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music in ucla or usc

itsjungggggitsjunggggg 18 replies14 threads Junior Member
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i want to major in music (preferably studio music, music technology...) and i was just wondering which would be the better choice... usc or ucla?

also wondering if berkeley has a good music program for this kind of music..?
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Replies to: music in ucla or usc

  • tuba269tuba269 144 replies1 threads Junior Member
    I think USC, if quality of the program is the only consideration.
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  • thelovelybonesthelovelybones 71 replies11 threads Junior Member
    ^ I second that. but really, look for a teacher that you like if you're going to study music performance.
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  • kmcmom13kmcmom13 3904 replies11 threads Senior Member
    Berkeley does not offer a bmus degree; it's part of the arts program. USC has pretty much the lockdown on studio/tech in it's contemporary music program.
    In terms of music technology, there are several routes to go, depending on your cohort interests. Eg if you were into electro acoustic music and are female, mills college in sf is interesting and offers a degree in electronic music. If you also had a proclivity for programming, stanford's computer music lab is quite groundbreaking. But if you're looking to hone performance inside a bmus tech degree, there are a handful of top programs around the nation. What's your end goal? And do you need to confine your search to ca?
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  • jazzshreddermomjazzshreddermom 1318 replies42 threads Senior Member
    Ditto what others said. Plus, UCLA does not offer a BM degree (more music, less GE). Only the BA (more GE, less music).

    USC offers the BM, and some programs offer both BA or BM.
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  • bam7pianobam7piano 12 replies1 threads New Member
    USC offers BM Degree in Music Industry, if that's what you're looking for! MUIN majors are offered two tracks: Technology and Business. You should look into this school. And as jazz/shreddermom says, UCLA only offers BA.
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  • LifeofsolitudeLifeofsolitude 225 replies52 threads Junior Member
    USC has a stronger music program overall...UCLA is more for if you want to minor.
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  • musicamusicamusicamusica 6388 replies80 threads Senior Member
    USC has a stronger music technology/business program, but not necessarily "overall" Especially things like musicology and opera, UCLA has some advantages over USC.
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  • itsjungggggitsjunggggg 18 replies14 threads Junior Member
    i'm definitely not just restricting myself to california. i have other schools in mind and they stretch all the way out to ohio, florida, and new york.

    what i really want to do is make my own music, be able to mix music, work with the sounds after everything has been recorded, and give the finishing touches to it. so, this is the direction i want to go in i guess.

    so any recommendations are welcome. thanks!
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  • kmcmom13kmcmom13 3904 replies11 threads Senior Member
    Okay, jungggg, you have dueling threads going here.

    USC is, as the others suggested, the most popular choice and the one in league with the other programs you asked about. But as I said in the other thread, this too is a competitive portfolio, talent-based admission.

    So at this point, I think between the two threads you're now looking at NYU's RA program, IU's RA program, UMich PAT, Northwestern BMus Tech, Oberlin TIMARA, MIami Frost; USC, UMass Lowell, and Belmont. That is pretty much the list my son looked at and others in the industry will be inclined to tell you about re: recording arts within a music school/music major with a contemporary flavor.

    So if you work up a portfolio for one, you're close to having a portfolio for all. Each have a slightly different flavor, but you can get a good start by cleaning up existing songs you've written/recorded; recording some of your ensemble playing at the church; creating some electronic compositions, etc. Best wishes ;)
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  • itsjungggggitsjunggggg 18 replies14 threads Junior Member
    hahah. yeah, this thread was from a bit before.. but yeahh. thanks so much :D
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