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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

crysannbenncrysannbenn Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
Hey everyone! I did a walk in for RCS at the New York Unifieds, and I found out a bit after I have been placed on the reserve list. Does anyone who has auditioned or has gone there know what type of chance I have at getting into the school? My audition went well, I actually auditioned for the BA MT program (Im getting an associates right now), and they asked me to come back the next day and audition for the MA MT degree and if admitted it would be a non standard entry (I'm 26 and have done a lot of performances in NJ and some in NY so they think I'm qualified without the bachelors degree). This is my top school, so I'm just curious what my chances look like with this reserve status given.

Replies to: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

  • connectionsconnections Registered User Posts: 1,327 Senior Member
    crysannbenn, can I ask how did RCS contact you? By phone, by email? My S loves them as well. I can't answer your question, but I think it would depend on how high you are on the reserve status and how many people end up declining and you wouldn't know that for several more months. I would think it's a good sign that they let you know so early though. If you haven't already, I'd write an email expressing what you expressed here, that it's your top choice.
  • zonolozonolo Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    My son auditioned for the RCS in Glasgow and we really liked the school, the city and the people. It is a wonderful school with a fabulous location. They are highly competitive. It was similar to US auditions in that there were probably about 45-50 kids there that day and 5 were called back. I think on the website, they only take about 15 per year. There was another American in the program already that we met. He was not accepted but it was a great experience all around. That was for the under graduate program and I really don't know about the Masters program. I think it is hopeful if one is called back and placed on a reserve list so I will keep my fingers crossed.
    My son is in London at a school that actually for him was a better fit as he wanted the more intensive dance training. Glasgow would have been more affordable although the fees higher BUT they do offer some scholarships to international students. I am not going to lie, the decision to go internationally was a challenge but he is happily residing in London and has completed his first term. We navigated international auditions and applications, student visas and finding housing in London from Maine! It all worked out in the end and he is working his tail off in an intensive MT program and making friends from around the world. Best of Luck to you both!
  • frazzled35frazzled35 Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
    I guess I should jump in here although I am not sure how much help I will be in your particular case, @crysannbenn.
    My daughter auditioned for RCS in Chicago last week-and received what was essentially a verbal acceptance in the room. We applied as soon as we arrived home last week, and the acceptance came through "Guaranteed Conditional" over the CUKAS. Just like any other University, she has to show proof of her high school diploma and send in her references. I remember looking at some of the different status' that can be assigned and I thought I recalled more than one different type of "reserve". Did you contact them to find out the timing on any final decision? They seem to be very responsive to inquiries-I generally hear back within 24 hours...and believe me, I have had tons of questions-as had my daughter. The only country we have visited is Canada, so we are having to learn quickly about the ways of Visas, passports, and conversion rates.

    I will keep you in my thoughts-I hope it works out for you!

    I know there was a pretty active UK schools thread a few years back...perhaps we should either revive it or start a new one. I spent a good 2 hours on the "Liberty House" website today trying to decide what room option would be best and then having sticker shock realizing the full year has to be paid up front if you are an international student...sigh.
  • connectionsconnections Registered User Posts: 1,327 Senior Member
    edited February 2014
    frazzled35, HUGE CONGRATS!!!!! My S spent 4 weeks this summer at RCS and stayed at Liberty House. He was in the cheapest option and it was nicer than most dorms. Food is comparable to American prices; there is a supermarket very close. Please pm me with any questions. Are you sure you have to pay upfront? Maybe if you call them they can help? Liberty House was very friendly.
  • frazzled35frazzled35 Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
    edited February 2014
    I sent them an email today...It was pretty clear on the website that the only way to do installments was if you had a Guarantor who resides in the UK or Ireland. I am hoping that perhaps they would bill a credit card in installments...it never hurts to ask! I think my D would love to contact you or perhaps your S with questions. Was he specifically studying MT over the summer?

    Ha! never mind...I just received your PM... B-)
  • zonolozonolo Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    I can answer the question about the conditional offers. One will not receive an unconditional offer until the school can see the diploma which for us meant in June. We also had to send AP and SAT scores as well. He had received his conditional offer in January. Once he had received his unconditional offer, then we could apply for the visa which was $492 but good for the next four years. It is not unusual for fees and accommodations to have to be paid up front. As an international student at UEL/Urdang, we had to pay a full terms deposit first on top of the fees for the year. They do allow me to make monthly payments though throughout the year but accommodations was full payment each semester for International Student House. Currently the Dollar is very weak against the British pound and has remained so for past four months. It has created a greater cost than last summer when we began payments for everything but I still feel financially it is a good value and the three year factor is great. I am on constant watch with currency converter sites. With a UK student visa , kids can actually work part time and full time during school breaks which is bonus. Although, like every other MT program, my son's days are 10-12 hours long and weekends are catching up on sleep but work could be a possibility down the line. There is a lot involved in going to school overseas but well worth the consideration.
  • frazzled35frazzled35 Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
    @zonolo-how long did it take to get the student visa once you applied for it? Did you just send a copy of his transcript after he graduated, or an actual copy of the diploma?
  • zonolozonolo Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    The visa process is nerve wracking so you don't want to make a mistake as it can get denied for an error and you are out that money. As we are from the US we did not actually need to send those documents along with the application BUT needed to have everything ready to go in case they asked for it. I had a pile of documents ready just in case. You do need to get all the finger printing completed and mail in that card along with the passport as the visa is attached right into his passport. I believe all I mailed was the application, finger print confirmation and the passport certified to NYC. We received an email confirmation within two days that they received it and it was literally only about five to seven days after that we received the confirmation that it was approved and we received the passport back just a few days after that. It was very quick and very streamlined. I was thankful for that as did not want to pay any housing deposits until we had that visa approved although the school told us if his visa was not approved they would refund our deposit. His visa is good until like November of 2017.
  • frazzled35frazzled35 Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
    This is all so helpful...I just was reading something on the RCS website about all the documentation that you are supposed to have available...then at the end of the document it states if you are from a "low risk country" you don't have to send it in-just have it "ready". The part about having all the tuition and living expenses in a cash reserve to show them was truly scary. I understand it much better now. Neither of us have passports yet, so that is the first thing on our list.
  • zonolozonolo Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    It is all a big undertaking but we are very glad we explored the UK options. My son is gaining so much not just from the experience of attending a MT program but from the incredible diversity all around him. There is no campus housing and he resides in the International Student House which is for students attending any one of the dozens of universities in London. His friends are from Italy, Norway, India, France, Croatia, Great Britain, etc. He commutes daily to and from the school via the network of busses or the tube. He has to purchase and cook his own food which has forced him to really learn to manage his money....I won't fib, the first month was a learning experience (not a good one) when he just had access to his bank account and the budget was blown quickly. We had to make some changes and I move money into his account weekly. We are of modest means but we are making this work.
    With his school, he has attended "Wicked" and "Willy Wonka" in the West End...part of the fees that we pay for tuition so no extra costs which was a pleasant surprise.
    Again, we had a great feeling at RCS and know that was a school he could have been happy at as well. He had some nice options in the US as well. Glasgow is a great little city and we thoroughly enjoyed our couple days there. Off to London Sunday for his mid term break. Feel free to PM me any specific questions about the process or anything else. Best of luck to those undertaking the international applications.
  • GSOMTMomGSOMTMom Registered User Posts: 1,654 Senior Member
    OMIGOSH, frazzled! Is the family about to settle on Scotland?!!!! I'm so excited for your daughter and you!
  • frazzled35frazzled35 Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
    GSOMTMom-We are still in the beginning stages of the decision process. Since she won't hear results from most schools until March, we are taking the time now to learn everything about the process of attending a UK school. There is quite a bit of groundwork that ends to be laid so we are not caught short going forward. Then we will take a look at all her offers. Obviously this would be an exciting opportunity if she ends up choosing RCS.
  • crysannbenncrysannbenn Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    They let me know through email, and on CUKAS. Its reserve conditional, but they had stated they would be admitting me non standard entry because of my age, skill level, and experience I have right now, so my actual qualifications won't fully matter in that sense. I emailed them to ask how long it would be to hear whether I'm accepted or not, because all the other colleges deadlines are May, but I told them it was my first choice school. They told me to email back closer to may and they will try to see if they can make a decision then. Hopefully they choose yes!
  • MTmom2015MTmom2015 Registered User Posts: 534 Member
    Scotland is a great country! Glasgow is a 'city' city, but Edinburgh is amazing and artsy! My S will be auditioning next year... it is the 'dream school'!
  • crysannbenncrysannbenn Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    I have just recently found out I am a guaranteed conditional now, so I'll be going to RCS next year!!! I'm so unbelievably excited!!! And this is after all the other rejection letters rolled in, so I was beginning to get terrified.
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