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*** BS/MD Results For Class Of 2016***


Replies to: *** BS/MD Results For Class Of 2016***

  • 971337971337 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    edited July 2016
    Rank: n/a
    Unweighted GPA: 3.98
    Weighted GPA: 4.42

    SAT I (breakdown): 2300 (800 M, 750 CR, 750 W)
    SAT II: 800 Math II, 800 Chem, 790 US History, 780 Biology E

    Ethnicity: Asian
    Gender: Male

    Senior AP's: US Gov, Macro, Physics C Mechanics, Physics C E&M, English Lit, Human Geography

    Extracurriculars: Boy Scouts (Eagle), Science Olympiad, Quizbowl, Math/Science Tutoring

    Relevant med experiences include 1 summer at a fruit fly lab, and 300 hours of psychiatrist/gastroenterologist shadowing.

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:

    Brown PLME – No Interview
    BU SMED – Interview – ACCEPTED w/ Presidential Scholarship
    Drexel/Drexel – No Interview
    NU HPME – Supplement – No Interview
    Rice/Baylor – No Interview
    RPI/AMC – Supplement – Interview – ACCEPTED w/ Leadership Merit Award
    GWU GMED – No Interview
    Union/AMC – No Interview
    UMiami HPM – No Interview
    UPittsburgh GAP – No Interview
    URochester REMS – No Interview

    Decision: BU SMED w/ Presidential Scholarship

    My test scores weren't perfect but my medical experiences and my passion for the field really helped make it clear during my interviews why I wanted to attend these BA/MD programs
  • srk2017srk2017 Registered User Posts: 1,750 Senior Member
    @971337 - Congratulations and thanks for posting. I am surprised that you didn't get more interviews. Do you have any suggestions for future applicants? My S will be applying this year.
  • Undecided3494Undecided3494 Registered User Posts: 139 Junior Member
    @srk2017 Basically just make sure that you really put a lot of thought and hard work into the essays for each program and then prepare for the interviews. Preparing does not mean memorizing answers to a question but just thinking about what kind of questions they will ask and coming up with some main points you want to mention when you answer each question. Also don't get discouraged when you apply to 5 programs and only get 2 interviews just make the most of the opportunity because once you make it to the interview stage everyone is pretty much on equal footing and admission depends on the interview. Good luck!
  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    Hey guys, I wanted to post an applicant result from this past 2015-2016 cycle who was kind enough to type this out and for contribution to the College Confidential forum. Some really great advice was given on really doing your research into the medical schools that are involved and take part in these combined programs.

    State: California
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Asian-American (Taiwanese)
    Income: >150k
    Hooks: I stood out a bit because I didn't do typical BS/MD applicant stuff, such as research or academic ECs, but instead focused a lot of my time on community service. Also I had good grades despite not as great test scores, which probably made them do a double take.

    GPA: 4.0 (UW), 4.9444 (W)
    Class Rank: No ranking (but unofficially 1/550)

    ACT: 33 Subscores: Science (34), English (31), Reading (35), Math (32), Writing (36)
    SAT: 2180 (highest in 1 sitting... superscore 2220 only)
    SAT Subject Tests: Chemistry: 730, Math 2: 720, Chinese: 800

    AP Exam scores (at the time of application):
    U.S. History - 4, Chemistry - 4, Psychology - 5, Language & Composition - 5, Human Geography - 5, Chinese - 5

    Senior Year AP courses taken:
    Physics 1, Calculus AB, English Literature & Composition, Statistics, Macroeconomics, US Government

    Teacher Recommendations:
    Really great! My Psychology teacher knew me very well due to club stuff and he said he wrote the best rec letter he has ever written in his entire career. My English teacher also wrote a good one.

    Major ECs:
    - [Organization to help children with physical deformities] SoCal Region: Chair
    - [Organization to help children with physical deformities] National: National Leadership Council
    - [Organization to help children with physical deformities] Club: Treasurer, Activities Director
    - California Scholarship Federation: President, Treasurer
    - Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA): President, Vice President
    - Chinese/JTASA Club: President, Treasurer
    - Autism Youth Ambassadors Club: President, Secretary
    - National Honor Society
    - Paid Tutor

    Community Service:
    - Volunteering through ECs (Autisms, disability center, [Organization to help children with physical deformities]) - 300+

    Medically related activities:
    -Physician Shadowing - 100+ hours
    -Medical Mission to foreign country - 2 weeks
    -Intern at Medical Clinic - 100+ hours
    -Hospital Volunteer - 300+ hours
    -Disability center - 50+ hours

    Applied to the following Bachelor/MD programs:
    1) Brown PLME - rejected (no interview)
    2) Northwestern HPME - interview - ACCEPTED
    3) Penn State/Jefferson - rejected pre-interview
    4) Wash U - rejected pre-interview

    Applied to the following undergraduate programs:
    1) Duke - accepted
    2) UC (B, LA, SD, I(honors), R(regents), D(regents)) - accepted
    3) USC - accepted
    4) Stanford - rejected
    5) Dartmouth - waitlisted
    6) Washington U- waitlisted
    7) Caltech - rejected
    8) Pomona College - rejected

    DECISION: Northwestern HPME!!

    Do your research and JUST APPLY! Honestly, you really never know. Put bluntly, my SAT score is not the norm, especially in the programs I applied to (high tiers). It really came down to what I consider luck and also showing true passion for medicine. Scores are merely a starting point for programs to even look at you, at least that's what I think, and the rest comes down to interview (or so I have heard...). Pass that score threshold and it shouldn't count against you a lot!

    Also, find a program that FITS YOU. There are multiple bs/md programs and all of them stand for different ideals and are looking for different candidates. That is something you shouldn't compromise in this process. This is also where doing your research comes into play! I can say that I didn't do enough research before I applied and, in retrospect, I could have spared myself from applying to some programs that I couldn't see myself in no matter the circumstances. Lastly, GOOD LUCK!
  • svnya123svnya123 Registered User Posts: 87 Junior Member
    Apologize for the delay, but I feel a sense of responsibility for posting this as the previous years' ones were so so so helpful.

    At time of application
    GPA: 4.0 (UW), 4.6 (W)

    Class Rank: not given

    ACT: 35
    Subscores: Science (35), English (35), Reading (33), Math (36), Writing (10)

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Chemistry: 780
    Math 2: 780

    AP's (at time of application)
    U.S. History
    Calculus AB
    Language & Composition
    Physics 1&2

    Senior AP's: Literature & Composition, Economics (Micro and Macro), Psychology, Spanish, Biology, Computer Science

    Teacher Recs:
    English (9/10): My teacher really likes me and I am sure he wrote me a great letter. One of my interviewers even said that the letter was fantastic (I'm assuming he was telling the truth). Not 10/10 just because I wasn't one of the best writers he has had
    Statistics (10/10): My teacher has told me that I am one of the best students he has ever had and he doesn't agree to write too many rec letters so I think it was really good! Apparently it was really long too
    Physics (9/10): I wasn't the most amazing physics student because it took some time for me to really get it, but he has told another teacher that I am one of the most hardworking students he has ever had, so I think it was pretty good.
    Spanish (9/10): My teacher really likes me and has told me time and time again about my language skills being really solid, but I didn't have many outside Spanish experiences that he could reference.
    Other reference - my hospital volunteer coordinator and observer (10/10): She and the rest of the staff really like me and always love having me. Definitely the best rec out of them all.

    I mixed and matched what letters of rec I gave to each school depending on their criteria. The Spanish one was only given to BU.

    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: Indian
    Income: 150k+
    Hooks: None

    Major ECs and Community service:
    -Indian dance for 13 years. Assistant dance teacher and student. Did big solo recital in junior year. Many years of dancing
    -President of women in STEM club (2 years)
    -Secretary of Interact club (2 years)
    -Coach for speech on speech and debate team (4 years)
    -Ambassador for a non-profit organization that tries to bring awareness about issues about women in India (3 years)
    -Tutor for elementary and middle school kids (4 years)
    -National Honors Society

    -Speech and Debate local and state level awards
    -Distinguished Young Women first runner up and individual category winner
    -Dance competition awards
    -National Merit Finalist
    -AP Scholar with Distinction

    Medically related activities:
    -Volunteering in hospital for 2 years
    -Research for 9 months under a professor. Nothing published but gave me a lot to talk about
    -Shadowing under a physician for 1 month
    -Did a 1 month competitive medical program over my junior summer

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    1) Brown PLME - rejected RD
    2) Northwestern HPME - interview - rejected
    3) Pitt GAP - rejected pre-interview
    4) Case PPSP - rejected pre-interview
    5) Boston University - interview - rejected
    6) Penn State - rejected pre-interview
    7) TCNJ/NJMS - interview with UG professor- interview with NJMS- ACCEPTED
    8) Villanova/Drexel - interview- ACCEPTED
    9) Drexel/Drexel - interview- ACCEPTED
    10) RPI/Albany - interview- rejected
    11) W&J/Temple- interview with UG professor- interview with Temple- ACCEPTED
    12) Rutgers/NJMS - rejected pre-interview

    Applied to the following undergraduate:
    Accepted- Georgetown (EA)
    Waitlisted- Vanderbilt (threw this together at the very last minute lol)
    Rejected- Harvard, Dartmouth


    Reflection: Wow this process was a whirlwind to say the least. I learned so much and I think my biggest regret was my diversity of medical related ECs. I think the most competitive programs I interviewed for wanted to see more medical ECs which I did not have. Showing your passion for medicine in interviews is important too. Also, try to understand the style of the interviewer as quickly as possible and talk/act in a manner that is appropriate. Don't force anything as each interviewer is different. Other than that, do the activities that you like for as long as possible and engage in a variety of medical ECs. Also, in each interview, make sure you show enough interest for the school itself and not just the program. Interviewers really look for that.

    Good luck! And stay focused throughout the process!
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 915 Member
    edited August 2016
    @svnya123 Thanks for posting. Assume you are from NJ and got some merit scholarship for UG in TCNJ. GL.
  • srk2017srk2017 Registered User Posts: 1,750 Senior Member
    @narkor - Great post!
  • brown2024brown2024 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    @narkor @Roentgen @svnya123
    Thank you all for the update - extremly useful especially for juniors/sophmores
  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    Wonderful post @narkor!! Definitely helpful to CC subforum members especially to those who are just starting to look at Bachelor/MD programs early on in high school and need to build up a CV. Thank you for taking the time out to do it, making it a comprehensive post and thank you for the shout out.
  • narkornarkor Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    edited November 2016
    @Roentgen @GoldenRock @texaspg and @upstream - Truly this platform is alive and rocking because of you people. I stand by my D when she advises her junior peers to seek help from all of you. Thank you for the incessant support you all are rendering these determined, yet gullible young souls. I promise she is not exaggerating when she says that you all have "a wealth of information". Thanks again!
  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    @narkor, oh, and almost forgot, congrats to your daughter in getting into Rochester's REMS program. I have no doubt she will enjoy it, both in terms of a getting a full undergraduate experience at a really great undergrad and a great medical school that's so close by.
  • narkornarkor Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    @Roentgen , thank you much! Yes, she is having a great time at UofR. She is adapting to the very cold temperature and upcoming final exams. I hope she sustains herself through the coming winters. I must say REMS was her and our top choice as we fell in love with the environment the REMS staff offered while at there for the interview. Thus far, they haven't failed us. For example- a special grad CARE assistant checks on a sick student if he/ she goes to the hospital to see a doctor. This maybe common at other schools as well. But, I as a parent haven't seen that at NU for the last 2 years.
  • narkornarkor Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    edited December 2016
    Sorry about typos and grammatical errors in my post #37. This is because I had to trim the paragraphs and removed punctuations etc last minute to fit the character limit before posting. DD is not happy reading my post modification with so many typos/ errors. I apologize that my last minute modifications ruined her grammar and writing
  • narkornarkor Registered User Posts: 112 Junior Member
    edited December 2016
    Most important corrections which I am sure anyone who reads will understand is:
    SAT subject test scores:
    Chem- 710 (not 71 as posted earlier)
    Math 2- 750 (not 75)
    Math 1- 770
    As you can see D didn't have the most stellar scores like most others who get into these programs. But, her personality and strong resume contributed to her acceptances. I deleted other club leaderships and all Honors society positions to accommodate the character limit.
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