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Prescreen results and audition help

happystar2111happystar2111 14 replies5 threads New Member
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This is my first post in cc so if I'm doing anything wrong please tell me :)
I am planning to major in violin performance and was wondering when prospective students will typically hear back from colleges such as USC, Northwestern, NEC, Eastman, and Indiana JSoM.

Also, what is the crowd of students at these auditions like in terms of their personality? Are they kind of *in your face and trying to psych everyone out* kind of people or does it also vary from school to school?

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Replies to: Prescreen results and audition help

  • sopranomom92sopranomom92 1299 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Regarding Eastman: Eastman answers according to your requested audition date--the earlier dates hear earlier. You typically will hear 3 or 4 weeks before your audition date, maybe sooner. At the audition at Eastman, the atmosphere is totally supportive. They have many student volunteers, mostly freshman, working as helpers and tour guides. All the students were very nice, not at all "in your face"--quite the opposite, it was a very happy experience. The faculty were really nice and approachable. Good luck!
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  • happystar2111happystar2111 14 replies5 threads New Member
    Thank you so much, sopranomom92. Surprisingly enough I heard from Eastman right after posting this topic and I passed. Thanks for your help, I'm looking forward to the audition.
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  • POTO MomPOTO Mom 478 replies39 threads Member
    One of the interesting (and fun) parts of auditioning at the top tier schools you mentioned is that you will run into the same people over and over. So make friends at that first audition and you will have people you can talk to - well, really, for a long time. It's your peers that you will be with in competitions, at summer programs and maybe, in school. Enjoy it. If you're confident in yourself, you'll do fine.
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  • violindadviolindad 922 replies11 threads Member
    Last year we heard the prescreen results for violin from NEC in January.

    My son's experience at all the auditions was very positive. He did not observe anyone that was trying to psych anyone else out. Most of the people that he saw were in their own zone, prepping for auditions and everyone else respected this. Anyone that did interact was friendly and encouraging.

    At some schools in some departments, the faculty is very business-like and conduct the auditions in a very formal manner, while others are much more laid-back and relaxed. Don't interpret formality as disinterest nor warmth as interest. There was no correlation between faculty's behavior and the size of awards.
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  • drummerkiddrummerkid 21 replies3 threads New Member
    Does anyone know when SUNY Purchase emails the prescreen results (jazz)?? Has anyone heard from them yet??
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  • violadadvioladad 6351 replies294 threads Senior Member
  • glassharmonicaglassharmonica 3300 replies54 threads Senior Member
    For us the biggest issue with auditions was the snow. There was a blizzard for almost every audition-- so much anxiety over missed flights and fraught traveling. Because everyone was in the same boat, with regard to travel, there was a sense of camaraderie. Of the schools your list, my daughter only did NEC and Indiana. Both trips were fun (except that's harder to get to Bloomington than most places because it's about an hour away from the Indianapolis airport.) The other students were fine-- everyone was friendly and in the same boat. In some places it was hard to find a practice room for warming up. Indiana was really well-organized and had a lot of cheerful student volunteers to make sure no one got lost, and to scope out warm-up rooms for those who needed them.
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  • sopranomom92sopranomom92 1299 replies40 threads Senior Member
    Speaking of snow, for Eastman last year, we went to Rochester 2 days early. We had never visited, and we wanted to allow tons of time in case of delays. We ended up arriving w/o problems, so the two days gave my D plenty of time to observe classes and voice lessons, and even get a mini lesson. By the time the audition came up, she was relaxed, and focused. And nailed the audition. So if you can schedule your travel a day or two in advance, it's a good idea. Good luck!
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  • MezzoGirlMezzoGirl 44 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Jacob School of Music I know is very slow in responding on Prescreen results. Hang in there. Also, you probably will not hear anything until the admissions office at the school reopens after winter break.
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