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Need help w/ realistic suggestions! =)

smarty99smarty99 935 replies46 threads Member
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ok...so i wanna do one of these ba/md medicine programs. there are loads out there. but some are super super super selective. they choose like 10/2000 kids. can someone give me some reputable ba/md programs that would be suitable for me?

Here are my stats:

Weighted: 4.5
Unweighted: 4.00

Class Rank: 10/760 ~top 1%
ACT: 31

apush, ap chem, ap psych, ap calc BC, ap physics, ap bio (will get 5's and a couple 4's on these....din't get scores back..haha)

Math, Chem, US history 750+ on all...didn't get scores back either..lol

9th grade
World History
Biology Honors
Geometry Honors
Keyboarding (really helpful..lol)
Business and Consumer
Spanish 2

10th grade
Chemistry Honors
Spanish 3 Honors
Intermediate and College Algebra Honors
Child Psychology and Development
English 2
Contemporary World History

11th grade (rite now!!)

AP US History
AP Chem
Physics Honors
Spanish 4 Honors
Precalculus Honors
English 3

12th grade (next yr schedule)

AP biology
AP Psych
AP Physics

Spanish club
club interact
Math Team
Peer Helpers
mu alpha theta
national honors society
spanish honors society

convalescent Center
Central Hospital
Election judge (awesome experience =) )

Awards: (not much)

3 President's education awards
4 Academic Achievement Awards
Illinois State Scholar
AP Scholar thingy

Pharmacy internship via walgreens and midwestern univeristy

Essay: im a good writer...ill figure somethin out (hopefully..hehe)
Recs: not worried. i <3 my teachers

so is there a program not extremely selective that i can realistically get into? thanks for ur help guys!
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Replies to: Need help w/ realistic suggestions! =)

  • SirensongSirensong 942 replies21 threadsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation Member
    I know Muhlenberg has one, the program is really selective, but the school is a safety for you, so it may be doable.
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  • hehs503434hehs503434 98 replies6 threads Junior Member
    look into umkc and slu...def can get into those with realistic chances
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  • MiamiDAPMiamiDAP 16183 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Get higher score on ACT
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  • MomwaitingfornewMomwaitingfornew 5611 replies210 threads Senior Member
    There's a Lehigh/Drexel program as well as a Drexel/Drexel. The Lehigh/Drexel program is considered the more desirable because of the quality of Lehigh undergrad.
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  • smarty99smarty99 935 replies46 threads Member
    thanks so much sirensong, hehs503434, momwaitingfornew...defitnely gonnna look into those.

    miamidap, ur rite. my act score suxs. im trying but idk...im not able to surpass the 31 line =/. oh well.
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  • letsgo123letsgo123 89 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Currently, u should be able to get into neoucom, howard, toledo, and mercer

    If your ACT score increases, many more options open up
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  • pianoman007pianoman007 26 replies1 threads New Member
    check out uconn too. Those stats look pretty good for those applicants, I would say.
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  • smarty99smarty99 935 replies46 threads Member
    thanks so much guys!! ur suggestions mean a lot to me =)
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  • CC'erCC'er 218 replies16 threads- Junior Member
    kind of low ACT, definitely retake if you can.
    Your unweighted GPA of 4.0 and your rank suggests that maybe you are not taking the most rigorous courses. If your counselor does not check off "most rigorous," your not getting in.
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  • AliAngelAliAngel 720 replies16 threads Member
    there's BU/BUSM and BU/UMDNJ programs. BU/BUSM is 7 year and accepts ~25 students believe.
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  • smarty99smarty99 935 replies46 threads Member
    oh CC'er...i defintely have the most rigorous courses. our rank is unweighted and im in all honors/ ap's. my counselor will certainly check it off. yes, i am retaking the act in september but im not sure if its gonna improve by much.
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  • AliAngelAliAngel 720 replies16 threads Member
    don't worry, cc'er is just jealous because his gpa is 3.83.
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  • smarty99smarty99 935 replies46 threads Member
    haha...i still appreciate him taking the time to view this thread. and im sure his act score surpasses mine...this college stuff can get really stressful! all these combined medical programs seem to have <3% acceptance rates! my chances seem low at this point eitherway.
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  • pianoman007pianoman007 26 replies1 threads New Member
    yeah lol you, like most people who post on chance forums, have a chance. Good luck to you.

    CC'er: go away.
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  • cdz512cdz512 1283 replies20 threads- Senior Member
    "CC'er: go away."

    lol I second that :D
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