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What are my chances of getting into an accelerated BS/DDS program?

WhoppyWhoppy 4 replies3 threads New Member
Hi everyone,

I'm currently a rising senior in high school and I am highly interested in applying to an accelerated BS/DDS program, preferably a 7 or an 8 year one, in a few months. I was wondering what my chances are of getting into one of these programs. Here are my credentials:

GPA: 4.0 unweighted, 4.46 unweighted (as of the conclusion of my junior year)
Class Rank: 5/499
AP Courses taken (so far) – Score I received:
AP European History – 5
AP Chemistry – 5
AP Calculus BC – 4
AP Spanish – 4
AP English Language & Composition – 4
AP US History – 5
Many of the other classes I’ve taken so far have been honors or magnet as I am in the math & science academy at my high school, and I’ve taken courses such as Molecular Biology and Magnet Human Anatomy & Physiology in addition to these courses. For my senior year, I am also taking AP Biology, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, AP English Literature, AP Government, Magnet Organic Chemistry, and Math Modeling.

SAT I: 1480/1600 (taken once with essay), 730 Reading/Writing, 750 Math
SAT II: 780 Math II, 770 Chemistry, 800 United States History
ACT: 33/36 (taken once WITHOUT essay)

Extracurriculars in school:
- President of Japanese Club for 3 years
- In Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society)
- In the Spanish Honor Society
- In Japanese Honor Society
- Starter for Varsity Tennis for 3 years
- In National Honor Society
- Founder/President of Tennis Club

Extracurriculars out of school:
- Have volunteered at a Children’s Hospital every summer for 3 years, in the surgery department for 2.
- Have volunteered at a summer camp for children with autism every year for 4 years.
- Staff member for a freshman orientation camp at my high school this year.

- Shadowed a dentist for ~20 hours the past week (which I loved, and hence why I’m interested in an entering a BS/DDS program)
- Currently in the middle of a 90-hour mentorship at a cancer research lab as a part of my 140-hour senior project.

I am currently looking at the following accelerated BS/DDS programs:
Siena College  University at Buffalo
University at Buffalo
Villanova University  University of Pennsylvania
Boston University

*I am out-of-state for all of those schools, but I’m still mostly interested in applying to schools in the Northeast part of the US.

Based on my credentials, what are my chances of getting into one of the schools (or schools comparable to them) listed above? I’m mostly worried about my SAT and ACT scores, but I despise standardized testing and so I’m not particularly confident that when I take them again I’ll get a higher score. I am also Asian-American, so I understand it might be more difficult for me to get into one of these programs.

Thank you so much for reading so much text, and if you can provide any insight, thanks so much!
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Replies to: What are my chances of getting into an accelerated BS/DDS program?

  • WaitingInCPAWaitingInCPA 152 replies28 threads Junior Member
    I think you have a good chance to get into one of those programs. You might be surprised that they don't get as many applicants as you would think they would.

    Another program to consider would be Case Western. They have their own program, and also have a 3+4 program with some other schools for undergrad.
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  • umcoe16umcoe16 704 replies1 threads Member
    For you, it is definitely worth a shot, although nobody knows for sure. Worst case, you just go through four years of college and then apply to dental school the normal way.

    And yes, do realize that there are many people who assume that they won't get in because there will be many more qualified applicants than them, thus they won't even bother applying. If everybody has this mindset, then the applicant pool will not be absurdly large, making these programs not as difficult to get into as they may seem.
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  • olivia322olivia322 19 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Hey! Did you end up applying to the program that filters to University at Buffalo's Dental School? I'm only wondering because I did too! My first choice for my BS is University at Buffalo whether or not I get into the 3/4 Program. We have really similar stats, although my graduating class is 74 students so we don't offer as many AP's and I'm also from New York State. Regardless, I wish you luck and hopefully we will be future dentists :)
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  • WhoppyWhoppy 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Hi Olivia! I did end up applying to the BS/DDS program for the University at Buffalo, although for UB and not to any of the affiliated colleges. It's really cool that you applied too though! Did you happen to get any mail or emails from Buffalo concerning the dental program since you applied? I haven't, so I'm kind of worried right now haha. Anyways, best of luck to you as well!
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  • olivia322olivia322 19 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @Whoppy no I haven't heard anything either, but I applied to do all 7 years at UB as well! It seems like we should be getting something soon, at least I hope! I'll be crossing my fingers :)
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  • olivia322olivia322 19 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @Whoppy have you heard anything yet? It seems to be getting later and later, still nothing!
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  • WhoppyWhoppy 4 replies3 threads New Member
    Hi, apologies for the late response! I got a letter dated February 3rd in the mail February 6th asking that I complete a supplement.
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  • olivia322olivia322 19 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I did too! Very exciting! :)
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