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Musical Theatre and Sports

actingmomactingmom Registered User Posts: 233 Junior Member
edited September 2010 in Musical Theater Major
Hi everyone looking for some help here! I am coaching a talented young woman for her MT college auditions. She is looking for a school that also has a great athletic program so she can attend games. The few that come to mind are: Michigan, Miami, UCLA, TCU, PSU, Arizona. Am I am missing any... Any suggestions appreciated!
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Replies to: Musical Theatre and Sports

  • musicmom1215musicmom1215 Registered User Posts: 1,956 Senior Member
    OU (Oklahoma University in Norman)
  • takeitallintakeitallin Registered User Posts: 3,303 Senior Member
    Penn State- Nittany Lions! Great Mt program...
  • takeitallintakeitallin Registered User Posts: 3,303 Senior Member
    sorry-just saw that you already have psu
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,288 Senior Member
    Additional ones:
    Indiana University
    Western Michigan
    Texas State
    Florida State
    USC (has a MT Minor)
  • KatMTKatMT College Rep Posts: 4,005 Senior Member
    James Madison University in VA
  • actingmomactingmom Registered User Posts: 233 Junior Member
    As always, thank you all for sharing your wealth of information - I'll suggest these schools to my student!
  • KatMTKatMT College Rep Posts: 4,005 Senior Member
    A question she may want to ask of students in the programs when she is on campus to visit or audition is how often the MT/ Theatre students go to games.... I went to Syracuse, lived next to the Carrier Dome my freshman year and NEVER went to a game. I don't remember it being a huge part of the Drama Department culture.... going to games.... tailgating, etc... We almost always had rehearsals all day on game days. I went to Penn State for graduate school... never went to a game there either... we also usually had rehearsals all day on game days. Not sure if the undergrad department culture was one where students often went to games. The MT students at Penn State did often perform at tailgates... but I think they usually had to leave before the game.

    Make sure she gets the word from the students in terms of ability to attend games.:)
  • AlexaMTAlexaMT Registered User Posts: 600 Member
    Coastal Carolina has a really great baseball team if she's into that. Football? Maybe not yet. But basketball, volleyball, and basebell- heck yeah!
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,288 Senior Member
    I wasn't gonna comment before but now that Kat did, I will. :) This topic came up with a MT applicant this year and with an Acting applicant last year. In my view, when you are picking a regular college (BA) and you have thousands to pick from, there are a myriad of selection criteria.....geographic location, setting, size, academic areas of interest, availability of extracurricular activity areas in your interest areas, Greek life, college atmosphere, spectator sports, etc. Picking the program in one's major is just one factor of many and a major may even change.

    But when selecting a BFA program, there are not only a finite and not very large number of them, but you are foremost selecting the program almost more than the college. You are required to commit directly into a program and your curriculum is chosen for you in the program and is pretty set and represents about 2/3's (sometimes more) of your coursework. The rest of the college still matters, of course. But things like availability of spectator sports or location and size are more secondary selection criteria, in my opinion. It's different when selecting a BFA than selecting a regular college. Go where the program best fits you and also weigh the secondary considerations. But they are secondary compared to when selecting a regular college.

    Lastly, it is often hard for some applicants to fully realize what life is like in college for a BFA student. It is not the same college lifestyle as a BA student. Sooooo many more hours are spent in class and a great number of hours are spent in rehearsals and related stuff. I know my daughter was at school every day and night and weekend with hardly ANY free time.....maybe she had Saturday night off. Not that she cared about spectator sports, but if she had, there just would not have been much time to attend as rehearsals were often on weekend days and at night. It just isn't like what it is like for regular college kids. Thus, for a BFA applicant who cares about spectator sports, I'm not saying to totally ignore that in selecting colleges but it really should be a secondary consideration. So, if you have 15 BFA programs that fit you well that you like and you are narrowing your list to 10, perhaps then spectator sports is a factor in narrowing the list. But to only look at BFA programs that have spectator sports would be truly knocking out some great BFAs that might fit the student better. And in the end, this criteria for college selection will matter a LOT less in the long run once in a BFA program where it is imperative to have a good fit program and where the student may have very little time for going to the big games anyway.

    Selecting a BFA is a different process, in my opinion, than selecting a BA college. For what it is worth.
  • AngieAAngieA Registered User Posts: 114 Junior Member
    Soozie - I can say that my daughter's BA program at JMU has many characteristics of BFA programs you described. She returned to school as a junior this fall with afternoon and evening rehearsals for 2 different shows every day of the week. In addition she is involved in a choir and a cappella group with rehearsals, out of class activities and performances. She just finished a run of the first show and there was a Football game at the same time as the final Saturday night performance. I saw many of her MT peers in the audience. My daughter could care less about sports and the only football game she has attended was with me on parent's weekend her freshman year. Her circle of friends are MT, Theatre, and Vocal Music majors involved in the same kinds of activities and it would be rare for them to have time to make attending sporting events a priority.
  • takeitallintakeitallin Registered User Posts: 3,303 Senior Member
    The availability of spectator sports had no bearing whatsoever in my daughter's decision to attend PSU. While she enjoys participating in sports, she has never been into watching them that much. However, after much discussion we decided to get her a student football ticket this year. Since football is such a big deal at PSU, we thought it might help her to meet people. As a first year sophomore there, she didn't know anyone, and is not living in the dorms. One of her criteria for roommates off-campus was that they not be in MT- her rational is that she is with MT's all day long and wanted to live with non-MT's. So we got up at 4AM one morning in August (tickets went on sale at 7AM EST and were very limited in number) and got her a ticket. She is so glad we got the ticket!!!! Her roommates have them also so they go to the games together. It has definitely been a good way to meet people and she is having a blast at the games- made it up on the screen 5 times last game! She is a BFA and is still finding time to attend games. While she is cast in the show she auditioned for when school started, rehearsals have not yet started. Part of the reason she did choose PSU is so that she could get the whole "university atmosphere". She loves the MT program but is also loving the whole college town thing. While I agree with some of the posters that it is probably not a good idea to base the list of schools on availability of sports, I would say that once you get acceptances, it might be a bonus to some people if they are available.
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,288 Senior Member
    Angie, I think the BA at JMU in MT has a lot of similarities with a BFA program. And it is a program you audition into and commit to. I probably should not have used the term "BA" but I think I meant more that the selection of a regular college (such as a liberal arts major) is different from the selection of a program that you enter into directly (such as a MT program or engineering) that is more than the typical 30% of your coursework major. So, JMU's BA program falls into the "selection of the program as a primary consideration" like BFA schools.

    takeitallin, I think one reason your D is able to enjoy these games is that her rehearsals have not yet kicked in and so it all worked out nicely for her.
  • mtpapermtpaper Registered User Posts: 782 Member
    my dd is looking for schools for a BM in music performance, not MT but she is also drawn to the schools that have a strong athletic program. From talking about it with her, she doesn't see herself attending the games, but it tells her about the climate of the school.

    She likes the idea of being someplace where the larger community has enthusiasm and participation and spirit, even if she cannot be part of it.
  • keepingcalmkeepingcalm Registered User Posts: 520 Member
    I will add the CCM - University of Cincinnati has all sports teams that are sometimes good. UC is not sports crazy but it has a strong fan base so it might be a good mix- the possibility of going is there but not everyone is at games. I have no idea how much time MT students have to attend games however.

    My D is a freshamn at point park and attended her first ever sporting event and pep rally. D was at an arts school from 4th grade on, and it had no sports. As a freshman she is not able to audition, but does have production commitments. THis has given her some chance to attend other events. So for a first year student, it may be a nice option but probably short lived.
  • nydancemomnydancemom Registered User Posts: 477 Member
    Elon has a football team. That's about all I know about it, but we did attend a game during parent weekend in my daughter's freshman year (the only game she has ever attended and she's a senior this year). The stadium was filled to capacity and there was huge student spirit. So, not a BIG football school like Michigan or Penn State or Oklahoma, but for a smaller school, the sports scene is there. I'm sure they have other sports teams too, but as others have mentioned, the MT kids rarely go to any type of sporting event. They are busy 24/7 in the performing arts building!
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