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BS/MD Results - Class of 2019

NoviceDadNoviceDad 1512 replies13 threads Senior Member
edited February 2019 in Multiple Degree Programs
This thread is to post the stats and feedback/reflection from students / parents to post the BS/MD Acceptance at the end of the cycle. Below is a post from a student of previous cycle to provide the sample format.
This is a very nice post from previous year's results thread. You can copy & paste & update with your details when you post. Thank you so much in advance to help future students / parents.

Important Note: Please post only results. If you have questions and discussion topics, please use the other thread which will have the year and BS/MD applicant in the title.

******* SAMPLE POST *******

Posting for my daughter ...

GPA: 4.0 (UW), 4.75 (W) at the time of application

Class Rank: NA; Class Size 350+

ACT: 34
SAT: 1510

SAT Subject Tests:
Chemistry: 800
Math 2: 800
Bio: 800

AP's (at time of application)

AP Calculus BC: 5;
AP Physics C-Mechanics: 5;
AP Computer Science A: 5;
AP Biology - 4;

AP Chemistry and AP Statistics (both will be taken this year);

IB – MYP certificate.

Teacher / Counselor Recs: Not seen but assume to be Very Strong, teachers knew my daughter well and mutual respect existed at both ends.

State: PA
Gender: F
Ethnicity: Non-Caucasian
Income: >150k
Hooks: None

- SWENext Northrop Grumman Community Award – Winner
- Aspirations in Computing Affiliate (Regional) Award Winner and Honorable Mention
- Associate Scientist Award (Regional Science & Engineering Fair)
- Junior Scientist Award (Regional Science & Engineering Fair)
- Top 5 International Finalist at a well-known competition
- Data Jam - Winner (twice) (also Captain)

Major ECs:
- FIRST Robotics - member; Qualified four times for World Championships in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)
- Piano - 10+ years ; Winner of competitions
- Martial Arts - 3rd degree Black belt -- 10+ years
- Golf - High School JV and Varsity team --- 4 years
- Music technology - 3 years

- AMIE / Math League
- Verizon App Challenge
- Cultural Communications Alliance International Marketing Competition

Community Service:
- President of the Local Youth Chapter of a foundation focused on education (involvement > 5 years)
- Volunteer - at an Independent Senior community &
- Volunteer - at a Rehabilitation and Wellness Center:
- Teaching and playing piano to patients needing memory support due to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Medically related activities:
- Physician Shadowing
- Research Assistantship at a local University
- Research Survey at a Medical center

Mentoring/ Teaching:
Peer Tutoring: Tutor other students at school in the subjects of Chemistry and Geometry.
Robotics: Founded a FLL Team and mentored middle school kids; mentored 3 other FLL / FTC teams
Martial Arts: Volunteered to teach children

Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
1) Northwestern HPME - interviewed - ACCEPTED
2) PennState / Jefferson - interviewed - ACCEPTED
3) Stony Brook Scholars for Medicine - interviewed - ACCEPTED
4) Drexel/Drexel - interviewed - ACCEPTED
5) Temple/ Temple - interviewed - rejected (accepted undergrad with scholarships)
6) Hofstra - interviewed - rejected (accepted undergrad with scholarships)
7) UPitt GAP, CaseWestern, URochester, UCinncinati - rejected pre-interview (accepted undergrad with scholarships)
8) Rice/Baylor, Brown PLME - waitlisted undergrad; rejected BSMD
9) BU, UConn - rejected
10) GW - withdrew

Applied to the following undergraduates:
1) Carnegie Mellon - Computer Science - ACCEPTED
2) Stanford, JohnsHopkins, MIT, UPenn - rejected

DECISION: Northwestern HPME
Scholarship: None


It is a Roller-Coaster ride; be prepared for a long 6 month ride!
God only knows what these admissions committee folks look into the applications;
Interview acceptance or rejections APPEAR to have NO relationship with your score or accomplishments; a "higher" rank university may invite you for an interview and you may be rejected by a "lower" ranked university!
So apply to 10-15+ programs and pray for the best.

Somethings we learned:

- About 3500-4000 students apply for BSMD programs. If you add up the BS/MD seats available across all universities, they are < 500. So, you know the odds of getting in.

- Many universities prefer in-state students e.g. NJ, TX, CT, OH universities.

- Universities constantly re-calibrate their yields - i.e. ratio of offers to accepted students. For example, Rice this year had over 2000 applications compared to 750 last year. But they sent offer acceptances to 199 this year compared to 233 last year. You may be on the wrong side of their yield management.

- UPitt: Apply only if you have a FULL score on SAT or ACT; it is a wasted effort otherwise. It has an OUT-of-state preference (one of the odd ball universities in this regard).
- Rice/Baylor: they have 6 seats; RICE will send around 200 applications to Baylor and Baylor will invite 25. Odds for out-of-state are low.
- UCinncinati: If out of state, put it on a very low priority; very strong in-state preference.
- Same for UConn - if out of state, do not waste your time.
- BU: should change its name to "Mute" university for lack of any communications.
- Rice/Baylor and Brown PLME - I would like to call them "apply and forget" - after applying, think about them only after March 21.

- Northwestern: HPME program officials were absent for HPME session on Admitted Student days; I believe this is not respecting time and money parents spend visiting the university; excellent HPME student interactions - kudos to them; Regular Undergrad faculty present for other sessions - good interactions with them; good vibe at the campus.
- Penn/Jeff: The best and most well organized interview day. Kudos to the university. Great speakers; good financial aid session; excellent student interactions; good vibe at the campus.
- Stonybrook: No parent sessions; could not form any opinion about the school/ program; student-to-student interactions with WISE students; daughter like the university.
- Hofstra Medical: Very good and small group parent session; very informative and open to all kinds of questions; other universities should emulate them.
- Temple: Was chaotic.
- Drexel: was on a Saturday; limited student or faculty interaction; informative session and Q&A.

Lastly, be judicious about the time you spend on College Confidential. Spending more time here DOES NOT increase your chances of acceptance. But it can definitely increase your anxiety levels, especially as folks get interview calls. But, it remains a great source of information and support.

Thank you for a great forum and all the best to future aspirants!
I will be lurking around!
edited February 2019
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Replies to: BS/MD Results - Class of 2019

  • MKurianMathewMKurianMathew 9 replies9 threads Junior Member
    How does one pay for BS/MD program in NW
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  • NoviceDadNoviceDad 1512 replies13 threads Senior Member
    This thread is only for results from BS/MD applications.
    Please post your question on the discussion thread

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  • bsmd1826bsmd1826 125 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @MKurianMathew Paid for by parents if they can afford or take a loan
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  • smltwnDsmltwnD 21 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Why did you guys choose union/AMC. Anything you liked when you are at the interview. I have a daughter who is a sophomore interested in business/medicine. I thought this program might be ideal, anything you can give insight on what makes her a good candidate to get into this program. Thank you for your information
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  • zsxBSMD2019zsxBSMD2019 30 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited March 2019
    @smltwnD Hi! My main reason for liking the LIM program so much is that it offers not just the BS and MD degrees but also an MBA, which is something that no other BSMD program offers. Looking at the curriculum that they gave us on interview day, everything is so well-integrated and we don't have to take General Education courses (which is a HUGE plus for me, I've always felt some GenEd courses to be a waste of time), allowing time for all the healthcare management courses. The atmosphere of both schools was also just so welcoming and I truly felt like the schools care about their students. I've spoken to a couple former LIM students and they all loved their experiences.

    During the interview, they emphasized leadership as a majorly important quality for a future student, as it is the key focus of the program, so make sure your daughter is able to discuss her leadership experiences. The interviewer had my application printed and picked things on it to ask me to elaborate about, so make sure she reviews her application before her interview date and knows it well enough to talk about it. I had an internship in Business and was thus able to express my interest in business based off my previous experiences and about how the program would allow me to synthesize my joint interest in business and medicine. So I think it would be helpful if your daughter had some prior experience business-related to discuss.

    They also value the rigor of the high school course record (e.g. AP classes) and grades are important. A blind spot is the CASPer test - they never mentioned the test or how its results were used, so I'm unsure how that was weighed into the interview selection/acceptance process.

    That's all I can think of now, but if I remember other tips, I can PM you. Additionally, if you have other questions, feel free to reach out! I'd love to help as much as I can. Best of luck to your daughter when she applies :)
    edited March 2019
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  • smltwnDsmltwnD 21 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Thank you so much for your insight. I will ping you once I show this to my daughter and if she has additional questions.
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  • smltwnDsmltwnD 21 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I was trying to PM you but could not do it. Can you trying to ping me please.
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  • smltwnDsmltwnD 21 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I sent you a message, please respond at your convenience
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  • medgirl6medgirl6 43 replies0 threads Junior Member
    GPA: 4.0 (UW), 4.563 (W) at the time of application

    Class Rank: top 1%; Class Size 700+

    SAT: 1550

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Math 2: 800
    Chem: 760

    AP's (at time of application)

    - US History (3)
    - Environmental Science (4)
    - Biology (5)
    - Psychology (5)
    - Microeconomics (5)
    - Macroeconomics (5)
    - Calculus AB (5)
    - English Language (5)
    - Calculus BC (4, subscore-5)

    Statistics, Chemistry, World History (will be taken this year)

    Teacher / Counselor Recs: Personal and Strong!

    State: OR
    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: Non-Caucasian
    Income: >500k
    Hooks: None.

    - National Merit Scholar
    - National AP Scholar
    - AP Scholar with Distinction
    - ISEF Finalist
    - Taekwondo State/Nat/Intl Champion
    - Academic honors

    Major ECs:
    - Research at OHSU
    - Taekwondo- 9 years
    - Intel Internship
    - Robotics FRC

    Community Service:
    - Key Club: 4 years
    - Bollywood Dance @ Nonprofits 5+ yrs

    Medically related activities:
    - OHSU Research
    - Cardiologist Shadowing (40 hours)
    - Pediatrician Shadowing/Volunteering
    - Rotations through school, 80+ hrs

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    1) BU SMED- Interview, Accepted
    2) UMKC BA/MD – rejected pre-interview
    3) Rochester REMS- Interview, Rejected
    4) RPI/AMC - Waitlist, Interview, Waitlist, Withdrew
    5) Case Western PPSP- Interview, Rejected
    6) NJMS (w/ NJIT, Drew, Caldwell)- Interview, Withdrew
    7) SBU/GW- Interview SBU, Interview GW, Accepted
    8) NU HPME- Rejected pre-interview

    Applied to the following undergraduate:
    1) Oregon State University (Safety)- Accepted


    Scholarship: 20k/year Nat Merit

    Reflection: It's a wild ride, and I know it sounds very cliche, but the programs just want to know you. Just remember that going into the interviews, they already love you and just want reasons to take you. Be yourself and don't overthink things!
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  • gallentjillgallentjill 2387 replies84 threads Senior Member
    @cherax and @medgirl6 Congrats to both of you and thanks for posting!
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  • bsmdseekerskgbsmdseekerskg 63 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @medgirl6 @cherax - Congratulations and good luck.
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  • phillabi000phillabi000 13 replies0 threads New Member
    GPA: 4.0 (UW), 4.167 (W) at time of applications

    Class Rank: 7/342

    ACT: 34

    SAT Subject Tests: N/A

    AP's: I did not send them, but Chemistry (3), European History (4), Language and Composition (4)
    I also have taken AP Calculus AB, and am currently taking AP Psychology, AP Physics 1, and AP Statistics. I have taken all of these classes dual enrollment as well.

    Teacher / Counselor Recs: I have not seen them, but I think they are probably strong. I chose teachers that I felt were most impactful on me, and that I had the closest relationships with.

    State: KS
    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Income: > 150k
    Hooks: none

    - National Merit Commended Scholar
    - AP Scholar
    - Kansas Scholar
    - 3 year Academic Letter Winner

    Major EC's:
    - Track and Field: two time state qualifier, three time all-regional team, three time all-league team
    - National Honor Society Officer
    - Piano: 11 years, various awards
    - Marine Biology Club President
    - Student Ambassadors
    - Relay for Life

    Medically Related Activities (including community service):
    - Hospital Volunteering ( >100-120 hours I think at time of application)
    - Nursing Home Volunteering
    - General Physician Shadowing (40 hours)
    - CNA and HHA Certified
    - Dietary Aide
    - Wake Forest Summer Immersion Program in Medicine
    - Health Careers Program through my school

    Applied to the following BS/MD programs:
    UMKC BA/MD: interviewed, ACCEPTED
    Tulsa ECCM: interviewed, ACCEPTED

    Applied to the following undergraduates:
    Brown University: rejected RD
    Butler University: accepted
    Carleton College: waitlist
    Creighton University: accepted w/ Honors Program
    Davidson College: waitlist
    Duke University: rejected RD
    Grinnell College: accepted
    Northwestern University: rejected RD
    Drake University: accepted
    University of Kansas: accepted w/ LEAD Program
    Coe College: accepted
    Wartburg College: accepted

    DECISION: While I have not made my enrollment deposit yet, my likely decision is UMKC
    Scholarship: none

    Going into this process, I feel like I was kind of clueless, but I have always known that I have wanted to be a doctor. I had no idea how many BS/MD programs were offered throughout the country, but I was familiar with UMKC because it is close to where I live, and I came across Tulsa's program by chance, and I knew I wanted to do a BS/MD program if accepted. I think what helped me be successful in both my applications and interviews was my experience in patient care (such as CNA and HHA), which I could really draw from when answering questions, and that I really stayed true to myself. There are so many qualified, deserving students for these spots, and it is hard to know what exactly admissions is looking for, so your best shot is letting your personality shine through, because ultimately you want a school that is the best fit for who you are as a person. Also, I learned to have confidence in my accomplishments and abilities. I know that it is so easy to compare yourself to others, but don't think you won't be competitive just because you don't have a perfect GPA, or perfect test scores. Average scores of admitted students mean that some admitted students are above, and some are below, so if you are close, you should take your chance! Finally, I think it is so important to give yourself mental breaks. While I may not have had quite as many hours in some areas, I felt like I prevented myself from becoming burned out.
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  • whitecanewhitecane 178 replies1 threads Junior Member
    GPA: 3.77 (UW) at the time of application/3.82 (UW) by the end of high school year, 4.62 (W) at the time of application.

    Class Rank: N/A; Class Size N/A

    ACT: 35 (12/12 writing)
    SAT: 1530 (24/24 writing)

    SAT Subject Tests:
    Chemistry: 770
    Math 2: 800

    AP's (at the time of application)

    AP Chem(5), AP Macroeconomics (4), AP Microeconomics (4), AP Gov (4), AP Bio (4), AP Calculus AB (4), AP European History (3), AP Physics 1 (3), AP Lang (4), AP Lit (4), AP Calculus BC (4), AP Physics 2 (3), APUSH (5), AP World (3); AP Foreign Language; 5 College Level Courses: Chemistry, Math, English Literature, Foreign Language.

    Teacher / Counselor Recs: Guidance Counselor (9/10), Chemistry Teacher: (8/10), English Teacher (9/10)

    Region: West Coast
    Gender: F
    Ethnicity: Non-Caucasian
    Hooks: Nothing special

    -AP Scholar with Distinction
    -National Merit Commended Scholar
    -AXA Achievement Scholar (Winner)
    -UKTOC/NIETOC Qualifier
    -Champion at 16 tournaments for Speech and Debate

    Major ECs:
    -National Speech and Debate Association: Special Distinction (4 years)
    -Founder and President of School Red Cross Club (2 years)
    -Community Outreach Clubs (4 years)
    -National Junior Honors Society/National Honors Society (4 years)

    -Volunteer Coordinator at Community Cultural Events (3 years)
    -Dance (3 years)

    Community Service:
    -Founder and President of non-profit organization dedicated for local homeless community (2 years)
    -Hospital Volunteering (450+ hours, 5 years clinical and non clinical)

    Medically related activities:
    - Physician Shadowing in 4 specialities (130+hours)
    - Research Assistantship at a renowned Research Institute (560+ hours, 2 years); working on publication, publishing in late 2019.
    - Research Intern at another well-known Research Institute (160+ hours, ongoing, 3 months); 3 papers published by the time of graduation.

    Mentoring/ Teaching:
    -Peer Tutoring: Tutor other students at school in the subjects of Chemistry and Math.
    -Speech Coach for Peers in Team
    -International Tutor
    -ACT/SAT Tutor
    -Math Instructor (Paid)

    Applied to the following BS/MD Programs:
    -UMKC: Interviewed, Accepted
    -VCU: Interviewed, Accepted
    -UPitt: Interviewed, Accepted
    -CNU (2+4): Interviewed, Accepted
    -Penn State: Rejected Pre-Interview
    -Rochester: Rejected Pre-Interview
    -BU: Rejected Pre-Interview
    -GW: Rejected Pre-Interview
    -CWRU: Rejected Pre-Interview
    -PLME: Rejected
    -HPME: Rejected Pre-Interview
    -UCinn: Rejected Pre-Interview
    -RPI: Rejected Pre-Interview
    -USciences: never heard back lol

    Applied to the following undergraduates:
    UC Berkeley—Accepted, UChicago—waitlisted

    DECISION: University of Pittsburgh—GAP Program
    Scholarship: 15K/year

    Strength: Essays! I would consider myself as a pretty strong writer, so I was able to effectively convey all my love and passion for each prompt given the world limit. I was also very passionate about both my research projects, and was able to convey that to my interviewers. Given my extensive speech background and my personality lol, I was also a good conversationalist during my interviews!


    Wow! Its been such a long journey! My biggest fear going into applying for these programs was my low unweighted GPA, as I thought I would be filtered out by all the universities based on that. Each university has their own criteria while looking for applicants, so apply widely, you never know who’ll love your application! On that note, I am so so thankful for every interview invite, and it really boiled down to a tough decision. Every interview made me feel more confident as an applicant, and really thankful for everyone on College Confidential for the immense information and support. I am also so glad I applied everywhere to give me the best chance of getting admitted to a single program!

    Somethings we learned:

    -Try your every best to maintain the highest GPA possible; it took me 2 years of striving for a 4.0 GPA to balance my freshman year regrets, so every year counts to be a competitive applicant!

    -Don’t get dejected by the first few rejections, all you need is a single acceptance!

    -Interviews are a lot of fun!! But just be yourself, they want to know whether you will be a good fit for them and if they’re a good fit for you. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not, be genuine and let your passion for medicine and healthcare shine through your answer!

    -These programs are also not everything; keep a positive mind and attitude, you’ll end up where you’re destined to! Best of luck to all the future applicants, you got this!!
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  • MehaPrabhu17MehaPrabhu17 2 replies1 threads New Member
    edited February 17
    Hello, my daughter also got into BU SMED.
    edited February 17
    Post edited by MaineLonghorn on
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  • motivatmotivat 22 replies0 threads Junior Member
    edited April 2019
    Congratulations @cherax, @phillabi000, @whitecane, @GoldenStateDad and thanks for sharing stats/experiences
    edited April 2019
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