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Replies to: 2020 PRE-SCREEN THREAD

  • MezzoMamaMezzoMama 45 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @2427Mom Majority of school release information before the Christmas Break. I saw that USC, NECM and maybe even SFCM are doing that.
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  • MezzoMamaMezzoMama 45 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Continued: On December 20th, to be exact, which is this Friday.
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  • MezzoMamaMezzoMama 45 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Correction NECM is supposed to email in the beginning of January.
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  • raincatraincat 210 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @Mezzo'sMama where did you see the USC date?
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  • JoHollywoodJoHollywood 16 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Can't figure out PM so here you go:

    Son (23) will finish BMus in VP in May, has applied for MMus VP Opera (tenor)
    Prescreen results, thus far:

    JSoM @ IU - received audition invitation via acceptd.com on 12/13 for date TBD
    BoCo - audition email invitation arrived on 12/13, audition scheduled for 1/25

    Awaiting prescreen results from 4 other domestic and 1 international school

    Getting exciting now. Good luck everyone!!!
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  • raincatraincat 210 replies9 threads Junior Member
    edited December 2019
    @whoops that was supposed to be @MezzoMama autocorrect haha. @MezzoMama I was wondering where you saw a 12/20 pre-acreen result date for USC? Thanks.
    edited December 2019
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  • MezzoMamaMezzoMama 45 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I think I saw it.. but now that i am looking I can't find it. Sorry.
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  • MezzoMamaMezzoMama 45 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Never mind. I found it.
    If you google this is what comes out.

    December 20, 2019
    Audition confirmations for Fall 2020 voice applicants will be issued via email on or about December 20, 2019.
    Vocal Arts (Classical Voice/Opera) | USC Thornton School of ...
    https://music.usc.edu › admission › appreqs › vocal
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  • MezzoMamaMezzoMama 45 replies0 threads Junior Member


    It is under "Piano Accompaniment" heading, you have to scroll down.
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  • raincatraincat 210 replies9 threads Junior Member
    @MezzoMama, wow, that really was imbedded in there! Good detective work.

    I clicked the link for info on both the jazz and choral auditions and I believe it doesn't have the same info (though I could have missed it). Hopefully though our results will be released around the same time.

    I think they gave the classical voice applicants more precise info because they recommend you bring along your own pianist (!) or hire someone from Thornton. With jazz instrumentalists, Thornton provides the rhythm section to play along, so maybe they felt they didn't need to give a time frame? In any case, it's different departments. Good to know though! The waiting is harder than I imagined to would be. :( But I'm not really a patient person lol.

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  • DoransaDoransa 125 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @flutyMcFluteface nice. We are still waiting to hear. I am more anxious than my Son. That is for sure.
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  • tableforsixtableforsix 235 replies4 threads Junior Member
    edited December 2019
    2427Mom (daughter) Piano Performance
    TBA BoCo

    arkham (son) BM Jazz Voice
    11/25 Berklee - BM Performance: Voice
    Video Audition Univ of North Texas
    Video Audition Loyola New Orleans
    Audio Audition William Patterson

    bonfigleo (son) BM Horn Performance
    2/3 Rice/Shepherd

    ClassCompMom (son) BM Composition
    1/26 BoCo Interview

    Doransa (son) BM Composition
    3/9 University of Missouri

    flutyMcFluteface (daughter) BM Jazz Sax and/or Flute Performance
    1/11 Berklee Jazz Sax
    1/19 BoCo Flute
    2/3 Ithaca Jazz Sax and Flute
    3/1 Mannes Flute

    jazz2020mom (son) BM Jazz Studies Trombone
    2/1 UNT
    2/8 Rutgers
    2/28 Eastman

    JoHollywood (son) MM VP Opera Tenor
    TBA IU/Jacobs
    1/25 BoCo

    khill87 (daughter) BM vocal performance Soprano
    12/7 University of Miami

    MezzoMama (daughter) BM Classical Performance Mezzo-Soprano
    2/1 UC Santa Barbara
    2/29 Chapman University

    mom2clarinetobsessedkid BM Clarinet Performance
    Shenandoah Conservatory
    University of Michigan SMTD

    12/7 University of Miami M.A.D.E. Program

    Murray93 (daughter) Clarinet Performance
    11/10 University of Puget Sound
    1/24 Butler University

    Musicmom2two (daughter) BM Music Ed Soprano
    11/21 Berklee - BM Music Ed and Songwriting
    12/7 Frost - BM Music Ed with Songwriting minor
    1/11 Belmont - BM Music Ed (or commercial music)
    1/24 UMich SMTD
    2/8 FSU - BM Music Ed and commercial music
    2/22 Rutgers/Mason Gross

    MusicMomSC (son) for Contemporary Strings/ Production/Technology
    12/7 University of Miami
    1/18 Clemson
    2/8 Univ Al @ Huntsville

    OrangeJacket (daughter) Mezzo Soprano
    11/16 Oklahoma City University for double major MT and VP
    12/07 Baylor University for VP
    1/18 UT Austin VP
    2/29 UNT—Music Ed

    Racingfan53 Classical Mezzo-Soprano
    11/11 Azusa Pacific University BA Music
    1/25 FSU BM Music Ed
    2/29 UNT BM Music Ed
    Video Audition - University of Kansas

    Raincat (son) BM Jazz Piano
    12/7 Berklee

    rudydog66 (daughter) VP Soprano
    1/17 NYU/Steinhardt
    1/25 UT Austin
    1/26 UF
    2/1 UC Santa Barbara
    2/7 U Michigan SMTD

    runninglate (daughter) BM VP Mezzo Soprano
    2/1 UT Austin
    TBA Indiana/Jacobs
    Video Audition SFCM
    Video Audition Peabody
    Video Audition Loyola

    songbirdmama (daughter) MM Vocal Performance/Opera Soprano
    TBA IU/Jacobs
    TBA Mannes

    studentcomposer1 BM Composition
    TBA Rice/Shepherd

    SweetStrings (daughter) BM Violin Performance
    1/16 University of Florida
    2/21 Lynn Conservatory
    2/22 Florida State University

    tableforsix (son) BM Cello Performance
    University of Michigan SMTD

    yfgntf123 BM Violin performance
    TBA Indiana University/Jacobs
    edited December 2019
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  • 2427Mom2427Mom 32 replies1 threads Junior Member
    When does MSM and Mannes send result for MM?
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  • flutyMcFlutefaceflutyMcFluteface 7 replies0 threads New Member
    @Doransa Thanks! D got her app for Mannes in Oct, so maybe that's why she got a response so early. Hang in there! What's your Son's major?

    By the way, we're trying to make travel plans for the Mannes audition. Does anyone know whether Mannes has a long audition day or is it just go in audition and you're done?
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  • Musicmom2twoMusicmom2two 49 replies3 threads Junior Member
  • DoransaDoransa 125 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @flutyMcFluteface My son is applying to music composition. Hoping to hear some news by the end of this week. If we do not hear anything, it will be a very long winter break. He seems very calm, studying for midterms. Funny but it helps him. I would be more anxious. I am so glad he has a calm personality.
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  • MezzoDadbynightMezzoDadbynight 29 replies0 threads Junior Member
    1st time user here. My mezzo daughter will be pursuing a BM in Vocal Performance. I will post my daughter's status here as I don't see some of the schools called out here that she is applying to:

    Pepperdine (Early Action) - Auditioned 11/9.
    Baylor (Early Action) - Auditioned 12/6. Accepted on 12/16!
    SMU (Early Action) - Auditioned 12/7. Accepted on 12/14!
    DePauw (Early Action) - Pre-screen waived. Awaiting audition date.
    Rice - Passed Pre-screen on 12/13. Awaiting audition date.
    Carnegie Mellon - Awaiting pre-screen results.
    Northwestern - Awaiting pre-screen results.
    Oberlin - Awaiting pre-screen results.
    Eastman - Awaiting pre-screen results.
    Manhattan School of Music - Awaiting pre-screen results.
    Juilliard - Awaiting pre-screen results.
    Curtis Institute of Music - Awaiting pre-screen results.

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  • ClassCompMomClassCompMom 40 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Just heard from Eastman - they're announcing pre-screen results before Xmas.
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