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Audition application questions

murray93murray93 149 replies19 threads Junior Member
D20 is filling out an audition app. Without saying which school, it is a SLAC. Not super competitive, but competitive enough to require an audition for admittance to the school of music. Her musical background is clarinet (primary instrument), jazz sax, and trombone. She does have a private instructor, but due to our rural location and her band schedule, she only gets 4-5 lessons per year with her.

So, my questions for her application are the following. It is asking for solo and collaborative repertoire you have studied. If her experience has been high school band, plus all-state which she has made twice and hopefully a third time this year, what does she put here? She hasn’t had any opportunities for solos, she doesn’t participate in recitals, when she works with her private teacher it’s usually fine tuning audition material for all-state.

Next, would it be appropriate to list her private instructor? They know each other fairly well since they’ve been working together since 8th grade, but the lessons are few and far between due to distance. I’m not sure why they ask for this since they don’t ask for any contact information. Perhaps *not* listing a name would make her more impressive since she’s accomplished so much without a lot of outside help? Or would she be considered a less serious student? I don’t know.

Finally, she’s completely undecided on her music direction. Would it be best just to put BA Music or should she literally check off that she’s interested in everything: music business, education, performance... She truly has no idea at this point and they are completely flexible with which program you pick.

Thanks in advance, everyone!
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  • Busy_MommaBusy_Momma 74 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hi @murray93 - I guess I would put down her band and all state music that she's done for collaborative repertoire studied. It doesn't sound as though there's anything to put down for solo repertoire unless she's worked on those on her own. As she's readying for auditions, which usually requires some of the standard repertoire of an instrument, she's likely been working on at least 1-2 pieces of music- she should list those given that it asks for what she has studied.

    I would definitely list her private instructor because it shows that she's a serious student. Perhaps in one of the inevitable essay questions, she can address how living in a rural area has limited her opportunities (e.g., not being able to participate in solo and ensemble) but how she still maximized her learning with what resources were available; I wouldn't specify how few her lessons were.

    As for your last question, I would suggest calling the music school for more guidance; I bet other students are in the undecided-because-I-love-everything-music boat.

    Perhaps other folks can chime in? Anyway, hope this helps.
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  • bridgenailbridgenail 1052 replies5 threads Senior Member
    Agree with the above. ALWAYS be as honest and forthcoming as possible. It's hard to understand "what everything means" but they are trying to get a snapshot of your D. The best snapshot is an honest, authentic one. In the end, it really will give her the best fit for a school. So yes, list the private teacher as said above it shows that she is serious.

    And I agree about the essay...maybe a nice item to address bc it adds depth to who she is and how she studies music. Don't ever think that you need to game anything in any way. She'll be good enough exactly how she is.

    As for repertoire, I'm not an expert for instrumentalist..but if she has worked on any solo pieces (as opposed to performed a solo), I think that could be listed. This would be a great conversation to have with her private teacher. What should she list?

    And calling the school is good advice. You won't be the only one asking questions. Admission is a resource often used by music parents.

    Good luck!
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