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Music Schools: Undergraduate into Graduate School

iluvpianoiluvpiano 1892 replies141 threads Senior Member
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What undergraduate schools should a music major go to if you want to get into a top-ranked music graduate school?
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Replies to: Music Schools: Undergraduate into Graduate School

  • stephminstephmin 226 replies30 threads Junior Member
    The best undergraduate school is the school that gives the best preparationg to the person in question in order for him or her to be at his or her most competitive level when it comes time for graduate school auditions.

    I am also curious - what are these top ranked graduate schools you have on your mind?
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  • mamenyumamenyu 1489 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Harvard posts the undergraduate provenance of its graduate students - you can look it up; as I recall they are from a wide variety of schools, including Harvard, Princeton, UC Berkeley, Oberlin, Juilliard, Bowling Green, Oxford and Cambridge UK, Colorado College, Stanford, William and Mary, Amherst, Smith, Brown, Queens; i.e., all over the place...graduate schools accept few students each year, and they look for strong preparation (which you can get at many schools), top grades, top recommendations, writing samples, and a decent score on the GREs; they look for adequate music analysis preparation.
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  • stephminstephmin 226 replies30 threads Junior Member
    But, many Ivy League and Juilliard and other graduate programs have students who graduated from UMass or CUNY or community college.

    They are looking for how good the applicant is. Not where they obtained their BA or BM.
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  • Mezzo'sMamaMezzo'sMama 3550 replies84 threadsForum Champion Music Major Forum Champion
    May I suggest that the OP begin this research on her/his own? There is another post asking us to "list the best music schools in each state" and still more that are along the same line. It is not the time for the student to be concerned with graduate school- much research should be done solo and with the teacher rather than beginning threads with nebulous questions/answers.
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