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***Official Thread for BSMD Applicants 2018***


Replies to: ***Official Thread for BSMD Applicants 2018***

  • REOSpeedwagonREOSpeedwagon Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    @empire007 I am as white as sour cream so it's probably a no go for me, lol. I thought some of my EC's were kinda cool and definetley unique, but they are mostly ag related (I'm a farm kid, whaddya expect lol). I did do some cancer cell research at DMU, and presented my findings at DUCURS 2017, which is an undergraduate science fair at the Drake School of Pharmacy The 3.9 is my unweighted GPA. I think I may just go undergraduate and dental school instead. I will graduate debt-free from undergraduate in two years and finish dental school in four (if I get in). Dentistry also means working less hours and still getting to help people, which is my main goal in life. Thanks for the response!
  • mouse2mouse2 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    edited June 27
    @GoldenRock Thanks!
    @REOSpeedwagon Yeah, I'm hoping to get about 100 more hours this summer. Do you think that would be enough? For leadership I'm Chinese Honor Society co-president and I've contacted my principal about setting up a Science National Honor Society. Hopefully that works out. Thanks!
  • Empire007Empire007 Registered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    @REOSpeedwagon you didn't mention anything specific in your earlier post about your research...cancer cell research and presenting your work at a conference definitely changes things. Having presented your work at a state, regional or national level is a big plus. As I stated earlier, I still feel if you want to have a 'serious shot' at BSMD, try and raise your ACT score to at least 34, and really push the specifics of your research in your common app and specifically your supplemental apps (that is a great talking point). 3.9 unweighted is definitely a competitive GPA as well. Also judging by the demographics I saw when my DC had multiple interviews, being white may not be such a detrement. Most people we saw in the interviews were of Asian decent (either Chinese or Indian). Otherwise going undergrad and later trying for med or dental is of course a personal preference. I wish you luck..
  • Empire007Empire007 Registered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    edited June 27
    @mouse2 your stats look strong. Make sure you have the required SAT II exams for each program (ex/ RPI requires SAT II in both Math 1 and Math 2 or at least did during 2016 app cycle). IMHO judging by your stats you probalby have a very good chance at interviews (I would never predict acceptance, just too many variables such as interview skills etc) for all but Stony Brook, UPitt and CWRU. Even those 3 you may have a chance for interview call but they are far more competive. StonyBrook because it is such a sought after program for NYS residents because of the extremely reasonable tuition and their very limited number of seats (plus it is an excellent program), UPitt and CWRU are both top tier programs that are very desireable. But certainly apply to all.
  • drcowboysfandrcowboysfan Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Drexel is no longer BSMD it's now an early assurance program so you might want to look into that if you are looking to be guaranteed medical school when you are accepted :-)
  • mouse2mouse2 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Alright @Empire007 , thanks a lot for the info and especially for your honest opinion. Is there anything specific that you thought I could improve on my app (besides GPA etc. that I won't really be able to fix) to possibly improve my chances?

    Also, according to RPI's website IF you're taking the SAT and not the ACT, for SAT IIs they just want "one in math and one in science-student's choice."
  • Empire007Empire007 Registered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    edited June 27
    @mouse2 quite honestly this whole process is a crapshoot, you have stats that are very competitive for many programs, but then again none of us know what the program directors are really looking for. As I've said before each program looks for different kinds of candidates. Your research experience will be very attractive to RPI/AMC, your lack of shadowing and hospital hours will hurt you if you were applying to schools that weigh that heavily like UConn or VCU. though neither of those schools were on your list so it won't matter to you. Also none of the schools on your list will penalize you because you are OOS (I assume you are NYS resident so Stony Brook being a SUNY school works in your favor). Perhaps the biggest thing with every program is the candidate show a real passion for medicine whether that be lots of research or lots of hours shadowing. Your strength appears to be your academics and your research so exploit those strengths in the programs you choose. All this being said apply broadly and let the chips fall where they may.
  • REOSpeedwagonREOSpeedwagon Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    @Empire007 I didn't think to include that when I first typed it lol. Does it also help if I have had research papers on Israeli water issues published by the World Food Prize Institute (agriculture's Nobel Prize equivalent). The highest I would be able to get on the ACT would be maybe a 31, and even then, that would have to be on a good day for me in math, lol. There is a lot of stuff I didn't put on here that I could because I am curious about what to put on this application. Could you give me some feedback on whether I should put the published papers on this app? Thanks a lot.
  • REOSpeedwagonREOSpeedwagon Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    @Empire007 Even if I got accepted, I don't know if my parents would allow me to attend because of tuition costs alone (free undergrad at ISU and finishing in 2 years sounds great to me and them). I feel dentistry is more my thing anyways, and I have heard of students actually not enjoying these kinds of programs due to course work and missing out on a normal college experience. I just don't get why they give Iowa kids out of state and they give Illinois and Kansas kids Regional tuition. I can literally get in my car and drive 25 minutes to Missouri, LOL.
  • GoldenRockGoldenRock Registered User Posts: 915 Member
    Absolutely, why not? The point you are conveying is your level of commitment and efforts. It is not necessary every thing has to be medical related. You are demonstrating your various skills which are critical for any one to succeed in academic or career or life.
  • REOSpeedwagonREOSpeedwagon Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    Does anyone know if programs like this but for dentistry exist? I Googled some stuff and I couldn't find anything conclusive. Thanks for the help guys!
  • Empire007Empire007 Registered User Posts: 129 Junior Member
    edited June 27
    @REOSpeedwagon (once again great band, their biggest hit was my wedding song lol). The more you open up about your background the better of a candidate you look to me (of course what I think ultimately means nothing). List anything you published like as @GoldenRock correctly pointed out, EC's like that don't all have to be medically related. Put on your app as much as possible of what you have accomplished. I thought your chances earlier were marginal at best from what you wrote and the more you have opened up the more I look at your chances differently. See if you can take a ACT prep course to see if they can help you with your math skills.
  • REOSpeedwagonREOSpeedwagon Registered User Posts: 13 New Member
    I love the band too. I will look into the prep classes. I just hope when (if) I apply that they will look at all of my factors instead of just a kid with a 3.9 GPA and a 30 ACT, and realize I am someone whose true interest is in helping people and medicine. I will try and keep you guys posted on my progress. Thanks a lot for all of your help!
  • rc2017rc2017 Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    Hello all! I am an incoming freshman starting at Northwestern HPME in the fall. I posted the information below to the 2017 Results thread but also wanted to post it here. I apologize for the length. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions - I am happy to help.

    GPA: 4.0 (UW); 4.67 (W)
    Class Rank: N/A

    SAT: 2380
    Subscores: Math (790), Reading (800), Writing (790)

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Biology: 800
    Chemistry: 800
    Math 2: 800

    AP’s at time of application (11 total, 5 on all AP exams):
    Calculus AB
    Calculus BC
    English Language and Composition
    Physics 2
    Spanish Language and Composition
    United States History
    World History

    Senior AP's (6 in senior year):
    Physics C Mechanics
    Computer Science
    English Literature and Composition
    United States Government and Politics
    Environmental Science

    Teacher Recs: (Hopefully) Excellent

    State: PA
    Gender: M
    Ethnicity: Indian American
    Income: 150k+
    Hooks: Don’t think I had any major “hooks,” like URM, low-income, etc.

    Major ECs:
    - Research (since freshman year; oral, poster presentations at professional scientific conferences)
    - Future Business Leaders of America (national and state award winner)
    - Flute (award winner)
    - Science Competitions (USABO, USNCO, Science Bowl, science fairs, etc.)
    - Speech/Debate, Model UN - Parliamentarian
    - Mu Alpha Theta (National Math Honor Society) - Treasurer
    - Science Bowl Team - Founder & Captain
    - Chess Club - President
    - Musical Outreach Club - Secretary
    - Boy Scouts - Life Scout Rank
    - Tennis
    - Spanish Club
    - National Honor Society

    Community Service:
    - Physical Therapy volunteer at local hospital
    - Teach chess at local elementary school
    - Volunteer w/ local rotary club at VA Hospital
    - Perform music at local venues like retirement communities, hospitals, libraries w/ Musical Outreach Club

    Medically related activities:
    - 4 years of biomedical research at University of Pittsburgh (worked in the lab during school year and summer); 2 years in a transplant immunology lab; 2 years in a molecular imaging lab
    - Volunteered at local hospital, VA hospital
    - Shadowed transplant nephrologist
    - Shadowed cardiologist

    Major Awards/Honors (Did my best to cut it down from my CV, sorry for the length):

    - 2017 National Merit Scholar
    - Coca-Cola Scholars Program Semifinalist
    - National AP Scholar Award

    - Oral Presentation, American Medical Informatics Association 2016 Annual Symposium (12th grade)
    - First & Presenting Author, Poster Presentation at University of Pittsburgh Science 2016 (12th grade)
    - First & Presenting Author, Poster Presentation at University of Pittsburgh Science 2015 (11th grade)
    - Coauthor, Poster Presentation at World Transplant Congress 2014, Poster of Distinction (10th grade)

    - Semifinalist, United States of America Biology Olympiad (11th grade)
    - Semifinalist, United States National Chemistry Olympiad (11th grade)
    - National Winner, President’s Environmental Youth Award (11th grade)
    - Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS):
    o 1st Place in State Competition (11th, 9th grade)
    o 1st Place in Regional Competition – Perfect Score (11th, 9th grade)
    o Director’s Award in Biology (11th grade)
    o Provost’s Award from Duquesne University (11th grade)
    o Multidisciplinary Science Award (11th grade)
    - 3rd Place & Regional Finalist, Southwestern Pennsylvania Science Bowl (11th grade)

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
    - National Awards:
    o National Finalist in Economics (11th Grade)
    o 5th Place in Introduction to Business (10th grade)
    - State (Pennsylvania) Awards:
    o 3rd Place in Economics (11th grade)
    o 2nd Place in Introduction to Business (10th grade)

    Forensics and Model United Nations
    - Best Large Delegation, University of Pittsburgh Model United Nations Conference (12th grade)
    - 1st Place in Impromptu Speaking, Penn State Erie Speech and Debate Tournament (10th grade)
    - 2nd Place, University of Pittsburgh Model United Nations Conference (10th grade)

    - Selected as 1st Flute, 2nd Chair in PMEA District Orchestra (11th grade)
    - Selected as 1st Flute, 3rd Chair in PMEA District Honors Band (11th grade)
    - Selected as 1st Flute in PMEA District Band East (11th grade)
    - Selected as 2nd Flute, 4th Chair in Allegheny Valley Honors Band (9th grade)

    - Silver Medal, National Spanish Exam Level IV (10th grade)

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    1) Northwestern HPME - interview - ACCEPTED
    2) Brown PLME - Rejected RD
    3) University of Pittsburgh GAP - interview - Rejected
    4) Washington University in St. Louis USP - Rejected pre-interview
    5) Case Western PPSP - Rejected pre-interview

    Applied to the following undergraduate:
    1) Yale - ACCEPTED (Likely Letter)
    2) Duke - ACCEPTED (A.B. Duke Scholar - Full-ride merit scholarship)
    3) Johns Hopkins University - ACCEPTED (Hodson Trust Scholar - $35K/yr merit scholarship)
    4) University of Pennsylvania Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management - ACCEPTED
    5) Case Western Undergrad - ACCEPTED
    6) University of Pittsburgh Undergrad - ACCEPTED (Honors College)
    7) WUSTL Undergrad - ACCEPTED
    8) Brown Undergrad - Waitlisted
    9) University of Michigan - Waitlisted
    10) Stanford - Rejected

    DECISION: Northwestern HPME

    Scholarship / Aid: None. Don't qualify.

    Reflection in next post.
  • mouse2mouse2 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    @Empire007 Thanks so much man! I'm an NJ resident, so I probably have a better chance applying to the NJMS schools. It's beside the point, but I've heard you can claim in-state tuition after a year of residency in NY. I'll try my best to communicate the good vibes I've felt at the retirement home in my essays and my interviews, and get a recommendation from my supervisor.

    Good luck @REOSpeedwagon ! Dw man, if colleges want to see passion they probably don't look for it in test scores, but in ECs like yours :)
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