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what to wear for music school auditions?

srw2434srw2434 0 replies1 threads New Member
edited January 2011 in Music Major
I'm applying to Eastman, oberlin, Blaire, Bienen, and Peabody for piano performance and I was wondering what would be appropriate to wear to live auditions... I know I should dress formal, but how formal is TOO formal? i was thinking maybe a regular concert/competition dress at tea length ( which is about 8 inches off of the floor).

something similar to this

except in a deep red and a few inches longer... is it too formal?
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Replies to: what to wear for music school auditions?

  • shennieshennie 2437 replies30 threads Senior Member
    I think that is too formal for an audition, especially for an instrumentalist. Where something nice looking but comfortable. A nice basic black dress or a nice blouse with black slacks. Remember, they are most interested in how you play, not how you look. As long as you look professional you will be fine.
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  • Mezzo'sMamaMezzo'sMama Forum Champion Music Major 3550 replies84 threads Forum Champion
    We had a thread running on this a couple of weeks ago:

    The dress you show is lovely, but probably too formal for an audition. A knee length dress or a nice pair of slacks with a blouse/sweater will be fine but you don't have to limit yourself to black! Remember, it's winter and you're auditioning in some very cold climates- we went through it last year and I became accustomed to carrying my D's coat and UGGs when she changed into her heels before singing; she always carried a sweater in her bag too.
    Good luck!
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  • Singersmom07Singersmom07 4340 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Actually you do not dress formally, but business like. Think interview not recital. A strapless dress is not appropriate. It does not have to be black but a nicely draping jersey dress and not too high heels is good. Evan Picone Dress, Three Quarter Sleeve Marilyn - Work Dresses Dresses - Women's - Macy's
    And as others have said, for piano, slacks and a nice blouse are good, too.
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  • Mezzo'sMamaMezzo'sMama Forum Champion Music Major 3550 replies84 threads Forum Champion
    Nice dress, Singersmom! As for the OP, make sure that your shoes are comfortable for playing in too. Depending upon the room where you'll be auditioning, the temperature can vary widely- it could be a smaller, stuffier classroom or even a performance hall which could be downright cold, which is why I suggest you keep a sweater with you, and of course, pantihose or tights are a must with a dress ( you wouldn't believe how many girls I have seen pass on this one and it just never looks proper to be barelegged for an audition).
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  • Singersmom07Singersmom07 4340 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Good point Mezzo'sMama. We could always tell the pianists auditioning because they had wool gloves, mittens or socks over their hands between warm up and audition time. Even in CA the performance areas were chilly.
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  • SCHOLAR0.2SCHOLAR0.2 8 replies4 threads New Member
    Hi, for Eastman, will there only be one room to audition in for piano, or will people be usuing all sorts of studios concurrently? I heard somewhere that app performance auditions are done in a hall - just wanted to know whether if that's actually the case.
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  • SkieSkie 491 replies6 threads Member
    A hall generally means a concert hall or recital hall. Probably just one hall will be used for all the piano auditions, with a panel of faculty listening. In some places the studios are offered as warm-up spaces before the audition.

    Here's another vote for wearing something to the audition that's nice, and appropriate for the weather, but not formal.
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