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curtis summerfest/yasp program?

cello170cello170 27 replies2 threads Junior Member
curtis summerfest is a summer program for mainly highschoolers (younger/older too) hosted by the curtis institute of music. how prestigious is this? in the orchestra section, they typically take around 10-15 people per instrument. their website doesnt know how many kids audition for it but it's the curtis institute of music so i can't tell. does this count as an achievement? i've done this before so i'm wondering if i can write it down as an honor.
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Replies to: curtis summerfest/yasp program?

  • MusicaspirantMusicaspirant 72 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited July 16
    As what major and where are you applying?

    A true music honor would be admission as Fellow to one of the fellowship, all expenses paid programs such as Music Academy of the West, Sarasota Music Festival, New York String Orchestra Seminar. Or, a full scholarship to one of the pay-for-plays based on merit, not financial aid.

    Acceptance at the pay-for-plays including Summerfest, Interlochen, Meadowmount, Aspen (paying student, not accepted as an Aspen Fellow), may indicate a level of ability above some other applicants, but also requires the ability to fund the experience.

    Attending the pay-for-plays show a serious commitment to your music. And access to the opportunity ($$$$) that others with similar musical development and accomplishment may not have. This is one reason why, if you are applying as a music major to a conservatory or major music school, your "musical resume" will have little to no impact vis a vis your audition.

    As far as having the name "Curtis" on the Summerfest program - this is not the same as a Curtis admission or anything like.
    edited July 16
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  • compmomcompmom 12093 replies82 threads Senior Member
    @cello170 I thought the Curtis program was very selective, but I could be wrong.

    When you apply or make a music resume, certainly include any summer programs. If you apply to a college BA program, the music resume becomes more important. For a conservatory, as said above, the audition is the important thing.
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  • cello170cello170 27 replies2 threads Junior Member
    i'm thinking of double majoring because i have other interests. i'm still in high school as of right now and STEM classes have really drawn me in. i'm not really looking to apply to music conservatories but i think i'll need a solid resume for the schools i'm looking at.
    thanks for your feedback
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  • compmomcompmom 12093 replies82 threads Senior Member
    You might want to read the Double Degree Dilemma essay posted at the top of this music forum. It covers the different ways to study music.

    Just to be clear, "conservatories" doesn't only mean freestanding conservatories. There are conservatories and school of music on campuses of college and universities.

    So do you mean you want to stay away from a BM degree and do a BS in S with some music study, either as a double major or major/minor?

    You can also pursue CS academically, take lessons and perform in extracurriculars. That is another possible path.

    A BM is 2/3-3/4 classes in music, a BA is 1/4-1/3 classes in music and of course a BS in CS is an intense major too. It can be tough to do a double major in CS and music, but it can be done.

    Other options are double degree, major/minor, and, as I said, doing music outside the classroom.

    If you apply for any program with a BM, you will usually audition. (COVID is a factor of course). If you apply for a BA or BS, whether in music, CS, something else, or undecided, you can submit a music resume with recording/video, music resume, and letters of recommendation from teacher/director (in addition to your academic recs)>

    Good luck!
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  • gram22gram22 160 replies1 threads Junior Member
    @Musicaspirant - Music academy of the West has a lower age limit - 18 and up, which means most people going there are out of high school, and already in college/conservatory.
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  • ClassCompMomClassCompMom 53 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Curtis YASP IS very selective as is Curtis in general. YASP reopened audition/enrollment this year because they are virtual - so they could accommodate more students. The age range this year is teens - there are a few outliers - my S who is attending YASP this year - said there is an 11 yr old - but the kid is brilliant and worldly according to S (who is almost 19). This was S's THIRD year applying and his first attending.

    I would say if you've attended you should definitely put it -whether for music major or not as it is an achievement - plus even if you decide not to go the music route it shows you as a well-rounded individual who has the work ethic to attain a place in your instrument such as that. Yes talent, too - but I think everyone would agree it takes hard work become an excellent musician.

    Also I think someone else mentioned it - but there are dual degrees for Harvard/NEC, Tufts/NEC, Columbia/Julliard, Johns Hopkins (great STEM school)/Peabody, etc. to name a few - there are many top music and academic schools that have these programs.

    Best of luck in your process and decision!
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  • mom2clarinetobsessedkidmom2clarinetobsessedkid 121 replies3 threads Junior Member
    @ClassCompMom my daughter is doing Curtis YASP as well. She’s excited to be working with one of the composers on a new work. Their small group ‘met’ late last week, and at the end of the call the composer essentially said, “Cool. So I’ll just write something over the weekend and get back to you.” 😳😂 Um, what?!? How does one do that?!? Talk about a super power! So cool. At any rate, not the in-person experience any of them had hoped for, but a great opportunity nonetheless!
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