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NYU Tisch & Steinhardt.....numbers


Replies to: NYU Tisch & Steinhardt.....numbers

  • alwaysamomalwaysamom Registered User Posts: 12,277 Senior Member
    edited March 2015
    Steinhardt is an interesting program. One of my favorite shows I've seen through the years at NYU was the Steinhardt production of Ragtime at the Skirball about ten years ago. It was stellar.
  • Notmath1Notmath1 Registered User Posts: 538 Member
    From the Tisch website, it looks like there are 18 majors in the School Of Drama. so it is not surprising that the School Of Drama admissions director reports "We have a little over 2,000 applicants each year". I wonder which majors he refers to accepting 400. Would be interesting to know.
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,587 Senior Member
    edited March 2015

    I don't understand your post. First, NYU doesn't have a School of Drama. Tisch School of the Arts is a school. Drama is a Department within the Tisch School. Tisch has various majors (ie., drama, film, dance, recorded music). The Department of Drama does not have 18 majors.

    Within Tisch Drama, one can apply for Acting, Musical Theater, Directing or Production and Design. That's it. The degree earned in any of these "majors" is BFA in Drama. There are 2000 applicants. They are not applying for 18 majors.
  • limbo2019limbo2019 Registered User Posts: 209 Junior Member
    I've known many people over the years confused by the whole NYU/ Tisch / Steinhardt "thing".
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,587 Senior Member
    edited March 2015
    limbo, the confusion regarding the differences between Tisch and Steinhardt, however, are not truly what is being discussed here. Those are programmatic differences. I think when it comes to information about a school, that those who have current students at the school or those who have had students graduate from the school, can offer some first hand information, in contrast to speculation by those who have had no affiliation with the school. In terms of numbers (the topic of this thread) in relation to Tisch Drama, they haven't changed much over the past 10 years.
  • limbo2019limbo2019 Registered User Posts: 209 Junior Member
    Thank you puma69!
  • Notmath1Notmath1 Registered User Posts: 538 Member
    edited March 2015
    @soozievt, re: School Of Drama Director's email comment: In the school of drama it looks like there are 11 programs to apply to , plus Theatre Studies ( another major?), if I am reading the Tisch ( yes very confusing) website correctly.
    So it is not surprising that there are 2000 apps total for so many majors. Pace has just as many applicants for far fewer majors.
    I am curious to know of the 400 spots, which majors those include? And how many do they accept to yield 400? @soozievt, you may not know the answer so I do not mean to ask you directly. I put this out to anyone. Thank you.
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,587 Senior Member
    edited March 2015
    Notmath1, re: post #109:

    I am inferring that you are still confused. I tried to explain your misconception to you in post 104.

    There is NOT a SCHOOL of DRAMA at Tisch. Tisch is a SCHOOL of the ARTS. DRAMA is a DEPARTMENT. You can ONLY apply for Acting, Musical Theater, Directing, or Theater Production in the Department of DRAMA. In fact, the majority in the department are in Acting or MT. The other two are smaller. Those are four specialities. All result in a BFA in DRAMA, no matter which four you focus on.

    Chris Anderson was putting out information JUST for the DEPARTMENT of DRAMA. His information is NOT for the Tisch School overall (that includes many more majors like dance, recorded music, film, and so on). He is the Director of Admissions for just the Department of Drama, not the rest of Tisch and other assorted majors.

    There are 2000 apps for Tisch DRAMA.....that means for Acting and MT (which together are the majority) and Directing and Theater Production. The 400 spots he was referring to are JUST those four concentrations that all receive a BFA in Drama.

    Typically, in the past, about half of that 2000, were auditioning for MT.

    I don't think they publish how many are accepted to yield those spots.

    Typically, the MT studio has 60-64 spots. This was the case when it was CAP21 and is still the case with NSB.

    In my D's year, they accepted too many for MT.....about 80 and they chose to come, even though there were 64 spots. I was told in subsequent years, they accepted fewer because the yield was so high and so they were more cautious and there is a wait list.

    I don't know if this helps as I pretty much am repeating myself now but I can tell you are confused about majors and about the 2000 number and what is a school and a department and so on.

    As some like to point out, I realize my D was admitted 10 years ago and graduated 6 years ago. However, the numbers haven't changed much over this time with Tisch. Further, my D has been on the faculty at Tisch/NSB in the past. As well, I advise applicants to college, many of whom apply and have attended Tisch since my D attended.
  • uskoolfishuskoolfish Registered User Posts: 2,935 Senior Member
    @Notmath1 Chris is the head of the Department of Drama. It is one of the departments in Tisch under the umbrella of the Institute of Performing Arts. There are 2000 applications for the 7 primary studios in the Department of Drama that incoming students can attend. The MT studio is New Studio. The other drama studios are Atlantic, Stella Adler, Meisner, Playwrights Horizon (also directing), Production and Design and Lee Strasberg. Anyone attending NYU Tisch as part of the Department of Drama will get a BFA degree in Drama. Students have different focuses depending on what studios they audition for and are assigned to during their time at NYU. There are no separate majors--they are all attending Tisch in the Department of Drama. As upperclassmen, students can choose to switch into other studios and there are 2 studios that are only for upperclassmen.

    When one applies to Tisch's Department of Drama they will choose what they want to audition for, but placement is done by the school. There are different requirements for different artistic reviews. One can have an artistic review in Acting, MT, Directing or Production and Design. Someone auditioning for MT can request that they are only considered for MT. Otherwise they are automatically considered for acting if they are not placed in MT (New Studio.)

    So the 400 incoming freshmen students are placed within those 7 studios as incoming freshmen.

    Now if you go to the website, you will see that there are other departments under the Instiutue of Performing Arts. In addition to the Department of Drama, one can apply to Dance or Performance Studies. Those are separate departments and are not included in the 2000 who apply to Drama.

    In addition to the Institute of Performing Arts, Tisch also has the Kanbar Institute (Film and TV), Clive Davis Music and Cinema Studies.

    Hope this helps clarify things.
  • bisouubisouu Registered User Posts: 2,553 Senior Member
    edited March 2015
    So Tisch has a 20% admit rate…probably higher to yield the 400? A little bit better odds than most…
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,587 Senior Member
    My post overlaps with uskoolfish. We must have been responding around the same time. We posted a bunch of the same information but hopefully with two different peoples' post, it might help clarify it.
  • uskoolfishuskoolfish Registered User Posts: 2,935 Senior Member
    @soozievt--I think we were typing at the same time. I took longer because I had to go to the web site to confirm a few things.
  • soozievtsoozievt Registered User, ! Posts: 31,587 Senior Member
    bisouu, the acceptance rate for Acting at Tisch in the Department of Drama, is higher than it is for MT. Administrators posted here in the past, for example, that about 50% of those 2000 applicants for drama, are auditioning for MT. There are approx. 60 spots available for MT. So, if you are comparing acceptance rates for MT to another school, you'd have to compare apples to apples. To compare for Acting, you'd have to do the same.
  • puma69puma69 Registered User Posts: 288 Junior Member
    @uskoolfish, is the Experimental Theater Wing not considered a studio? Thank you for your post.
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