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Crane School of Music

BaritonevoceBaritonevoce Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
edited January 2011 in Music Major
Hey, I have just been notified of my acceptance to the Crane School of Music. I am currently in for music education, but my goal is to double major in music ed and vocal performance. Any thoughts on how good crane is for this?
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Replies to: Crane School of Music

  • orchestramomorchestramom Registered User Posts: 735 Member
    congratulations! I don't know about vocal performance, but I have heard consistently from D's music teachers, orchestra conductors, coaches, etc, that if you want to be a music teacher in New York State, Crane is tops.
  • MomOf3StarsMomOf3Stars Registered User Posts: 822 Member
    Crane is definitely the best SUNY school for music. My DD will definitely be auditioning for Crane although the small town/rural atmosphere is something she is wary of since she has lived in a small town all her life. (SUNY Potsdam is only a couple of hours drive from where we live and as such there are a lot of people from our area that go there as well as to neighboring colleges like Clarkson and Paul Smith)
    We are due to go to Potsdam on April 28th for an open house. I do know some people that have gone to Crane and it is still a very competitive atmosphere, particularly for voice. I do believe that like Ithaca there are no "special music groups" for music ed majors and that they play and sing along side performance majors therefore getting a full music school experience. I have had the impression that at many schools (particularly conservatory and conservatory-type schools) music ed majors are looked down upon as not being as good as performance majors.

    Please let us know if your DD decides to go to Crane and what her experience is like. I also know that although it is a SUNY school Potsdam does have deep pockets in the aid dept. I know a girl who entered Crane w/ a full tuition and room and board scholarship plus money for books and a living stipend. I believe this was merit based as after a year she decided to change her major from music ed (flute player) to some kind of psychology but she did keep her scholarship.
    Hope this helps...
  • BaritonevoceBaritonevoce Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    "Please let us know if your DD decides to go to Crane and what her experience is like."

    sorry, DD stands for what?
  • ImperialZeppelinImperialZeppelin Registered User Posts: 377 Member
    Darling or Dearest Daughter or, depending on the day, something that sounds like it stops water... When you see "DS" it's Darling/Dearest Son...
  • BaritonevoceBaritonevoce Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    Thanks! So momof3stars, was that last post in reference to me? I'm still not sure if I'm going to Crane or not as I am awaiting notification from Oberlin conservatory. If I make oberlin, I'm definitely going there. If not, then Crane. My ultimate goal is to pursue music ed/vocal performance and I definitely think oberlin would be best for that, but crane does have a remarkable ed program.
  • easydoesitmomeasydoesitmom Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    My DS just left with his Uncle ( who plays in an Orchestra ) & Dad to audition at Fredonia School of Music . His teacher currently has children in both SUNYs - Fredonia & Crane ( He also had a son at Eastman ) . It's true that Crane is the oldest Music program in the State and has a lot of scholarship aid . Both kids like their schools ( one is at voice & opera , the other for violin ) for different reasons .

    There are still small towns but Fredonia is less of a " suitcase college " than Potsdam. I hear Potsdam is a very collegetown atmosphere ; Fredonia was on our State's one -of- best- places- to live- in so these SUNYs are not as desolute as SUNY Purchase ( I have a freind whose daughter is there and not very happy ) .

    I hope the audition goes well for my DS . So far , two prospective voice majors from his school did not get in !

    He will probably do the music education degree program .
  • BaritonevoceBaritonevoce Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    Good luck to your son! Which school does the student (son of your son's teacher) who is studying voice/opera go to and does he has he commented at all at the opera program there?
    I have heard that voice is kind of competitive at Crane, but I'm not completely sure on that. I think it's definitely hard to get in on performance so if you're soley auditioning for that it's going to be a tougher ride than education. I auditioned for a double major in performance and ed but was only accepted into the ed program.
  • easydoesitmomeasydoesitmom Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    My son's teacher has a son who is a "late bloomer " singer but from a very competitive musical family background . I think he is a baritone and he is the one at SUNY Fredonia . I think he is a Junior now and he has already done some singing - traveling jobs with it . I saw him in an opera and he was quite good - and so was the production . You can see Fredonia's Operas online somewhere .

    They have an amazing audirorium ( new ? ) .

    The D is at Crane Music with violin ( performance ).

    I just talked to my S at Fredonia and he completed audition ( he says it went well ! ) and now , he is scheduled to take a theory test today. Do they do theory tests at Crane , I wonder .
  • BaritonevoceBaritonevoce Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    Glad your son's audit went well! What was he auditioning on? Btw, which school were you referring to about the auditorium? I don't think crane has a new one but they do have a really good one, in hosmer hall. Also, they just became an all steinway school! Crane also had music theory stuff, sort of. I had to sing back exercises and sight read twice. Once with short bars, second time was an entire piece, which was hard! Other than that, there was nothing. I guess it depends on your school as oberlin just sent me an online theory test I have to take.
    Is fredonia wel known for something, like crane is for music ed?
  • MomOf3StarsMomOf3Stars Registered User Posts: 822 Member
    LOL. So very,very, sorry Baritone Voice. I guess I am so used to posting about our children on here that I forget who I am talking about at times!!

    Anyway, I guess you are no one's daughter if you are a Baritone anyway!!

    To answer your last post, Fredonia is noted mostly for its music program and Music Ed in particular. Now, acting on a tip I received from someone at my DD's All-State performance, there is a college about 1/2 hour from Fredonia called Mercyhurst. It is in PA and, from what I understand, it is a good school with a fabulous Music Ed dept. My DD (;) and I were supposed to go look at Fredonia and Mercyhurst over President's Day weekend but she came down with mono so we had to skip that trip for now. Anyway, you may want to do some research on Mercyhurst.
  • BaritonevoceBaritonevoce Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member
    Momof3stars, not meaning to pry or act like a stalker, but did your daughter get accepted into Crane? I have finalized my decision, and I will be attending crane in the fall and I'm curious as to who my fellow classmates will be.
    I have heard back from people who've auditioned there, and I believe you are right regarding its competitiveness. There have been a number of people I know who auditioned and were rejected and were fair musicians. It's quite a good school and I am excited to be going there.
  • MomOf3StarsMomOf3Stars Registered User Posts: 822 Member
    My DD is only a junior this year. We were going to attend the Potsdam Open House on April 28th but my SIL decided that was the only possible day for my niece's baby shower. I am glad that most of the schools have tours and info sessions on audition days as my DD had mono this past February and we had to miss Fredonia's only open house of the Spring as well.

    These are the school's that my DD plans on auditioning for so far for Music Ed (Instrumental): NYU (this is a new one bc of her fascination w/ city life), Crane, Fredonia, Eastman, Mercyhurst, and Ithaca. Also as a lark she will be applying as a LA major at Barnard, Brown, and University of Rochester.

    Any info you could provide on your or friend's audition experiences at these schools would be more than welcome.
  • BaritonevoceBaritonevoce Registered User Posts: 57 Junior Member

    If you plan on attending the open house or auditioning at Crane next year, let me know and I'm sure I would be able to give you some information of what it's like there, etc. I can also give you some information about it when I attend next fall, before auditions/open house too if you would like.

    I was auditioning at Ithaca but I pulled my app once I got into crane. However, I know someone who auditioned at Ithaca and NYU and I will inquire as to how it went.
  • MomOf3StarsMomOf3Stars Registered User Posts: 822 Member
    Thanks Baritone. I would particularly love info on the NYU audition experience of your friend. I know my DD is all caught up in the glamour of possibly living in NYC but I am afraid she thinks it's going to be a Broadway musical every day of her life. Love her sense of adventure though. Crane just posted next years audtion dates and their site says reserve forms will be added soon. I think we will reserve early for a December audition (provided that is not exclusively for early decision. so far it does not say that) to cut down on the crowding of january and feb. I have heard Crane is excellent for horn (DD's primary instrument) though as well as for music ed.
  • limcba21limcba21 Registered User Posts: 44 Junior Member
    Are you sure crane even offers a double major in performance and education? I know ithaca clearly states they do since they have a degree labeled as such, but I can find no such evidence of such a degree or program at Crane....
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