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What kind of STATS / EC's for PLME? HPME?

talk_about_ambitiontalk_about_ambition 371 replies31 threads Member
edited March 2007 in Multiple Degree Programs
Hey guys,

I've been looking thru so many threads.. especially the ED thread for brown's plme. Most of the accepted students submitted stellar stats... but with almost no "amazong" ec's. I was just wondering, does having great stats w/ alright ec's go a long way with the acc. programs?

I keep reading on here that hpme kids have ridiculous ecs.... whether it be the international chem olympiad or the presidential scholarship.

Anyways, most kids that were accepted ED to plme had these types of stats:

sat: 2200 - 2300
SAT2s: 700 - 800s ... some high 600s.
GPA: anywhere from a 3.6 UW - 4.0
APs: 5's all around w/ the exception of a 3-4 in Physics, even saw a 2..

most ecs were your regular kinds ... 2-400 hrs volunteering, clubs ... didn't happen to see anything amazing. then again; mabye they just didnt put them up?

Anyways, just loooking for some advice... does having these kinds of stats (3.7+ gpa / 2300 SAT / 7-8 APs with all arond 5s / SAT2s with high 700's if not 800) go really far for plme? hpme?

if ecs matter thattt much, what kinds really stand out?
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Replies to: What kind of STATS / EC's for PLME? HPME?

  • madamebovarymadamebovary 1579 replies61 threads Senior Member
    um there are so many factors behind the scores. The essay and interview (well not for plme) are super important. So yes its possible you can get a interview with those scores and possibly not get in the end.
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  • md4memd4me 353 replies43 threads Member
    the interview is usually the determining stage- lots of medical volunteering looks good
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  • PipingHotTofuPipingHotTofu 558 replies14 threads Member
    yer forgetting the most important component to all of these programs in general ----> luck.

    Besides a few exceptions, you can only go so far to tell who's got it made in the shade in terms of these programs...people with perfect scores are no doubt rejected by plme and hpme, as are people w/ outstanding ec's...
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  • AceMaster33AceMaster33 80 replies0 threads Junior Member
    the essay is humongous as well, they want you to be able to articulate convincing reasons why you want to be a physician and back it up, personally i think essay is one of the things that makes some kids stand out and others get rejected, when many people have comparable stats that's how they separate the men from the boys when selecting who gets an interview and who doesn't
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  • Aspen DAspen D 1444 replies41 threads Senior Member
    just do the best you can everywehre...build character.
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  • dnajazzdnajazz 11 replies0 threads New Member
    we should write a book about this...sure, there are books on the market, but two authors can only do so much. if we each go to all the different prog's, we can get inside opinions...dispell the myths, and help others not have to go thru the pain we got thru.
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  • SHS_SpartanSHS_Spartan 836 replies107 threads Member
    This is off-topic but what does HPME/PLME stand for?
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  • AceMaster33AceMaster33 80 replies0 threads Junior Member
    HPME is Northwestern University's 7-year honors program in medical education, PLME is Brown University's 7-year Program in Liberal Medical Education, both super excellent programs
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  • shawn829shawn829 170 replies4 threads Junior Member
    brown is 8-year
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  • SHS_SpartanSHS_Spartan 836 replies107 threads Member
    Thanks AceMaster, I thought it was an acronym for something..
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  • EvilbooyaaEvilbooyaa 661 replies11 threads Member
    Great Stats helps definitely, but ECs are important as well, not only for the first admission phase, but also the interview stage (they'll ask you to describe some of your ECs).

    Some of my advice may be incorrect, seeing as how I've been rejected from 2/3 out of the programs I applied to (no interview). However, I blame that on my less than steller SAT Verbal Score (650), and my essays. My essays were probably atrocious compared to other applications the admissions people were looking at.
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  • hannanaqhannanaq 447 replies41 threads Member
    essays are extremely important and if you make it, the interview will be the most important
    stats only get you consideration, but dont get you in
    just demonstrate a passion for medicine and you will be fine
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  • AceMaster33AceMaster33 80 replies0 threads Junior Member
    o whoops im **** i dn what i was saying, ya brown is 8-year
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