer, was awarded an extra scholarship, and even then I still had to pay more for WashU than all the previous schools.

    All 3 BS/MD programs were my top contenders with LSM, though, with HPME right behind LSM because of the Kellogg school, Northwestern's MD/MBA program, and the opportunity to explore other majors (like economics) due to the comparatively laxer guaranteed admission requirements. But in the end, I followed my gut and chose LSM. Definitely the toughest choice I've made (committed at the last minute), but I'm not looking back!
  • Undecided3494Undecided3494 Registered User Posts: 139 Junior Member
    @tenderp I totally respect your decision and know that you have your own reasons for wanting to attend LSM. I just wanted to chime in about the fact that you wanted to earn an MBA as well as an MD. There Union College Leadership in Medicine Program with Albany Medical College is an 8 year program where those in the program get a BA in Chemistry or Bio and are required to do an Interdisciplinary major in the humanities, over the summer those in the program also take courses which allow them to earn an MBA by the time that they have graduated. Then they move on to Albany Medical college to complete their MD. I know that these may not be the most prestigious colleges, but they are still very solid schools and they present a very unique and valuable opportunity.
  • ruralerrorruralerror Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Doesn't follow the format exactly. Look on the 2016-17 app thread for further details

    Profile: Asian Male from Bay Area

    GPA: 4.0 uw/4.4 w

    SAT: 2340 (760 CR, 800 M, 780 W)

    Subject Tests: Chem-750, Bio-750, Math II-740, Spanish-750

    Research: 6 weeks of BU RISE, no publications, no competition entries

    Volunteering: 2 years (150 hrs) hospital volunteering, 3 years (250 hrs) Red Cross volunteering, Had just started hospice volunteering

    Clubs: HOSA treasurer 1 year (hospital-based chapter), started medical club, engineering club treasurer, started Catalyst (see below) club

    Organizations: Created a program with 2 friends to deliver science demos targeting underserved kids in our area, performed at local libraries, events, and elementary schools, program genuinely took off at the city level and is very, very important to my application. Created supplementary club at school to staff demonstration events

    ECs: Band 3 years (1 year schedule conflict), Tennis 2 years (I was decent, nothing special), JV Cross Country 1 year

    Awards: Red Cross Regional Excellence, Red Cross Presidential Service, some school stuff, nothing extraordinary

    Rec Letters: BU Professor rec and college counselor rec were beautiful, others were pretty good

    Shadowing: 6 hrs local 3rd year family practice resident, 40 hrs Idaho pulmonologist, 55 hrs Michigan medical oncologist

    Applied: PLME, Northwestern HPME, TCNJ/NJMS, Penn St/Jeff, VCU GMED, Miami HPME, Hofstra 4+4, RPI/AMC, Drew/NJMS, Drexel/Drexel, Nova/Drexel, Rochester REMS, SBU/GW, GW/GW, Washington+Jefferson/Temple, Temple/Temple, FAU Wilkes Medical Scholars, UAB EMSAP, Rice/Baylor, BU SMED

    Interviews: TCNJ (and technically Drew I guess)/NJMS, Penn St/Jeff, VCU GMED, Hofstra 4+4, RPI/AMC, SBU/GW (UG campus and med campus), FAU WIlkes, Northwestern HPME, Wash+Jeff/Temple (didn't attend)

    Acceptances: TCNJ+Drew/NJMS, Penn St/Jeff, VCU GMED, RPI/AMC, FAU Wilkes, Northwestern HPME (also like a bunch of UCs and random privates; I only applied to Vandy and UChicago for good privates and got waitlisted at both lol)

    Selection: Northwestern HPME
  • smbff2smbff2 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    At the time of my application:

    GPA: 4.0 (uw)

    SAT: 2320

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Math II-780

    Ethnicity: Asian
    Gender: Female

    Relevant Med experiences include volunteering at 2 hospitals (200 hrs), shadowed internal med, periodontist, urgent care and more, hospice volunteering, 2 summers research at UT Austin
    BS/MD Applications:
    Rejected at baylor/baylor, utd pact
    Accepted into uh bsmd, utsa fame, vcu, miami hpme

    Decided to attend u miami hpme

    Although my credentials and test scores were not as strong as some of my peers, I was still a competitive applicant & able to succeed. Apply to any school you have an interest in and have confidence in your work.. Also, dont diminish the value of strong essays and interviews. Good luck to all the future physicians!!!
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