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Hi all! An update....

redeye41redeye41 297 replies44 threadsRegistered User Member
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If anyone remembers me, I started here collecting information for my daughter who was planning on studying oboe performance. She ended up going to a SUNY school in the Fall of 2016 which we now both regret. A gap year would have been the absolute best thing for her. But she really wanted to start school ASAP and at the last minute decided to head in undecided.

To make a long story short some of you may remember by the second semester of her sophomore year she was not happy, not doing well in school, and still undecided. There was the boyfriend (who I have now grown to love as he has become a tremendous supporter of my daughter and of her hopes and dreams) who has become a member of the family. My daughter ended up leaving school in the Spring of 2018 on a medical withdrawal. Since then, she has worked on a lot of things and she has transferred schools, declared a major in Psychology (where she has maintained a 3.9 gpa after completing 46 credit hours) and has become interested in the oboe again— she sounds better than ever and I think much of it is because of increased confidence, personal growth and a kind of relaxed competitive edge she didn’t used to have before— there is no more uncomfortable pressure in her life as she puts it, she enjoys school and enjoys music once again.

Do I think she may complete her degree in psychology and start with music all over again? Maybe! And she’s much better off for the experience she has went through— which wasn’t easy. She’s also considering a Psyd.

My only advice here is to really listen to your artistic kid. I think she was burnt out by the time college started, always pushing herself. And it eventually all came to a head. Fortunately she worked through that without any horrible lasting effects. My daughter has a bright future no matter what road she chooses.

I would like to ask a couple of questions— does anybody know someone who successfully went back to music after their BS in liberal arts? And I know this is the music forum but you’ve all been so helpful to me— does my daughter have a chance of getting into a Psyd program with a 2.7 (yeah I know) from her first school (36 credit hours completed) but with her last 80 credit hours in the 3.8-4.0 range from her new school? She heads to Europe in a week and has a great internship lined up, and has cultivated wonderful relationships with her professors. Thanks!
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  • International DadInternational Dad 299 replies7 threadsRegistered User Member
    Congrats for your daughter’s success.
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  • roycroftmomroycroftmom 2876 replies37 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    DPsyc programs are funded by the student (compared to Phd Psyc programs funded by the university). If you are willing to pay, it wont be hard to find a program
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  • bridgenailbridgenail 1024 replies5 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I can't address the Psyc questions. As for the music questions, do people get a master in music after a BA or BS? Yes! I know some people who have. Most have taken a year or two after the BA/BS to work with a private teacher and get ready for auditions. This would also be a great opportunity to see what kind of work is available, play with other musicians and "experience" the lifestyle to make sure it's what she wants. In many cities, there will most likely be work at the low level of performance (maybe not paid) to try out your skills, get yourself known, start networking and look for paid work (these are gigs so most have other employment). There really is no easy way to go about it...that's why I say it's a good way to see if she would like the lifestyle or not. At first, you have to be humble, scrappy and maybe a little possessed by music....or you'll find something more lucrative to do with your time (and that's fine).
    IMHO (which is often wrong...lol), there are two paths to music. The one taken by the 5% (or less) which is a pretty straight and ever upward to an orchestra job (for a classical instrumentalist). Then there is the other path taken by most that involves graduating into the great unknown...with a degree that matters kind of at first to give a little prestige...but not as much as your talent and hussle (meaning if you don't have the pedigree you may get the opportunity anyway...bc you can show up on time, are available and can play the music - sometimes its that simple!). I'm always surprised at some of the backgrounds of people my D works with. She is doing one more reputable opera production next year that is mostly "pedigree" backgrounds...but most of her other work is a mish-mash of artists with a variety of backgrounds and definitely some late bloomers...who walked away from music for UG but their passion pulled them back. Some of these are definitely more self-made musicians.
    It's along road in performance...and unless you are focused on the tippy top opportunities only...I wouldn't sweat an interesting background. Of course if an orchestra position with top company is the desire...then the straight and narrow may be the only option. A good teacher may be necessary to figure that out...at least in my opinion.
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  • compmomcompmom 10685 replies76 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Orchestra jobs are not the only option for instrumentalists, though top oboe players do often aim for an orchestra. I know musicians in DMA programs, or who have graduated from a DMA program, who are playing in small ensembles without any ambition to play in an orchestra.

    That said, since your daughter is now enjoying the lower level of stress in her life, can she play as an amateur? There is nothing stopping her from taking lessons, studying music theory and other music subjects in continuing education, for pleasure, and continuing to play.

    There may be a tendency for her to go from point A to point Z quickly :) Why is she considering a PsyD at this point? And why a PsyD? She can relax a bit about the future and focus on finishing her bachelor's, then go from there. In many cases, it is helpful to spend a year or two or more on the job market before pursuing more school. Or maybe it will be clear to her that she wants a masters. One step at a time.

    What aspect of a career in psychology interests her? Is she interested in the science of psychology and research? Being a therapist? What other areas draw her to the field?

    I would try to slow her down and help her focus on the present. Start with some oboe lessons, for pleasure, and continue with the psychology, with the goal of a BS and not thinking so much about what happens afterward.
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  • redeye41redeye41 297 replies44 threadsRegistered User Member
    She is interested in becoming a therapist but she is going to take a year off and explore several different options. She is a senior but will need a few credits next summer and will complete those with an internship.
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  • compmomcompmom 10685 replies76 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I guess she will have to decide on MSW versus LMHC or a doctorate. Internships and volunteering as well as working at related jobs, may help her decide. Sounds like she is taking making wise decisions and taking the time to make sure of her best path.

    One suggestion might be Lesley University in Cambridge MA. They also have expressive arts, including music therapy, which she could dabble in while getting a master's in counseling.
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