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OMG a cold in the household

snapdragonflysnapdragonfly Registered User Posts: 646 Member
edited November 2010 in Musical Theater Major


We've been keeping her away from him and I've been spraying every knob and remote in the house with lysol and she's been instructed to wash her hands constantly and she's been going to bed early. So far she's not feeling bad. Husband has all the classic miserable symptoms of a cold - congested, coughing, feeling like he was run over.

So far she feels fine but with a singing audition Thursday, what do we DO if she starts feeling bad??? Thank God she's had her flu shot but this is a cold.

Do the zinc lozenges (Coldeeze, Zicam) mess up your throat for singing? We usually use that stuff at the onset of a cold and have found in the past that they did make a difference. But I don't know if they affect anything. Perhaps it would be better than either missing the auditions or blowing them from being sick, not to mention spreading it to others.

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Replies to: OMG a cold in the household

  • mommafrogmommafrog Registered User Posts: 726 Member
    Keep her hydrated, and hope for the best. I know there have been kids at my kiddo's auditions this past weekend who were sick (I'm not usually paranoid...but I instructed her to give a wide berth...hated myself for it). I do know that auditors can tell if someone's not at their best, and some will ask if the person is sick, if yes, then they take that into account.

    Maybe you could call the school(s) in question to find out if there is even availability for a later audition date? (That's one reason we scheduled as many early ones as possible....in case of a need to reschedule.)

    Thank you for thinking of others in the audition situation (i.e. not spreading it). I have to admit, I was thinking less than kind thoughts about the obviously ill child at Friday's audition...but I know how crazy these schedules are, and how it takes very little to tip the apple cart.

    Keep in mind that not everybody catches everything they're exposed to. Hopefully, she will remain well, and it becomes a moot point. Rest, clean hands, water, deep breath.
  • snapdragonflysnapdragonfly Registered User Posts: 646 Member
    Not much we could do about NTDA. It's a cattle call.

    I have so far found every school that we had an issue with schedule conflict was willing to work with us even if they had a regular audition day, they have scheduled her own private audition. That doesn't mean every school will, but the ones we needed to did. I'd reschedule in that case or at least ask them if they would prefer that she did. We are in the process of making an audition dvd so they could see how she really sounded with that if necessary.

    But NTDA is do or die this Thursday. Keeping fingers crossed...
  • SDonCCSDonCC Registered User Posts: 2,373 Senior Member
    maybe wear surgical masks and rubber gloves around the house. seriously.
  • snapdragonflysnapdragonfly Registered User Posts: 646 Member
    That did occur to me - seriously!
  • srwsrw Registered User Posts: 1,480 Senior Member
    I know there is a lot of controversy regarding these various over the counter "cold killers" but we always found at the first hint of a cold or a cold in the house using Zicam and Airborn was key. Also we also Lysol or alcohol all door knobs, light switches, faucets, handrails, keyboards, etc. And serious hand-washing. It really seems to work. Even is someone does seem like they are coming down with something it usually goes away in a couple of days.
  • takeitallintakeitallin Registered User Posts: 3,378 Senior Member
    Hopefully she will just avoid the cold. Best of luck to your daughter, Snap (and to all the auditionees out there). I always enjoy reading your posts as you seem very well grounded about this whole process!
  • snapdragonflysnapdragonfly Registered User Posts: 646 Member
    I'm just talking myself down. lol.
  • victoriaheidivictoriaheidi Registered User Posts: 669 Member
    Here are the things I've discovered:
    1. Worrying makes everything worse.
    2. I love Coldeeze and EmergenC. My mom used to love Airborne, but I was never much of a fan.
    3. I usually take EmergenC whenever my sister brings something home or if there's something going around school.
    4. Just keep her relaxed and away from him and don't make a huge deal about it to her. I always find that, when my sister gets sick, my mom gets ultra-stressed and makes me stressed, which makes me so much more vulnerable.

    Tell your D to relax and break a leg! I hope to hear a successful report next week. :)
  • Christie2Christie2 Registered User Posts: 383 Member
    We are firm believers in the Asian remedy Yin Chiao. You can find it in a health food store or store that sells organic produce, etc. We like Dr. Shen's brand. Anytime one of us starts a cold, everyone else immediately takes 6 every 4 hours and then 4, 3 times a day. It seems to really work, and if you do get a cold, the duration is very quick!
  • takeitallintakeitallin Registered User Posts: 3,378 Senior Member
    Another option is to kick your husband out of the house until March...lol
  • sandkmomsandkmom Registered User Posts: 946 Member
    Listen, even if you do everything right, sometimes you just get sick at the wrong time. It happened to my S last year the day before his auditions which were scheduled one two three. And while it seemed like it was the worst thing possible, it still worked out fine. Auditions CAN be rescheduled. For my S, it meant flying out of NY to audition for NYU in Atlanta which was an added expense and slightly aggravating...but was a fun trip with Dad and made for an interesting story. ALL of the schools he auditioned for were very understanding about rescheduling.

    So try to relax, do what you can to prevent an illness and just hope for the best. :)
  • anne1244anne1244 Registered User Posts: 267 Junior Member
    I'm a big believer in Coldeeze and, unlike menthol cough drops, I don't believe they have any negative effect on the voice. During the winter audition season last year, I actually ran a cool mist vaporizer in my D's room at night much of the time. Staying well-hydrated and "moist" really helps the immune system. (I felt like Lady Macbeth last year, washing hands constantly, rubbing down doorknobs, etc. I feel your pain!) Good luck!
  • mommafrogmommafrog Registered User Posts: 726 Member
    snapdragonfly...this morning, husband was walking down the hall w/the sore throat spray for himself...and daughter opens as the lead in her school play TOMORROW...and has the next set of auditions right after Thanksgiving. I think everyone should buy stock in Bath and Bodyworks, as I have placed their sanitizers every possible spot in the house...and instructed hubs not to breathe on anybody...

    I've had my kid taking vitamin C gummies, and a 50 mg zinc tablet every morning for months now. Don't know if they help...but I'm trying to be super-proactive here... How is your d feeling?
  • classicalbkclassicalbk Registered User Posts: 767 Member
    I'm surprised the sick dads are allowed in the house! :) Funny how we all turn into germ freaks -and I never was one before. A dancer can still dance with the sniffles, but woe to the poor singer who wants her high notes!
  • cartera45cartera45 Registered User Posts: 12,461 Senior Member
    He is the one who needs to be careful too - washing his hands and using hand sanitizer that has lots of alcohol in it. (That is why Purell is recommended.) Getting the cold virus on her hands probably won't give her a cold. Transmitting from her eyes to her mouth, nose or eyes might so she needs to be careful about not touching her face. This is good advice for everyone all the time.

    My daughter tried all the remedies mentioned - Coldeeze, Zinc products, Airborne, etc. but never thought they did much good with regard to prevention. Studies are inconclusive at best.

    The cold virus is not as contagious as the flu virus so just being in the house isn't enough. One problem is that your H may have been contagious for a day or two before he had symptoms so no one was being careful then.
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