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double major or minor in music

SxpeRareSxpeRare 19 replies11 threads New Member
Hey, I am 17 and want to do pre med in college, but I always liked music and always wanted to learn to play instruments and make music of my own, I don't plan to make a career of it or anything, but I want to do it for myself. I grew up in a country that's not musically developed , we didn't have anything.. No music classes or teachers..
But when I was 15 and learned 1 year abroad, I took piano and guitar classes in school , it was a dream that finally came true. But then I moved back to my country which was horrible for me since I could no longer play..
I plan to go to college in US (I am a permenant resident) and be really thankful if you could tell if its possible to major in music (doing a double major) or minor in music, with no experience ( 1 year of playing is nothing , I could only play at school since I didn't have instruments at home) I know music is not only about playing, I can read music.. I saw colleges require an audition but I can't really do anything ... What would you recommend me to do ? It is my dream and I am not going to give up on it..
Thanks in advance :) and have a good day
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Replies to: double major or minor in music

  • musicamusicamusicamusica 6388 replies80 threads Senior Member
    Most universities in the US have music departments. Your best bet would be to pursue your pre med studies and take some music electives along with private study with a music grad student or faculty. You don't have to major in music in order to pursue it as a passion in school.
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  • SpiritManagerSpiritManager 2843 replies68 threads Senior Member
    It would be a rare university or college which did not allow you to take private lessons even if you're not majoring or minoring in music, although sometimes there is a small fee. And, as mentioned by @musicamusica you will be able to take music electives in theory, history, aural skills etc. American universities do not require you to take courses only in your subject area, and, indeed, often encourage you to branch out.
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  • SxpeRareSxpeRare 19 replies11 threads New Member
    Thank you everybody for your great answers :)
    You made me really happy.
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  • compmomcompmom 11565 replies81 threads Senior Member
    Most universities do not have auditions for music major for admission. There are auditions for ensembles and orchestra once you are there. And lessons are available. It is actually possibly to major in music at many colleges without ever even touching an instrument: it can be an academic major with focus on theory, musicology music history, ethnomusicology, composition and technology, for instance.

    You do not have to decide your major right now. Apply to schools and once there, you will have some time to decide on your major. You can take some music classes, take some lessons and see where it goes. Again, you can major in music without playing at all, but most schools will provide both an academic music major and some performance elements, including lessons.

    Finally, many universities do not have "premed." You can major in anything including music, and still go to med school but would have to take prerequisites between college and med school. You may be able to work some of the prerequisites into your undergrad program regardless of major, or you might major in sciences and minor in music, or you might major in sciences and do music as an extracurricular, or you might major in music and just take a few premed classes. Many ways to go.
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  • SxpeRareSxpeRare 19 replies11 threads New Member
    Thank you so much for the informative answer!
    I am really happy to hear that there are so many options. Many people told me to forget about it, I am really thankful for your answers :).
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