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*** BS/MD Results For Class Of 2016***

texaspgtexaspg Super Moderator Posts: 16,598 Super Moderator
edited February 2016 in Multiple Degree Programs
This will be a thread for results

Replies to: *** BS/MD Results For Class Of 2016***

  • DarkjusticeDarkjustice Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    I am a recently admitted GMED student and I hope any underclassmen viewing this find it helpful. If there's anything at all any of you have questions regarding, please feel free to message me anytime! I'm more than happy to talk - after all, I am a second semester senior :P

    GPA: 4.17 (weighted after junior year), 4.19 (weighted after junior year)

    Class Rank: N/A

    ACT (never submitted to colleges): 34 (36 w/writing)

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Biology: 750
    Math 2: 800

    SAT (out of 1600): 1530
    SAT (out of 2400): 2280 (this was single sitting, my superscored was 2290, but I submitted the 2280 one to all my GMED schools as it was the only one available during application season)

    AP's (at time of application)
    U.S. History - 4
    Biology - 5
    Calculus BC - 5
    Statistics - 5
    Psychology - 5

    Senior AP's: AP Government and Politics, AP Language and Composition

    Teacher Recs: Strangely enough, both of my recommending teachers were not in STEM fields. I asked my AP Psychology teacher who I genuinely enjoyed class with for a recommendation as well as my junior year english teacher, who had informed me when I asked her earlier for a rec that she would be able to write a good one because of what she had seen of my performance in class.

    Mentor Rec: I also asked my principal investigator at the research laboratory I worked at over the summer after junior year, as well as continued as part of my mentorship through my school (I attend TJHSST, which offers research mentorships as an elective alternative to doing required senior research in school). I am quite certain he wrote at least a good rec, because one of my interviewers (at Jefferson University for the PSU-Jefferson combined program) informed me my PI had a well-written rec for me.

    State: VA
    Gender: M
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Income: 100-150k


    Definitely not my GPA or SAT. I would say my distinguishing factor was my intrinsic passion. I showed this through a diverse variety of medical extracurriculars as well as through various other volunteer activities. I didn't have any major achievements such as winning competitions (in STEM fields at least), but I did make sure to express that whatever I did achieve was done out of my own passion. I also believe my Common App essay was well-written and communicated to GMED programs that I do truly want the program out of an intrinsic need, and the same goes for the school-specific essays well. *Important tip to students*: Make sure you're the one writing your essays and not your parents! In fact, I refused to let my parents look at my essays, and instead asked friends and my AP Lang teacher what they thought of my essay. By thinking hard yourself about why you want to pursue a lifelong career in medicine, I promise you can't go wrong in writing a powerful and moving story about the kind of person you are. There are of course many ways to tell a story, but what I found works well for Common App is to tell a captivating story about yourself, and then somehow tie that back into your interest of why you want medicine as a career choice (doesn't and shouldn't be explicitly stated in your Common App). For school-specific medical essays, I recommend starting off with some kind of hook involving an experience you've had that influenced you in a powerful way (don't spend more than a paragraph on this). Then I focused on objectively and explicitly outlining several reasons as to why I desired medicine, and what that specific school could offer me that would make my experience more profound.

    TL;DR: Focus on making your essays and extracurriculars just as meaningful as your numbers, and tell a genuine story about yourself. Try to weave your other interests into medicine as well to present a more colorful and unique side of yourself.

    Major ECs:

    - Trained EMT at local volunteer fire department (at least 350 hours, rough estimate)
    - Shadowed doctors in several specialties (45-50 hours)
    - Hospital volunteer (50-60 hours)
    - Technology Student Association (On Demand Video state competition, won 3rd place and 1st place)
    - Research summer internship (Co-authored/published an abstract over the summer, and presented it at a national cancer conference during my research mentorship)

    Community Service:
    - Volunteering through ECs - ~500 hours (mostly EMT ambulance riding)

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    1) Brown PLME - rejected RD
    2) Pitt GAP - rejected
    3) Case PPSP - rejected
    4) George Washington - supplement - interview - ACCEPTED
    5) Penn State - interview -ACCEPTED
    6) Virginia Commonwealth GAP - rejected
    7) RPI/Albany Physician-Scientist - supplement -rejected
    8) WashU St. Louis University Scholars in Medicine - rejected
    9) UAB EMSAP - rejected
    10) Drexel BA/BS+MD - rejected

    Applied to the following undergraduate schools:
    1) University of Virginia - rejected
    2) VCU - accepted
    3) Brown - rejected
    4) William and Mary - accepted
    5) UPitt - accepted
    6) WashU St. Louis - waitlisted
    7) Johns Hopkins - rejected
    8) Drexel - accepted
    9) Case Western - waitlisted
    10) UNC Chapel Hill - waitlisted
    11) Georgetown - rejected

    DECISION: GWU BA/MD 7-year program


    In retrospect, there are many, MANY things I could've done better (not doing essays 2 hours before the app deadline :O). However, along the way, writing so many essays and attending interviews ultimately strengthened my resolve to be a part of the medical field and I discovered a deep, philosophically motivated passion to pursue a career in this field. Furthermore, even given my mediocre stats, I was still able the succeed in the end - for all of you underclassmen worried about whether your stats aren't good enough, have no fear! You have just as good a chance as everyone else out there, as to a large extent, GMED programs are arbitrary in their selection and god knows what factors they use to make the final cut out of so many qualified students. At the end of the day, no matter where you go and no matter what you end up doing, medicine or otherwise, if you're passionate about it and have the will to succeed, you can make wonders happen. Good luck to everyone out there who is getting ready to apply next year, and don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions :)
  • texaspgtexaspg Super Moderator Posts: 16,598 Super Moderator
    @darkjustice - Congratulations. How did you choose GWU over Penn State?
  • DarkjusticeDarkjustice Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    edited April 2016

    Thank you so much! I decided GWU pretty much as my dream school since day 1 of applying. This is because I'm really interested in taking part in global health, and GW being one of the highest ranked schools for international relations and public health, I thought it would be a great way to pursue that interest while also being well on my way to becoming a doctor. Also, given that its a BA/MD, I have the freedom to major in whatever I want to for undergrad and build upon that when I pursue a combined MD/MPH. Lastly, GW waives the MCAT requirement completely, whereas Penn State requires a minimum score, which was a huge plus from my perspective. GW also provided me with significant scholarship money that Penn State did not (OOS), and since I live within commuting distance of the school, it will be much more convenient for me to attend there than go all the way to Penn State (although I did really enjoy spending time with students in that program as well, and most likely would have enrolled in Penn State if I met residency requirements).
  • medp98medp98 Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Class Rank: school doesn’t rank (but top 5% for sure)
    Unweighted GPA: 4.000
    Weighted GPA: 4.8000
    Total - 2250 (one sitting)
    M - 760
    CR - 690
    W - 800

    SAT II:
    Math 2: 790
    Chemistry: 740
    U.S. History: 790
    AP classes: Euro (5), Human Geo (5), Spanish Language (5), US History (5), English Language (5), Chemistry (3)
    Currently in: Art History, Calculus, US Government, Economics, Literature, Physics C, human cadaver dissection course

    Gender: Female

    Major Extracurriculars & Community Service: Piano (13 years), worked at Pediatricians office (5 years) and Hawaii fire station (5 years), shadowing at major hospital in England (2 weeks), National Charity League (6 years - served as president and treasurer), human cadaver dissection course, writing center tutor (2 years), National Honors Society (treasurer), National Spanish Honors Society (3 years) + misc. other clubs

    Common App: I wrote about balancing my love of art with my love of science.

    Research Experience: none

    Applied to the following BS/MD programs:

    1. Brown PLME → Rejected
    2. PSU/Jefferson → Interview, Accepted
    3. Cincinnati → No Interview
    4. UMKC → Interview, Accepted
    5. UAB → No Interview
    6. George Washington → No Interview
    7. PITT → No Interview
    8. CASE → No Interview
    9. Drexel/Drexel → Interview, Accepted
    10. Boston U → Interview, Accepted
    11. U Miami → No Interview
    12. Northwestern HPME → No Interview

    Other schools:
    Brown → Waitlisted
    USC → Accepted

    UCLA → Accepted
    UC Berkeley → Accepted
    Harvard → Rejected
    Stanford → Rejected

    Decision: Boston U SMED

    Apply broadly!
  • SmartAlecSmartAlec Registered User Posts: 96 Junior Member
    GPA: 3.92 (UW), 4.96 (W)

    Class Rank: 2/541

    ACT: 35
    Subscores: Science (35), English (34), Reading (36), Math (36), Writing (10)

    SAT: 2340

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Chemistry: 800
    Math 2: 800
    Biology: 780
    Spanish: 700

    AP's (at time of application):
    European History - 5
    Chemistry - 5
    Biology - 5
    Calc BC- 5 (w 5 on AB subscore)
    Language & Composition - 5
    Statistics - 4

    Senior AP's: Physics C Mechanics and E&M, Spanish, Literature & Composition, US History

    Other major tests: Top 50 in the US for Bio Olympiad, was involved with NJ Science League at state level

    Teacher Recs:
    -Incredible rec letter from Biology teacher since i also was involved with USABO and had a very close relationship with her/him
    -pretty sure i had a good rec from english teacher (assured me that s/he would not be the reason i didn't get into a top tier university)
    -additional rec letter from close research mentor who worked at princeton. s/he worked with me on my stem cell research for a year or so and am confident s/he gave me a stellar rec as well

    State: NJ
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Asian American
    Income: >150K
    Hooks: None

    Major ECs:
    -Varsity Swimming- 4 year varsity letter
    -Academic Team/Quiz Bowl-Captain
    -Future Doctors of America chapter-President
    -Science Olympiad Team-President
    -DNA sequencing program

    Community Service:
    - Hospital- more than 300 hrs
    -Red Cross- 50ish hrs

    Medically related activities:
    -Stem Cell Research at HS lab
    -Fellowship at Foreign Hospitals for 2 summers
    -Certified EMT

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    1) Brown PLME-Waitlisted at UG
    2) Northwestern HPME - interview - rejected (waitlisted at UG)
    3) Pitt GAP -rejected pre-interview
    4) Case PPSP - rejected pre-interview
    5) University of Rochester REMS - rejected pre-interview
    6) George Washington - withdrew
    7) Boston University - interview - ACCEPTED
    8) Penn State - interview - rejected
    9) UCONN SPiM - interview- ACCEPTED
    10) TCNJ/NJMS- interview- ACCEPTED
    11) Rice-rejected pre-interview
    12) Drexel-interview-rejected

    Accepted at:
    Yale, Cornell, Rice, WashU, other UG's with significant scholarship

    Waitlisted at:
    Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Northwestern


    It was very tough to turn down Yale. PM me for specific questions
  • blessublessu Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    @SmartAlec Congratulations!
    Did you interview with George Washington ? OR you withdrew before interview ?
    Also Can you tell us how one can get a EMT certification while in high school ?
    EMT certification requires a minimum age of 18. If you can tell us how you got certified , it will great help for future BA/MD students. Can you please PM me ?
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 916 Member
    edited April 2016
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.92

    Class Rank: School does not rank - N/A

    PSAT: 236 CR – 76 M – 80 W - 80 - National Merit Finalist

    SAT (1 sitting): 2300 CR – 740 M – 760 W - 800

    ACT (1 sitting): Composite 36 Writing 9

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Biology: 800
    Math 2: 800
    Chemistry: 800
    Spanish: 750

    AP's (at time of application)
    AP Chemistry 5
    AP Stats 5
    AP Spanish 5
    AP Psychology 5
    AP Comp Science 4

    Senior Year AP courses:
    AP Biology
    AP English Lit
    AP Physics 1
    AP Calculus BC

    College course: Introduction to Human Physiology & Lab at UCB

    Research Experience: RA at UCB for 10 weeks in Junior Summer

    Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): None. But State participant for 5 consecutive years in history competition.
    Teacher Recommendations:
    Chemistry Teacher: Don't know
    Spanish Teacher: Don't know but she likes me a lot
    Counselor Rec: Don't know
    UCB Summer program guide Rec: I think it is very good 9/10

    State: CA
    School Type: Highly competitive public school (530 senior students)
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Applied for Financial Aid?: No
    Income Bracket: Did not apply FAFSA and hoped for Merit Aid
    Intended Major: History and Pre-Med
    Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): None
    Essays (rating 1-10, details): 6-7 (I didn't spend enough time on them)

    Extra curricular activities:

    Speech club 4 years – President (1 yr), Officer (2 yrs)
    History club 4 years – Co-Founder, President (2 yrs), Officer (2 yrs)
    Cross country team – 3 years

    Community Service:
    Total 700+ hours
    Miscellaneous 250+ hours
    Tutoring 350+ hours
    Hospital Volunteer 100+ hours

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    Applied to many programs and rejected pre-interview.
    Got interview at
    Uof Akron/NEOMED (waitlisted),
    Drexel/Drexel (Rejected),
    Uof Houston/UTH-UTMB (Rejected),
    Uof Oklahoma (Accepted).

    Applied to the following undergraduate schools: many
    Accepted at: UCLA, UCSD, UC Berkeley, UCSB (Regents), UC Davis, UC Irvine, Vanderbilt, Rice, Boston univ., Uof Rochester ($17k aid), CWRU ($28.5k aid), Pitt (full tuition)

    University of Oklahoma - BA/MD Medical Humanities Scholar Program
    Merit Scholarship: National Merit Scholar - Almost full ride for UG

    Strengths: Course work, test scores, leadership experience

    Weaknesses: Did not have substantial activities to demonstrate the passion to medicine profession

    Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: Essays were not strong enough, interviews went okay

    Parent Reflection:
    Let the student make the decision if they want to do medical profession or not.

    It is not practical to expect every student who decided to apply for BS/MD program is at the same advantage. Because some students would have decided only in 11 or late in 10th but some would started way early like 9th summer onward. Unfortunately this program demands very high expectation because of very few seats and highly talented and qualified students who have demonstrated the connection to medicine.

    Ensure both students and parents are prepared to accept the worst case scenario and grow stronger and go for the regular route (BS and MD later).

    Think twice even if you get some programs and even if you can afford financially, whether it is worth that expense. Because some programs for people who don't apply FAFSA will cost half a million dollars.

    Though it costs and logistics involved, it is good there is an in person interview. That was a eye opener. Because for some programs/place, both parent and student were not comfortable at all and would not have joined.

    It is unfortunate the BS/MD application process is SO COMPLEX and takes significant efforts if a student applies to many programs.

    Students need an admin assistant (parents!) but not for writing essays or various prompts! (but for reading the posts in this CC forum!)

    Student Reflection:
    This was a very grueling, often disappointing process, but I did meet a lot of people from around the country, which was both fun and informative. If I could redo this year, I would definitely only apply to schools I could see myself going to. The general advice is "Apply everywhere," but I realize now there are quite a few schools I would not have gone to, even if accepted in a BSMD program, because of expense/ranking/environment. You can save yourself quite a lot of money and time by ruling out places you would never want to go to--after all, do you really want to spend 7-8 years in a school you dislike? The applicants I met were bright, hard working, and passionate. With a traditional route, they would have to redo the application process to get into med school, but I am sure they would succeed because they are at the top of the applicant pool already. NOTE: my advice is opposite that of my dad's haha.

    I find it very ironic that I was rejected almost everywhere except the one school that fit me best--I love the program, the merit aid, and the environment/people. I am overjoyed and thankful and looking forward to the next seven years. Boomer Sooner!
  • RayznHELLRayznHELL Registered User Posts: 94 Junior Member
    edited April 2016
    @GoldenRock Your DD says that she is only looking forward to the next seven (7) years, of an 8-year BA/MD program. It looks like maybe she dreads Senior year of Med School?
  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    edited April 2016
    @RayznHELL, I believe his daughter said 7-8 years, more referring overall to 7 and 8 year programs, not necessarily to her specific program.

    I do think @GoldenRock hit on the weaknesses of his daughter's application completely. Her academics and standardized test scores were absolutely superb and would have helped especially at the very competitive programs. It's the healthcare oriented activities section of the CV that was a little lacking. Any admissions officer would reasonably ask, ok, so how do you know based on your experience that becoming a physician is for you? Have you shadowed? Have you volunteered in a hospital and seen the sights and sounds? Have you done something like physician scribing? It's much easier to convince someone of that when there is evidence you've gotten your feet wet.

    A lot of emphasis is placed on that because students a lot of times don't know what they're getting into by going thru this pathway, even at the undergraduate level. All the more reason why it's emphasized even more when you're giving someone an early admission spot to the medical school. Just goes to show applicants that a lot of this process is very much holistic, and that one section (academics and standardized test scores) are not an automatic acceptance by any means.
  • RayznHELLRayznHELL Registered User Posts: 94 Junior Member
    @Roentgen Please note that I was trying to add a little humor into this often difficult process. But if a joke has to be explained--it failed. @GoldenRock's DD was referring to the OU MHSP 8-year BA/MD. Maybe she has enough AP credits to petition the program to allow her to graduate BA in only 3 years.
  • RoentgenRoentgen Registered User Posts: 1,482 Senior Member
    Ha, ha!!! Sorry, @RayznHELL, I completely read it at face value. LOL. @GoldenRock's daughter had said 7-8 years so I was confused. Definitely more a reflection on me than on you. lol.
  • eclucas98eclucas98 Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0 (Through junior year: 97.21 weighted, 95.88 unweighted)

    Class Rank: Top 10% (in reality, school doesn't rank)

    SAT: 2260 (720 CR, 770 M, 770 W) technically superscored but in reality this is my score on my second

    ACT: 35 (35-E, 34-M, 36-R, 34-S) one sitting

    SAT Subject Tests:
    U.S. History: 770
    Chemistry: 710

    AP's (at time of application)
    U.S. History - 5
    World History - 5
    Language & Composition - 5
    Chemistry - 3 (did not submit)

    Senior APs: Calculus BC, Spanish Lang, US Gov and Pol, Biology

    Major Awards: National Merit Commended Student, Safety Star of the Day @ 2 FRC Competitions (2014 and 2015 Finger Lakes Regional), AP Scholar with Honor, Premio de Plata (Silver Medal) National Spanish Exam 2014 Lvl 3, Honorable Mention National Spanish Exam 2015 Lvl 4

    Teacher Recs: 11th grade PreCalc teacher 9/10 (she might have been a bit critical); 11th/12th grade Spanish teacher 10/10 (she loves me; I love Spanish); Counselor 10/10 (she's really dedicated!)

    Major: Biology/Cognitive Science
    State: NY
    School Type: Private, Catholic, college prep
    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Income: 150k
    Hooks: N/A? Female going into STEM major but otherwise none.

    Major ECs:
    -JV Tennis 9/10 (Co-Captain 10), Varsity Tennis 11/12 (Co-Captain 12)
    -FIRST Robotics 9-12 (Safety Captain 10-12, Scouting and Analytics Co-Lead 12)
    -NHS 11/12
    -Girl Up! 12
    -Stage Crew 10
    -Off-Season Tennis 9-12

    Community Service:
    -Mentor at FLL Qualifying Tournament 9-12
    -Gala Volunteer 9-12 (largest fundraiser at my school)
    -Junior Spirit Committee 11
    -Senior Coffeehouse Committee 12
    -Organized FRC safety training event/fundraised for WE@RIT 12
    -Fundraised and donated Beanie Babies to SMH Pediatric Unit

    Work Experience:
    -Jewelry manufacturing business (summer job, basic office work)

    Medically related activities:
    -Mini Medical School @ Univ of Rochester: competitive 3-week residential program; shadowed surgeries, in ER, practiced suturing, etc.
    -Volunteering in Pediatric Drop-in Care @ SMH: summer program, about 28 hrs total

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    1) Pitt GAP - no interview (accepted UG with full tuition)
    2) Case PPSP - interview - ACCEPTED (alternate)
    3) University of Rochester REMS - no interview (accepted UG)

    Applied to the following undergraduate:
    1) Harvard - rejected
    2) Johns Hopkins - rejected
    3) SUNY Univ at Buffalo - accepted (Honors College)

    DECISION: Case Western Reserve PPSP

    It's insane to look back and think about what I was going through just a few months ago. I am very happy to have finally selected my college and have no regrets about the process! All in all, I have a few simple tips for applicants hoping for admission in coming years.

    1) Alternate status doesn't mean it's over.
    Although rejections of course must be accepted at face value, I took alternate status for just what it was: a chance to prove myself further, to prove myself willing of the time commitment such a prestigious program like PPSP needs in case a spot opened up. I emailed the director of the program expressing my continued interest in the program and he was very receptive to my emails, stating that he noted the strong interest in my file. By the end of the month, I had been accepted into the program! If it's really your dream, pursue it.

    2) Don't discount any of your options simply because you didn't get into BS/MD.
    In the end, my decision came down to Pitt and CWRU. Pitt was offering much more money but no guarantee, and financials certainly come into the equation for myself and my family. But something to keep in mind is that if you can get in now or even are smart and motivated enough to apply, it is almost certain that that motivation will eventually lead you to medical school. Thus, in some cases, a strong UG program with a good scholarship could be a better option than a lower-tier BS/MD and/or very expensive program.

    3) Visit/know what you're getting into before you apply.
    Most of these are eight-year programs, usually meaning that you'll be in one place for eight years, an often tedious task for the ever-changing college student. Make sure that you'll be happy wherever you end up, that the environment is one that you will prosper in. Sometimes it's important to consider the real, subjective factors of a school instead of taking an offer simply because of the guarantee of medical school. Happiness is key to success in the long run.

    4) Take advantage of any support system you might have.
    Parents, guardians, counselors, friends - whomever it may be. The application process is incredibly grueling, but knowing you have people cheering you on can make it a whole lot easier. Ask questions, make sure you're staying healthy, and stay positive throughout. You've made it this far, you can make it through this year.

    If you have any other questions about my applications or process, feel free to message me! Overall, I am very happy with how this process turned out as I think PPSP is an amazing fit for me!
  • rancharancha Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    GPA: 3.93 (UW), 4.22 (W)

    Class Rank: Doesn't Rank, Top 10%

    ACT: 35
    Subscores: Science (32), English (35), Reading (35), Math (36), Writing (10)

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Chemistry: 680
    Math 2: 790

    AP's (at time of application)
    Calculus BC - 4
    Chemistry - 3
    Language & Composition - 5
    Environmental Science - 4

    Senior AP's: Physics C Mechanics, Statistics, Literature & Composition, Comparative Government & Politics

    Teacher Recs: Didn't see any of my recs - probably decent but not absolutely stellar. Got one from the chair of the department I did research in (research hospital).

    State: Northwest
    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: Asian American
    Income: >150k
    Hooks: None

    Major ECs:
    - Musical Instrument (Orchestra, State Competitions, Private Lessons)
    - Research Intern at Local University, Computer Science Dept.
    - Founder/President of school music club
    - Orientation Leader/Ambassador
    - Girl Scouts Senior

    Community Service:
    - Started organization to teach music to underprivileged students - 200(?) hours
    - Hospital - 50 hours
    - Service trip to third world country - 110 hours

    Medically related activities:
    Physician Shadowing - 40 hours
    Research in biochem department at University - (full time for a summer)

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    1) Brown PLME - rejected RD
    2) Pitt GAP - rejected pre-interview
    3) Case PPSP - rejected pre-interview
    4) Boston University - interview - ACCEPTED
    5) Penn State - rejected pre-interview
    6) University of Cincinnati DAP - rejected pre-interview
    7) U Miami HPME - rejected pre-interview
    8) UAB - rejected pre-interview

    Applied to the following undergraduate schools:
    1) Emory - accepted
    2) Rice - accepted
    3) Duke - rejected
    4) Johns Hopkins - waitlisted
    5) Harvard - waitlisted
    6) Yale - rejected

    DECISION: Boston University SMED

    Start early on the application process! You need as much time as you can get with all the essays and forms you have to fill out, especially when you are applying to both BS/MD programs and regular undergraduate schools like many end up doing. You cannot sacrifice quality for quantity (or the other way around) when it comes to these applications, so only apply to programs/schools that you can *really* see yourself attending! Along with this, make sure you know each program really well before you apply - scour everything they have online so you can make sure that you are absolutely certain you would consider going there if you got in. And again, START EARLY! Like-as soon as the Common App opens-early. It's never too early.

    For interviews, just make sure you think about questions to ask the interviewer and be yourself! I honestly thought I did terrible in one of my interviews, but I ended up getting in, so you really never know. Just stay loose and don't get stressed out too much.

    Looking back, I would not have done much differently. It is a long process with often unfruitful results, so be prepared for anything. I went into this whole thing expecting the worst, so I was pretty excited when I even got into one program, especially when it was BU's program. Good luck to all future applicants and wherever you all end up, I'm sure you will thrive!
  • cresentcresent Registered User Posts: 63 Junior Member
    GPA: 4.00(UW), 4.00 (W)

    Class Rank: 1/333

    SAT: 2380

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Chemistry: 800
    Math 2: 800
    Spanish: 800

    AP's (at time of application):
    European History - 5
    Chemistry - 5
    Biology - 5
    Calc BC- 5 (w 5 on AB subscore)
    Language & Composition - 5
    Statistics - 4

    Senior AP's: Physics C Mechanics and E&M, Spanish, Literature & Composition, US History

    State: CT
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Asian American

    Hooks: None

    Major ECs:
    -Track and Field
    Jazz and Wind ensemble
    -Science Olympiad Team-President
    TEAMS Team captain
    Math honor society president

    Community Service:
    - Hospital- more than 100 hrs
    -Interact -40 hours

    Medically related activities:
    Two weeks research internship
    Capstone on Asthma
    Job shadow- 24 hours
    Mini medical program at UConn health Center

    -Certified EMT

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:

    UPitt GAP -rejected pre-interview

    Boston University – rejected pre-interview

    UCONN SPiM - interview- ACCEPTED With presidential scholarship

    Accepted at:
    Yale, Johns Hopkins, Upitt undergraduate with full tuition scholarship

    Waitlisted at:

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